Noack (MJ) - Goulburn

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Noack (MJ) - Goulburn.

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Accreditation: MJ Noack, Acc No.18966, Goulburn
Previously ED & CK Noack, Acc No. 9477, Goulburn
Depot Address/s: 65 Combermere Street, Goulburn
Livery: White
School Runs: N1535 Crookwell - Laggan - Woodhouselee

The Noack family has been involved in bus operations in Ariah Park, Queanbeyan and more recently, Goulburn. Noack Bros had several school runs in Ariah Park from 1953 to 1971. This included Ariah Park Central School to 1) Methul loop and 2) Mirrool services, both of which were sold to PJ & SM Stanley, Ariah Park in 1971.

ED & CK Noack, owned by Errol Noack, one of the sons of the Noack Bros, later owned the Queanbeyan - Michealago school runs that were sold to Lever Coach Lines, Queanbeyan in 1980.

Errol purchased his first school run in Goulburn - the Gunning run - from Pearce's Coach Service by November 1982 with MO 459 Bedford SB5. The Goulburn - Mount Baw Baw / Pejar Lane school run was acquired from Macarthur Coaches, Camden (Dick Rowe) in November 1988 with MO 0628 Albion Viking. Rowe had inherited this run with the take over of Higlett's Motor Coach Service Pty Ltd, Camden in June 1986. Noack sold the Gunning run to Fred Brown with MO 459 Hino BX341 in 1994.

Further acquisitions included:-
The Goulburn to Marulan and Marulan local runs were acquired from Marulan Bus Service (John Feltham) with at least MO 0630 and MO 9049.
The Goulburn to Middle Arm Road run was acquired from Barry Denny, Goulburn with MO 2664 by September 2004.
The Goulburn to Taralga and Tarlo River runs were acquired from CM Bradbury Pty Ltd, Taralga with MO 1814 & MO 4315 by October 2005.

The business has gradually passed down a generation to Errol Noack's two sons, Darren and Michael. DF & AM Noack operate the Mt Baw Baw run as a separate company, while MJ Noack took all other runs (except the Gunning run that was already sold). ED & CK Noack is still used as a company, although all vehicles are now operated by MJ Noack. Errol Noack's daughter, Katrina Noack, operates as an independent operator (trading as Taralga Bus Service) on the Crookwell - Laggan - Woodhouselee school run gained through tender.

MJ Noack sold five runs to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) as of 19 October 2009 with four buses (1585 MO, 2830 MO, 2831 MO & 2832 MO & 2841 MO):
Goulburn - Marulan South
Goulburn - Middle Arm
Goulburn - Tallong
Marulan - Big Hill
Marulan - Brayton / Carrick

Acquired Line of Route N1535 Crookwell - Laggan - Woodhouselee from Katrina Noack t/a Taralga Bus Service, Crookwell with no bus in 2012.

Sold Lines of Route N1138 Goulburn - Taralga & N2363 Goulburn - Tarlo River to PBC Goulburn (Mojeto Pty Ltd) 1/12/15 with 2840 MO BCI PK6850A & 4934 MO Hino RK260.

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