Ford's Bus Service, Shepparton

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Ford's Bus Service, Shepparton.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
Autobus - CumminsAutobus11882AO
BCI FBC6135BRZ7 CitiriderBCI1??
BCI JXK6127 "Cruiser 12"BCI18
BCI JXK6127BRI Classmaster 57BCI6??, ??, ??, ??, ??, 5
BCI JXK6127BRI Classmaster 65BCI19
BCI JXK6137AOD Explorer 14.5mBCI2??, ??
Bonluck President 2Bonluck2BS00YF, BS04CG
Fuso RosaFuso224, 1869AO
Higer MunroHiger1??
Hino RB8UBC-Chiron11883AO
King LongKing Long "6930AU"11870AO
Mercedes Benz O500RFBCI1BS02ZV
Mercedes Benz O500RFCoach Design1??
Mercedes Benz O500RF-3Coach Design21, 5921AO
Mercedes Benz OH1418Custom Coaches11874AO
Mitsubishi RosaMitsubishi320, 23, 25
Scania K320IBCoach Design1??
Scania K320IBHiger "A30"2??, ??
Toyota Coaster HZB50RArakawa116
Toyota Hiace CommuterArakawa37, 8, 9769AO
Volvo B7RCoach Design12
Volvo B7RVolgren "SC222"3??, ??, 3
Volvo B7RVolgren Malaysia "SC222"1??
Volvo B7R Coach Concepts25, 6

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