Roadcoach - Moss Vale & Goulburn

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Roadcoach - Moss Vale & Goulburn.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
TV 1179 Volvo B11RYV3T2S925FA172231 King Long 6130CY 14-022 -/16C57F
Reg 11/10/19 ex Stock.
TV 3420 Denning Landseer DD6F9LBDE60ND001002 Denning B0024 6/92HC54/14DT+1
ex HC50/14DT; ex Firefly Coaches Pty Ltd, Maidstone, VIC (25) 5525 AO; ex 0325 AC; ex QLS 325; ex VX02CF; ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (222) - undelivered.
TV 5491 Volvo B7RYV3R6K62X8A122995 Coach Concepts 075 4/08C48FTL
ex (SA) SB33BG c12/08 - Previously in CountryLink livery.
TV 6638 Iveco Eurorider 6x2ZGA7BAT000E001826 Irizar Century -/10
First reg 16/12/10.
TV 7815 Volvo B7RYV3R6R720EA164515 Marcopolo Audace 1050 30024 -/14C57F
First reg 5/6/14.
TV 8171 Volvo B9RYV3S5P72?FA172126 Marcopolo Audace 1050 30078 -/15C48FLTrainLink
First reg 17/7/15.
TV 8173 Volvo B11RYV3T289928FA171462 Irizar i6 252.578 -/15C52FTLTrainLink
First reg 21/9/15.
TV 8917 MAN 19.360 13.5m9796 Irizar "Century i6" ? -/16C??F
ex (SA) SB72LP 11/10/16; Delivered 7/16.
TV 9553 Volvo B11RYV3T2S921HA185142 Irizar i6 253.664 6/17C48FTLTrainLink
First reg 30/4/18.
2814 MO Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX11245 Autobus - 2/03C57F
Accredited to K-Line Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Goulburn.
ex RH Smith t/a Roadcoach, Goulburn 2814 MO c1/12; ex MO 5843 3/09; First reg 17/2/03.
7735 MO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BE00765 Mitsubishi - 11/07C24C
Accredited to K-Line Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Goulburn; Previously part of of Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd fleet.
ex TV 5369 between 2/15 & 7/15; First reg 7/2/08.
8090 MO BCIJXK6127LSFC130898C005265 BCI - 12/5/08C45FL
Accredited to K-Line Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Goulburn; Previously part of of Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd fleet.
ex TV 6097 by 2/17; ex NX48EB by 6/10; Previously in CountryLink livery.
8113 MO Mercedes-Benz 815DWDB6703742N088575 Alan B. Denning Vario 82316 -/01?
Reg 15/8/16 ex Unknown Owner; ex Stock.
Total buses in fleet = 13
Previously operated vehicles
MO 6349 Denning Landseer GM 6v92ttaDL1079-763-85 Denning 1079 3/85C46FT
ex Northland Coach & Travel (Northlander Pty Ltd), Grafton MO 6349; ex McCafferty Greyhound Pty Ltd, Toowoomba, QLD (363) TC 4430 (WA); ex (QLD) 363 DCP; ex Krahe, Horsham, VIC CCL 688.
Sold to an Unknown Operator as TV 5873; Onsold by 14/2/10.
TV 2492 Austral DC122B389 Austral Tourmaster B389 6/86C46FT
ex Terra Australis Tours, Toronto (2) TV 1385 (traded to Scania 1/98); ex Hussey's Roadliners (CT & MJ Hussey Nominees Pty Ltd), Deniliquin (14) TV 1385 4/94; ex MO 0612.
Sold to ABM Coaches, Regency Park, SA as WXB 580.
TV 2795 MAN 24.420WMA4740467W026736 Coach Design 059 1/96C48FT
ex Transtar Coaches (P Radjenovic), Alexandria TV 4258 8/08; ex Northern Highland Travel Pty Ltd, Thornton NHT 003; ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (202) 0920 AO; ex (NT) mo COBB51; ex Cobb & Co Coaches Pty Ltd, Tullamarine (51) mo COBB51 (NT) -/00; ex NLO 967.
Sold to GP & SW WIlson, Oatlands, TAS as A 47 NU; Sold 9/12.
TV 2795 Hino CM277KJHDCM277KXXX40125 NCBC 315 3/03C53FL
ex Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Moss Vale TV 2795 c9/05; ex (QLD) 153 IDL - Chassis one of the two which were stored in the Ulladulla shed from 1998 to 2003.
Sold to G&D Ross Bus Charters, Hervey Bay, QLD as 721 LET by 10/08; rereg 171 WRZ -/17; Traded to BCI Bus Sales (dealer), Rocklea, QLD, 9/18.
TV 2796 Volvo B12RYV3R2FL18PA000181 MCA B261 7/93C53FL
ex Westernport Roadlines, Koo Wee Rup (Dineen Group), VIC 0513 AO; ex Eldred, Leongatha 0513 AO.
Rereg TV 2208 18/8/08 and sold to Dolphin Coaches Australia, Kingsgrove as TV 2208 8/08; Rego cancelled by 17/4/17.
TV 2797 Scania K124IBYS2K6X20001844141 NCBC Protege 330 2/03C49FTL
ex TV 2796; ex Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Moss Vale TV 2796 by 9/05; ex (QLD) 815 HNW.
Sold to Belbaker Bus Charter, Zillmere, QLD as (65) 851 XHS 4/17.
TV 2797 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40143 Hino - -/93C19C
Possibly part of the take over from Truemelt Pty Ltd t/a Roadcoach, Moss Vale c9/05.
Sold to Northlander Pty Ltd, Grafton as TV 020 by 4/06; then for a motorhome in QLD.
TV 3169 MAN 16.290WMAA510447W026564 Coach Design 054 23/10/95C50FT
ex DK Cowan, Sandy Hollow TV 3169 by 10/09; ex Tigerline Coaches, Hobart, TAS (73) DK 7490,; ex Hobart Coaches (73) DK 7490.
Sold via Manheim Auctions, Moorebank 20/5/15.
TV 3242 Scania K113TRYS4KC4X2B01828269 Autobus 091 2/5/97C48FT
ex Rendells Coaches, Dubbo, NSW TV 2206.
Sold to Anjet Pty Ltd t/a Cook's Bus Service, Woodonga 2/05.
TV 3386 Mercedes-Benz O404-3WEB61823821088902 Coach Design 165 9/99C46FTL
ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle (5) TV 3386 -/06; ex TV 2942; ex Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd (5) WPK 577 (SA); ex WIF 782 (SA).
Sold to Veolia Transport, Bunbury, WA as TC 6542.
TV 4264 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01830090 Autobus 163 12/98C58FT
ex Adam's Coachlines, Redcliffe, WA (C22) TC 6010 -/09; ex Bus It Queensland, Nebo, QLD 558 KKW c7/08; ex Premier Motor Service (Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd), South Nowra (156) TV 4509; ex BUS 156 7/06; ex XSD 912 by 2/03; ex NV34CK by 5/02.
Sold to Andrew Spencer t/a Spence’s Sport Tours, Dubbo as TV 4264 by 9/16.
TV 6814 Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001838855 Coach Design 264 10/01C59DT
ex C50DT; Reg 10/8/11 ex unknown operator, QLD 504 LZA; ex AAT Kings Coach Company Pty Ltd, Botany (20A) mo 3287 (NT); ex TC 5595 (WA): ex TV 4042 (NSW); ex 1207 AO (VIC); ex WRG 728 (SA).
Sold to Executive Coach Travel, Oakleigh, VIC as (312) BS00MI 5/15.
TV 6989 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461048940 Alan B. Denning Corsair 82120 10/12/96C35F
Accredited to K-Line Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Goulburn.
Reg 9/8/12 ex Paradise Tours Pty Ltd, Arncliffe TV 6716 via Pickles Auctions, Milperra; ex (VIC) 0196 AO by 8/11; ex Wood Bus & Coach Services Pty Ltd, Echuca, VIC 0196 AO -/10; ex Crest Tours, Cairns, QLD 681 HMU; ex Odyssey Tours, Gold Coast 443 DQO; ex Gold Coast Coaches, Carrara 443 DQO.
Placed for auction with Manheim, Moorebank, NSW by 1/14 & Sold to an Unknown Owner, Wantirna South, VIC as BS00LQ; Rego cancelled 2/4/16 & Sold to Mathew Sheehy t/a M & K Tours, Milton / Ulladulla, NSW as TV 2859 (reg 15/4/16).
TV 7299 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC13MD027070 Austral Metroliner B02012 12/91B47D
Accredited to K-Line Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Goulburn; Previously part of of Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd fleet.
Reg 18/6/13 ex Brisbane Transport, Bowen Hills, QLD (230) 230 MEW via Auction (withdrawn 10/12); ex 230 BIQ.
Sold to Melbourne Sinclair t/a Cenwest Tours, Forbes as TV 7299 -/18; then to Sydney Real Estate Pty Ltd t/a Plan B Transport, Ramsgate as TV 7299 by 1/19. Rego expired 17/12/20 and stored.
TV 8172 Volvo B9RYV3S5P72?FA172127 Marcopolo Audace 1050 30079 -/15C48FL
ex (SA) SB39KG 10/15; First reg 3/7/15.
Withdrawn after a fatal accident at Burrawang 26/11/15 & remains sold to Port Stephens Coaches Pty Ltd, Anna Bay. Repaired at Coach Concepts & reg TV 9400 26/7/17.
2815 MO Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BB00312 Mitsubishi - -/01C24C
Accredited to K-Line Bus & Coach Pty Ltd, Goulburn.
ex RH Smith t/a Roadcoach, Goulburn 2815 MO c1/12; ex MO 5443; First reg 26/6/02.
Sold to a private buyer & rego expired 25/6/19; then to M Esclick, Kulnura for a motorhome conversion 9/7/20.
2839 MO Hyundai Aero City 13.5mKMJRL18TP6C900391 NCBC Protege 436 12/06C61F
ex MJ Noack, Goulburn 2839 MO by 9/15; ex MO 6729; First reg 8/12/06.
Sold to Asaf Ali t/a ASF Tours, Ingleburn & reg TV 1241 27/1/21.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 17

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