Ritchies-Murphy Transport Solutions

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Ritchies-Murphy Transport Solutions.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
9795FZQ841 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62137 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWAT MetroTakanini
Ex NZ Bus 4010.
1509KBP789 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB113GX000913 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
1510KBK166 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB115GX000914 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
1515KBP784 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB114GX000919 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
1517KBK171 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB112GX000921 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9001 KAW201 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB117GX000882 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9002 KAW202 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB119GX000883 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9003 KAW203 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB110GX000884 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9004 KAW204 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB112GX000885 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9005 KAW205 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB114GX000886 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9006 KAW206 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB116GX000887 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9007 KAW207 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB118GX000888 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9008 KAW208 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB11XGX000889 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9009 KAW209 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB116GX000890 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9010 KAW210 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB118GX000891 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9011 KAW211 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB11XGX000892 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9012 KAW212 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB111GX000893 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9013 KAW213 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB113GX000894 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9014 KAW214 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB115GX000895 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9015 KAW215 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB117GX000896 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9016 KAW216 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB119GX000897 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9017 KAW217 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB110GX000898 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9018 KAW218 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB112GX000899 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9019 KAW219 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB115GX000900 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9020 KAW220 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB117GX000901 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9021 KAZ321 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB119GX000902 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9022 KAZ322 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB110GX000903 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9023 KAZ323 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB114GX000922 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9024 KAZ324 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB116GX000923 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9025 KAZ325 BCI CITIRIDER 116KT3CB118GX000924 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroTakanini
9026 KAZ326 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898814 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9027 KAZ327 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898789 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9028 KAZ328 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898824 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9029 KAZ329 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898795 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9030 KAZ330 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898827 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9031 KAZ331 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898811 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9032 KAZ332 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898798 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9033 KAZ333 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898802 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroTakanini
9796 FZQ847 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62147 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWAT MetroTakanini
Ex NZ Bus 4012.
9797 FZQ848 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62163 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWAT MetroTakanini
Ex NZ Bus 4013.
9798 FZQ849 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62164 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWAT MetroTakanini
Ex NZ Bus 4014.
9799 GDZ147 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62518 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWAT MetroTakanini
Ex NZ Bus 4079.
9800 JAK745 Designline Olymbus7DL32SDA6ER009183 Designline "Enviroline" 2015B32BWAAT MetroPukekohe
ex-608 Ritchies
9801 JNC112 Designline Olymbus7DL32SDA6ER009192 Designline "Enviroline" 2015B32BWAAT MetroPukekohe
ex-668 Ritchies
9802 ENK536 MAN 16.2237ABA800567AD01219 Designline 2008B32FAT MetroPukekohe
ex-562 Ritchies
9803 ENK537 MAN 16.2237ABA800568AD01220 Designline 2008B32FAT MetroPukekohe
ex-563 Ritchies
9804 ENK541 MAN 16.2237ABA800570AD01222 Designline 2008B32FAT MetroPukekohe
ex-565 Ritchies
9805 EJC481 MAN 16.2237ABA800550AD01202 Designline 2008B32FAT MetroPukekohe
ex-645 Ritchies
9806 JFP504 Optare Versa V1110SABWWMAC08L320066 Optare 2008B35FAT MetroPukekohe
ex-015 Ritchies
9807 HES123 MAN 16.2507ABA801042AD01535 Designline "Enviroline" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-851 Ritchies
9808 HFN962 MAN 16.2507ABA801043AD01536 Designline "Enviroline" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-852 Ritchies
9809 HGH322 MAN 16.2507ABA801044AD01537 Designline "Enviroline" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-853 Ritchies
9810 HGH335 MAN 16.2507ABA801045AD01538 Designline "Enviroline" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-854 Ritchies
9811 JAH531 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ9BC016385 MCV "Evolution" 2015B42DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-316 Ritchies
9812 JAY175 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZXBC016394 MCV "Evolution" 2015B42DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-317 Ritchies
9813 HFA579 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ4CC016893 MCV "Evolution" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-892 Ritchies
9814 HFD144 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ9BC016399 MCV "Evolution" 2013B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-893 Ritchies
9815 HFD145 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ8BC016409 MCV "Evolution" 2013B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-894 Ritchies
9816 HEY244 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ0CC017328 MCV "Evolution" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-895 Ritchies
9817 HEY246 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ7CC017326 MCV "Evolution" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-896 Ritchies
9818 HEY245 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ2CC017332 MCV "Evolution" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-897 Ritchies
9819 HEY247 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ6CC017334 MCV "Evolution" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-898 Ritchies
9820 HEY243 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ3CC017338 MCV "Evolution" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-899 Ritchies
9821 HEY248 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ1CC017340 MCV "Evolution" 2014B43DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-900 Ritchies
9822 JDK9 MAN 14.240WMAA66ZZ1AC014421 MCV "Evolution" 2011B38DAT MetroTakanini
ex-975 Ritchies
9823 JHQ863 MAN 14.240WMAA66ZZ8AC014416 MCV "Evolution" 2011B38DAT MetroTakanini
ex-976 Ritchies
9824 JDK10 MAN 14.240WMAA66ZZ1BC016560 MCV "Evolution" 2011B38DAT MetroTakanini
ex-977 Ritchies
9825 JFP505 MAN 14.240WMAA66ZZ6BC016571 MCV "Evolution" 2011B38DAT MetroTakanini
ex-978 Ritchies
9826 CYE51 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001851818 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-707 Ritchies
9827 CYM142 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001851826 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-708 Ritchies
9828 CYM146 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001851851 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-709 Ritchies
9829 CYM150 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001851853 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-710 Ritchies
9830 CYM154 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001851897 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-711 Ritchies
9831 CYM157 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001851901 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-712 Ritchies
9832 LEA930 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001852597 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-713 Ritchies
9833 DUZ221 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001852600 Designline 2007B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-638 Ritchies
9834 DUZ240 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001852608 Designline 2007B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-643 Ritchies
9835 DUZ239 Scania L94UB6YS2L6X20001852614 Designline 2007B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-644 Ritchies
9836 EMA304 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001859070 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-453 Ritchies
9837 ELM276 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001859073 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroTakanini
ex-681 Ritchies
Total buses in fleet = 80

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