Polley's Coaches

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Polley's Coaches.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
Bluebird TCFE 2000Express1Bluebird
Bonluck Bonluck "President 2"1Eureka
Bonluck JXK6137Bonluck "President"2Bonnie, Le-Star
Bonluck JXK6960CRBonluck 1Pebble
Bonluck JXK6960CRBonluck "Senator 10"1Rapture
Daewoo BH117LChiron/UBC1Curiosity
Daewoo BH117LChiron/UBC "CS120"3Cindy, Opportunity, Yogi
Daewoo BH117LNCBC-Gemilang1Bloom
Daewoo BH117LP&D Coachworks1Jabiru
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Gold"1Fehrion
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor"2Opal, Platinum
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Midi"1Dolly
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver"3Charlie, Peanuts, XQ 72QE
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor"1Diamond
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Midi"1Vivo
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver"10Baron, Countess, Flame, Ice, Jubilee, Mallee Bull, Mystique,
Phydeaux, Rimfire, Rover
Higer MunroHiger "Munro"1Wonton
Hino RB8Chiron/UBC "RB8"2BooBoo, Eclipse
Hino RB8Chiron/UBC "RB8"1Orion
Hino RK8JMills-Tui "Orbit"1Meeni
Hino RN8JKing Long "6126AU"2Jules, Kanga
Hino RN8JMills-Tui "Orbit"2Eeni, Moh
Hyundai Cosmos Aero CityChiron/UBC "CS100"1Journey
Iveco Delta C260Custom Coaches "SB400"1Ivy
MAN 18.360Irizar "Century"1Black Beauty
MCA - Cummins M11MCA1Roadrunner
Mercedes Benz O405NHCustom Coaches "515"1Citybus
Mercedes Benz OH1621Custom Coaches "SB40"1Pelican
Mercedes Benz OH1626LIrizar "i6"1Jill
Mercedes Benz OH1627B&CI Gemilang1Tweety
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616 CDIMills-Tui "Dash"2Kimba, Snoopy
Mitsubishi RosaMitsubishi1Minnie
Motorcoach Classic IIIMotorcoach "Classic III"1Discovery
Scania K270IBHiger "A30"1Alf
Spartan SBRE230Custom Coaches "516"2Kookaburra, Tigger

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