Dion's Bus Service - Fairy Meadow

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Dion's Bus Service - Fairy Meadow.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
m/o 1069 Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8103A012679 Custom Coaches CB60 03-019 9/03B49FW
m/o 5344 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R724AA140759 Volgren CR228L VG3065 8/10B47FW
m/o 5493 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R625DA160427 Volgren CR228L VG3616 -/13B47FWTransport NSW
Reg 29/7/13.
m/o 5495 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R626DA159397 Volgren CR228L VG3615 -/13B47FWTransport NSW
Reg 29/7/13.
m/o 5502 Volvo B7RYV3R6R625GA178852 Volgren Endura VG4301 -/16C57FTransport NSW
Reg by 16/2/17.
m/o 6059 Mercedes-Benz O4009BM664206RC081575 Volgren CR221 VG963 2/98B57F
m/o 6442 Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V721JA187856 Volgren Optimus VG4632 -/18B44DWTransport NSW
Reg by 7/9/18.
m/o 6837 Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8212A119089 Volgren CR228L VG2447 -/07B50FW
ex MO 6837 by 5/20.
m/o 6965 Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U523KA194239 Volgren Optimus VG4848 7/19B44DWTransport NSW
Reg 9/8/19.
m/o 8091 Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U521KA196040 Bustech VST 20/020 5/20B47DWTransport NSW
Reg 11/6/20.
m/o 8182 Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U528LA199261 Volgren Optimus VG5193 10/20B44DWTransport NSW
Reg by 10/11/20.
m/o 8183 Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U52XLA199262 Volgren Optimus VG5194 10/20B44DWTransport NSW
Reg by 10/11/20.
m/o 8519 Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U52XNA207248 Volgren Optimus VG5515 -/22B44DWTransport NSW
Reg by 31/1/23.
m/o 8973 Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8285A101864 Volgren CR228L VG1941 2/05B50FW
m/o 9270 Volvo B12BLEYV3R8K8238A127768 Volgren CR228L VG2592 7/08B47FW
m/o 9272 Volvo B12BLEYV3R8L4289A133272 Volgren CR228L VG2928 -/09B47FW
Delivered 1/10.
m/o 9274 Volvo B12BLEYV3R8L4269A133271 Volgren CR228L VG2824 -/09B47FW
m/o 9993 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R621GA178489 Bustech VST 16/039 7/16B47DWTransport NSW
Reg by 27/7/16.
MO 6643 Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8206A109877 Volgren CR228L VG2320 3/07B50FW
At 2007 Bus and Coach Show.
TV 7664 Volvo B5RHLEYV3T8R928DA158831 Volgren CR228L VG3512 -/13B34DWUOW Shuttle
Reg by 9/22 ex TV 7664 (dereg by 1/22); Reg by 2/16 ex Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (Volvo Hybrid trial operated by Transdev, Claisebrook WA) (2245) TP2245 2/16.
TV 8340 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB35743821096338 Bustech 00-34 11/00B49FWUOW Shuttle
Reg by 6/22 ex TV 8340 (dereg by 10/20); Reg 2/16 ex Kellam Bus Lines Pty Ltd t/a Casino Bus Service, Casino 5773 MO; ex MO 5227; ex Byview Pty Ltd t/a Casino Bus Service (28) MO 5227 -/07; ex AP & PJ King, King Bros Bus Service Pty Ltd (15) MO 5227 5/03.
TV 9612 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3288A127645 Volgren CR228L VG2648 -/08B44DWUOW Shuttle
Reg by 30/8/21 (dereg 10/20 due to COVID-19); ex m/o 9275 by 1/20; Delivered new in special purple livery for Route 9: North Wollongong to UOW shuttle. Repainted into new UOW Shuttle livery by 2/16; Delivered 1/10 ex CMV Volvo Demo UPR 855 (VIC).
TV 9613 Volvo B5RHLEYV3T8R921DA161750 Volgren CR228L VG3665 9/13B34DWUOW Shuttle
Reg 2/20 ex CDC Melbourne, Wyndham, VIC (138) 1FW2HP; ex CMV demo, previously loaned to SBS Transit, Singapore 3/15 - 8/16.
Total buses in fleet = 23

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