Noack (MJ) - Goulburn

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Noack (MJ) - Goulburn.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
4473 MO Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BC00232 Mitsubishi - 12/02C24C
ex GD & L Sinclair, Grenfell 4473 MO by 12/09; ex MO 7117 9/08.
Total buses in fleet = 1
Previously operated vehicles
MO 459 Bedford SB5NJM2BJJ264558
PMC 1489 4/5/72B43F
ex TJ & EJ Pearce t/a Pearce's Coach Service, Goulburn MO 459 by 11/82.
Traded in on new Hino MO 459 -/84 & sold to James Cann Pty Ltd, Corowa as MO 3007.
MO 459 Hino BX341E40116 PMC 1391 2/84B52F
Sold to Fred Brown (Acc No. 15504), Goulburn -/94, then Roadcoach (Barechar Pty Ltd), Goulburn -/96, then RG & KL Justice, Murwillumbah -/96, then RH & CL Marsh (Bretdart Pty Ltd), Nimbin, then Graeme A. Waller Pty Ltd, Nimbin early-2003 (all as MO 459) - Renumbered MO 6085, then 2966 MO & dereg 11/9/09. Later sold locally in Lismore for non-PSV.
MO 0628 Albion Viking Vk55705J Custom Coaches 76-232 17/9/76B50F
ex Macarthur Coaches, Camden MO 0628 11/88; ex Higlett's Motor Coach Service Pty Ltd, Camden m/o 5710 6/86.
Sold by 10/5/96.
MO 0630 Austral 200s - GM Fuel PincherC877 Austral 1352 -/87C49F
ex Marulan Bus Service (Feltham), Marulan MO 0430; ex Quodling Brothers Pty Ltd t/a Lever Coachlines, Queanbeyan MO 0491 10/89 via Scania (dlr) c5/91
Sold for motorhome at Bendigo, VIC by 17/11/07.
MO 2123 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461820224 MCA B132 3/97B61F
Sold to Kirkland's (John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd), Lismore as (333) MO 2123 & later incorporated into the Northern Rivers Buslines fleet as (24) - Renumbered 2999 MO & later transferred to Picton Buslines, Picton as (25) 2999 MO.
MO 4293 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461114523 Custom Coaches 315 97-214 4/98B57F
First reg 22/5/98.
Sold to Caramar Bus Service, Millicent, SA as WZH 643 by 21/5/04.
MO 4315 Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX10597 Austral Pacific Starliner 7708179 3/98B57F
ex CM Bradbury Pty Ltd, Taralga MO 4315 by 10/05.
Sold to Warragul Bus Lines (Dineen Group), Warragul, VIC as 5803 AO by 6/06 & rereg 2003 AO by 2/12.
MO 5228 MAN 11.190 HOCL6AB7520122MX00366 Coach Design 036 11/94B49F
ex KJ Eyears, Casino MO 5228; ex AP & JP King, King Bros Bus Service Macksville Pty Ltd MO 3165; ex Newmans Bus Service (Botsford Holdings Pty Ltd), Macksville MO 3165 1/7/00.
Sold to RF & AF Frost, Lilydale, TAS as A12BK -/08; then to DJ & LE Jack, Longford as A12BK 1/15.
MO 9049 Commer - GM3680 Custom Coaches 73-630 11/9/74C49F
ex Marulan Bus Service (Feltham), Marulan MO 9049; ex McDonald, Goulburn MO 9049.
Sold for a motorhome.
MO 9489 Mercedes-Benz LO8149BM688176SB082421 Alan B. Denning Vario 82105 15/8/96B31F
First reg 27/11/96.
Sold to GC & MJ Underwood, Potato Point -/00, then with run to LA & LG Symons, Narooma -/07 - Renumbered 2316 MO & later sold to GJ Lewis t/a Lewis Buslines, Tallong as 7041 MO 2/12. Dereg 27/8/19.
MO 9975 Bedford SB5 Custom Coaches
ex ?
TV 440 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40204 Hino K40925 6/94C19C
ex Relf Associates Pty Ltd t/a Terra Australis Tours, Toronto TV 440; ex King Bros Bus Service (Coffs Harbour) Pty Ltd, Coffs Harbour TV 440 -/00; ex R & B Haiser t/a Coffs Harbour Coaches, Coffs Harbour (41) TV 440 7/00; ex (30).
TV 1011 Nissan Civillian1021 Nissan - -/92B22C
ex Lorivu Pty Ltd t/a Transit Scenic Tours, Greenacre TV 1011.
Sold for a motorhome.
TV 5024 Mercedes-Benz LO8149BM688176VB120368 Alan B. Denning Vario 82191 26/11/97C27FL
Also able to seat 11 with four wheelchairs - ex Holiday King Coaches Pty Ltd, Kingsgrove (6) TV 5024 by 11/08; ex Grafton Community Bus URY 816.
Dereg 18/12/10 & sold.
AA14AQ Mercedes-Benz O30530700161007615 PMC 5157 4/79B43D
ex Telford Tours (Marrickville Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Arncliffe m/o 4028 by 10/04; ex STA Mk II 2122.
Sold for a motorhome in Melbourne, VIC late-2006.
AU10UP Toyota HiAce Commuter8128 Toyota - -/08C13C
Sold for private use as AU10UP.
UNZ 603 Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter3266 Toyota - -/95B12C
Sold in the first half of 2010.
VXP 134 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108000140 Toyota - -/93B21C
Signwritten for Goulburn City Tours.
Sold by 27/10/09.
WRT 658 Hino BC144KJHDBC144KXXX10068 Austral 1686 1/92B36F
ex B Calabro & Sons Pty Ltd t/a Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Service, Oakville m/o 8412 -/00.
Sold to I Baranov, Botany as WRT 658 by 12/10 & converted to C34F. Noted for sale/wrecking in a damaged condition at ASV Euro Asia, East Albury 5/18.
XNN 786 MAN 16.2906AB4790174MX00623 Express 012 4/97C57F
ex K & R Coaches Pty Ltd, Berkshire Park TV 1830; ex UOZ 510.
Sold to WBL Pty Ltd t/a Warragul Bus Lines (Dineen), Warragul, VIC as 5057 AO by 31/10/05; then to Mount Gravatt Bus Service, Burbank, QLD as 097 IWI.
1585 MO Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00368 Fuso - 6/08B24C
Sold with Marulan district runs to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) 19/10/09.
2830 MO Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX10470 Austral Pacific Starliner 2765 11/97B57F
ex MO 2664; ex Denny, Goulburn MO 2664 with Middle Arm Rd run.
Sold with Marulan district runs to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) 19/10/09.
2831 MO Daewoo BH117LKL5UR64PE7P000175 UBC-Chiron Mk II 060132 12/07B57F
ex MO 7961.
Sold with Marulan district runs to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) 19/10/09.
2832 MO Hyundai Cosmos Aero IIIKMJRL18SP3C900191 P&D 275 8/04B61F
ex AD58DH.
Sold with Marulan district runs to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) 19/10/09.
2839 MO Hyundai Aero City KMJRL18TP6C900391 NCBC 436 12/06C61F
ex MO 6729; First reg 8/12/06.
Sold to Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd t/a Roadcoach, Moss Vale as 2839 MO by 9/15.
2840 MO BCI PK6850ALSFC030817C001714 BCI - 26/3/07C33F
ex MO 6716.
Sold to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) 1/12/15.
2841 MO Isuzu ECR570AJ946552 PMC 86-1601 4/86B61F
ex MO 4633; ex Goode's Coaches Pty Ltd, Tumut MO 4633; ex MO 1046; ex TM, RL & TJ Harris, Tumut MO 1046.
Sold for a motorhome by 5/10.
2845 MO Volvo B10M13977 Centurion 131 6/88C49F
ex MO 6058; ex MO 4231, ex Marrickville Bus Lines Pty Ltd t/a Telford Tours, Arncliffe m/o 3539 -/98; ex Nortale Pty Ltd t/a Dooralong Valley Bus Service, Warnervale MO 0885 by 10/97; Reg 27/1/94 ex Australian Army.
Sold locally for a motorhome conversion 1/15.
2848 MO Toyota HiAce CommuterJT721UHB100032050 Toyota - 12/99B12C
ex MO 6514; ex YNE 665.
Sold by 10/17.
2858 MO Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41612 Nambucca 180 8/91RB49F
ex HA Cashmere, Hillston MO 662 -/10 (via Dick White (dlr) - traded on a Daewoo 9/07); ex McCormacks Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Hillston MO 662 -/04.
Dereg 30/9/15.
4934 MO Hino RK260JHDRK1JSMXXX10068 Custom Coaches SB40 06-030A 6/06B57F
ex Langley's Coaches (Pecton Pty Ltd), Dubbo 4934 MO 1/13; ex MO 6378.
Sold to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) as 4934 MO by 12/15.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 31

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