Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
2GFT943 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00049 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesKaitaia
3GGU931 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00050 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDargaville
5JLL723 LDV V80LSKG5GL10FA228865 LDV 2015B11FRitchiesWhangarei
7HNU748 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00184 Coachwork Central 2014B48FRitchiesHelensville
11KAT73 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25062 Coachwork Central 2016B36FRitchiesDargaville
12FHZ460 Nissan Diesel7A8DH6X0908002104 Nissan 1994B49FRitchiesHelensville
ex ELC35, Party Bus Company Ltd, Auckland; ex Japan.
13UP7496 Toyota Hiace7A421UHB308005062 Toyota 1996B10FRitchiesDargaville
17GGU963 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00060 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesOamaru
18GGU944 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00062 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesKaitaia
19JDT633 Optare Versa V1110SABWWMAC08L320067 Optare 2008B35FWAT MetroAlbany
ex UK.
23HNQ507 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00189 Coachwork Auckland 2014B52FRitchiesHelensville
24KHL322 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25065 Coachwork Central 2017B36FRitchiesWest Coast
25GPU653 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10013 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesOamaru
26GQN104 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10014 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesGore
31YP1658 Bedford NFM7A816140998340977 CWI Ranger 1999B57FRitchiesDargaville
32JHQ862 Optare Versa V1110SABWWMAC08L320084 Optare 2008B35FWAT MetroAlbany
ex UK.
33ATL979 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0902702016 Isuzu 1996B20FRitchiesOamaru
ex Japan.
34JBJ296 Optare Versa V1110SABWWMAC08L320083 Optare 2008B35FWAT MetroAlbany
ex UK.
35DBZ427 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0905022045 Mitsubishi 1992B44FRitchiesHelensville
ex (417) DBZ427, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
38AYJ115 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0902040167 Hino 1992B53FRitchiesBlenheim
ex AYJ115, De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim; ex Japan.
40CZE69 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D090522144 Mitsubishi 1994B42FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (423) CZE69, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
41ANY805 Nissan CivilianJN10RGW40A0100022 Nissan 1994B23FRitchiesOamaru
ex Australia.
43ENF729 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022401 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (424) ENF729, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
44AUN189 Nissan Civilian7A8DH070902000602 Nissan 1999B19FRitchiesDargaville
ex Japan.
48EHZ808 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908000628 Isuzu 1998B37FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Japan.
52EMW997 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022402 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesDargaville
ex (426) EMW997, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
54JBW459 Optare Versa V1110SABWWMAC08L320073 Optare 2008B35FWAT MetroAlbany
ex UK.
55ABD813 Nissan Diesel7A8DH4N0901000765 Nissan 1992B42FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (429) ABD813, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
56WT5277 Mitsubishi Fuso7A1FK163HSPA32173 Designline 1998C40FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (431) WT5277, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex (31) WT5277, Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.
57EMN33 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022431 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (433) EMN33, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
59EMQ202 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022412 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (435) EMQ202, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
60XT3759 Mitsubishi FusoMMTFK458JTC000004 Designline 1999B44FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (438) XT3759, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex (38) XT3759, Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei.
61DQF60 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0906000034 Isuzu 1996B41FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (23) DQF60, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
69BZW329 Nissan Diesel7A8DH6X0904616277 Nissan 1995C37FRIT-TourRotorua
ex Japan.
70BWD131 Nissan Diesel7A8DH6X0904002692 Nissan 1995C37FRIT-TourBalclutha
ex Japan.
71BSP720 Nissan Diesel7A8DH4M0903098761 Nissan 1995C37FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
72CJJ633 Nissan Diesel7A8DH6X0904474145 Nissan 1995C37FRIT-TourWest Coast
ex Japan.
79JBJ298 Optare Versa V1110SABWWNAC08L320071 Optare 2008B35FWAT MetroAlbany
ex UK.
81HQF399 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00190 Coachwork Auckland 2015B48FRitchiesOamaru
88JNU594 Nissan Diesel7A8DH480901050703 Nissan 2001B37FRitchiesDargaville
ex AEQ143; ex Japan.
90CEH397 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0904011850 Toyota 1997B11FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
98ADR136 Nissan Diesel7A8DH480901000010 Nissan 2001B33FRitchiesDargaville
ex Japan.
101HRF344 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P400010548 Toyota 2012B7FRitchiesRotorua
102GRC202 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22PX00010540 Toyota 2012B7FRitchiesRotorua
103BKE628 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0903003777 Toyota 1992B21FRitchiesTimaru
ex Japan.
106ATA283 Nissan Diesel7A8DH070902000394 Nissan 1994B37FRitchiesTimaru
ex Japan.
115AWU819 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0902000390 Isuzu 1994B25FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
118KEZ303 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ5FC020204 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016C37FRIT-WhiteSwanson
120FUH461 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907020039 Mitsubishi 1999B37FRitchiesWest Coast
ex EHQ668, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland; ex Japan.
123YJ3463 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0999003515 Toyota 1992B12FRitchiesAshburton / Mid Canty
124BEK341 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0903014177 Toyota 1998B11FRitchiesBlenheim
126HJE320 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00185 Designline 2014B48FRitchiesSwanson
129GMC71 Mitsubishi L3007A8CJ1D0907020039 Mitsubishi 2012B8FRitchiesGore
130EMW995 Nissan Diesel7A8DH4M0907002129 Nissan 1994B45FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (448) EMW995, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
133EMY5 Nissan Diesel7A8DH4M0907001851 Nissan 1994B45FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (449) EMY5, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Japan.
135UO8044 Volvo B10MYV31MGC14PA032008 Alexander 1993B46FRitchiesChristchurch
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 11/2019.
ex (459) UO8044, NZ Bus, NZ; ex (22) UO8044, Stagecoach, NZ; ex Hong Kong.
137UO7966 Volvo B10MYV31MGC16PA032009 Alexander 1993B46FRitchiesChristchurch
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 11/2019.
ex (460) UO7966, NZ Bus, NZ; ex (23) UO7966, Stagecoach, NZ; ex Hong Kong.
141GGU895 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00047 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesWest Coast
142HRT854 LDV V80LSKG5GL18BA201150 LDV 2014B11FRitchiesAlbany
144KMZ433 LDV V80LSKG5GL11GA239827 LDV 2017B13FRitchiesAlbany
146GFT944 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00048 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDargaville
147UO7989 Volvo B10MYV31MGC12PA032010 Alexander 1993B46FRitchiesChristchurch
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 11/2019.
ex (461) UO7989, NZ Bus, NZ; ex (24) UO7989, Stagecoach, NZ; ex Hong Kong.
148WX5532 MAN 10.1607AB7520578AS00423 Designline 1998B39FRitchiesHelensville
ex (314) WX5532, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
149WX5535 MAN 10.1607AB7520581AS00426 Designline 1998B39FRitchiesHelensville
ex (317) WX5535, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
150FDL386 Hino FGJHDFG8JPKXXX10173 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009C45FStray TravelChristchurch
151JQD71 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20089 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016C32FFlying KiwiFlying Kiwi
152EAB727 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907081758 Mitsubishi 1995B33FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (24) EAB727, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
153BCW705 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0903040013 Hino 1990C26FRIT-TourGore
Rebuilt with luggage compartment at rear.
ex Japan.
154JBW458 Optare Versa V1110SABWWMAC08L320065 Optare 2008B35FWAT MetroSwanson
ex UK.
155FDL397 Hino FGJHDFG8JJKXXX10758 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009C45FStray TravelChristchurch
157KHE964 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25075 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C45FStray TravelSwanson
158KHE965 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25076 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C45FStray TravelSwanson
161FEC62 Hino FGJHDFG8JPKXXX12013 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009C45FStray TravelChristchurch
163JBJ297 Optare Versa V1110SABWWMAC08L320070 Optare 2008B35FWAT MetroAlbany
ex UK.
165KYG685 LDV V80LSKG5GL17HA073430 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
167KMZ429 LDV V80LSKG5GL13DA228954 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
168LNM616 LDV V80LSKG5GL18JA084006 LDV 2018B13CRitchiesAlbany
169AZE118 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0902003652 Toyota 1992B19FRitchiesDargaville
ex Japan.
172AUW493 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002456 Toyota 1996B21FRitchiesGore
ex Australia.
174BBN359 MAN 10.1607AB7520582AS00427 Designline 1998B39FRitchiesHelensville
ex (318) BBN359, WX5536, Red Bus Ltd, Chirstchurch.
175BCW710 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002452 Toyota 1996B19FRitchiesHelensville
ex Australia.
177AUW494 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002464 Toyota 1996B20FRitchiesGore
ex Australia.
178WX5533 MAN 10.1607AB7520579AS00424 Designline 1998B39FRitchiesBlenheim
ex (315) WX5533, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
179FEC74 Hino FGJHDFG8JPKXXX12007 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009C45FStray TravelChristchurch
180BAW612 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002276 Toyota 1996B19FRitchiesDargaville
ex Australia.
182KHE966 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25077 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C45FStray TravelChristchurch
183GZT808 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002261 Toyota 1996B21FRitchiesDargaville
ex BFG916; ex Australia.
186EKL311 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060908300084 Mitsubishi 2003B25CRitchiesWhangarei
ex (7) EKL311, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
187KMZ431 LDV V80LSKG5GL18GA239825 LDV 2017B13FRitchiesAlbany
189BPL317 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108003317 Toyota 1997B21FRitchiesRotorua
ex Australia.
190GGU956 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00073 Designline 2012B39FRitchiesGore
191FMG729 Scania K380IB69BSK6X20003626742 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010C51DRIT-TourQueenstown
193GHY190 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00074 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesRotorua
194FPC32 Scania K380IB6YS2K6X20001869943 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010C51DRitchiesQueenstown
195BMZ526 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108003433 Toyota 1997B19FRitchiesTimaru
ex Australia.
196GHY275 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00076 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDargaville
197BJC690 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0903012010 Mitsubishi 1992B37FRitchiesChristchurch
ex Japan.
199HBT884 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00164 Designline 2013B57FRitchiesSwanson
200GFF638 Volvo B12YV3R2A319YA008696 Designline 2000C51DRitchiesRotorua
ex ZG1850.
202GBU3 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00097 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011C45FStray TravelSwanson
203EAM84 Scania K114IB69BSK6X20003600415 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C51DRitchiesDunedin
204KMZ432 LDV V80LSKG5GL1XGA239826 LDV 2017B13FRitchiesAlbany
205DKN777 Dennis Javelin7A84P000999557193 Designline 1999C54DRitchiesDunedin
ex (25) DLUX25, YS7486, De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim.
206FRR828 Volvo B12YV3R2A310YA008697 Designline 2000C54DRitchiesBlenheim
ex ZK6162.
208GGY89 Scania K114IB69BSK6X20003600417 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C51DRitchiesDunedin
ex EAR499.
209LPB413 Scania K124IB69BSK6X20003569833 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C51DIntercityGOLDChristchurch
ex DAY32.
210DKN776 Dennis Javelin7A84P000900924578 Designline 2000C51DRitchiesOamaru
ex (27) DLUX27, ZK6165, De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim.
213ZO7331 Dennis Javelin7A84P000900880520 BCI-Gemilang 2000C51DRitchiesRotorua
214CQF843 Toyota CoasterJT743BB4009000055 Toyota 1994B19FRitchiesGore
ex Australia.
215CQF846 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108001545 Toyota 1995B16FRitchiesRotorua
ex Australia.
216FBW683 Scania K420EB6YS2K6X20001861550 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009C58DIntercityChristchurch
219CTS880 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX13256 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C53FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (25) CTS880, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex CTS880, Dempsey Buses Ltd, Raetihi.
220CLT208 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX12413 Kiwi Bus Builders 2004C45FRitchiesSwanson
221CMZ612 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX12539 Kiwi Bus Builders 2004C45FRitchiesSwanson
222CMN676 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX12549 Kiwi Bus Builders 2004C45FRitchiesOamaru
223CMH695 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX12412 Kiwi Bus Builders 2004C45FRitchiesQueenstown - Wanaka
224GWQ540 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX12802 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C45FRitchiesDunedin
ex CNF844.
226GKM106 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00075 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesBalclutha
227ZT9438 Dennis Javelin7A84P000900362004 BCI-Gemilang 2000C49DRitchiesOamaru
228DKN778 Volvo B12YV3R2A31X1A010141 Designline 2001C50DRitchiesGore
ex (28) DLUX28, AGN501, De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim.
229DKN779 Volvo B12YV3R2A31X2A011128 Designline 2003C52DRitchiesTimaru
ex (29) DLUX29, BKS755, De Luxe Motor Services, Blenheim.
230KKB884 Scania K360IB6YS2K6X20001899527 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C48DIntercityGOLDSwanson
Operates Hamilton - Auckland Airport service.
231DNS407 Scania K124IB6YS2K6X20001854535 Kiwi Bus Builders 2006C51DRIT-TourChristchurch
232HGC828 MAN 14.290 WMAA67ZZ0CC017478 Designline 2014C33FIntercityKaitaia
233GRT281 Scania K280UB4YS2K4X20001879779 Designline Enviroline 2013B45DWAT MetroSwanson
234GBW783 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00098 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011C45FStray TravelSwanson
236AAR487 Dennis Javelin7A84P000901069718 BCI-Gemilang 2001C49DRIT-TourRotorua
237BJY862 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0903008101 Toyota 1996B11FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
238AGC100 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0901004090 Toyota 1996B19FRitchiesDargaville
ex Japan.
239AHJ670 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0901004091 Toyota 1996B18FRIT-TourRotorua
ex Japan.
240ALB228 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0902004735 Toyota 1997B17FRIT-TourBalclutha
ex Japan.
243KSD997 LDV V80LSKG5GL15GA239832 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
244EML798 Scania K114IB69BSK6X20003607035 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008C51DRitchiesDunedin
246GKA336 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00085 Designline 2012B35FRitchiesGore
247KJB202 LDV V80LSKG5GL1XGA239602 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
248DLK391 Hino Rainbow7A884110906040096 Hino 1996B36FRitchiesTimaru
ex Japan.
249EDT502 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060807000571 Mitsubishi 1998B21FRitchiesBlenheim
250EFC859 Scania K114IB69BSK6X20003607054 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C53DIntercitySwanson
251GUM731 Scania K114IB6YS2K6X20001854531 Kiwi Bus Builders 2006C51DRIT-TourSwanson
ex DPC343.
252DRW400 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX15783 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C47FRitchiesDunedin
253ENK425 Scania K114IB69BSK6X20003620076 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008C51DRIT-TourRotorua
254FGM841 Toyota CoasterJTGFG528109500110 Toyota 2003B20FRitchiesWest Coast
ex EWF964; ex Australia.
255FZF756 Volvo B12YV3R2A319XA007465 Kiwi Bus Builders 2000C51DRitchiesDunedin
ex YT2356.
256DEB492 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0905000034 Isuzu 1995B37FRitchiesTimaru
ex Japan.
257JEM256 Scania K124IB69BSK6X20003622580 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008C51DRIT-TourSwanson
ex ETF972.
258CBT994 Nissan Civilian7A8DH070804100765 Nissan 1996B19FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
259EWF965 Toyota CoasterJTGFG528809500413 Toyota 2005B20FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Australia.
260EWG11 Toyota CoasterJTGFG528X09500414 Toyota 2005B19FRitchiesGore
ex Australia.
261LFJ436 LDV V80LSKG5GL16HA102559 LDV 2018B13CRitchiesAlbany
262LFJ438 LDV V80LSKG5GL14HA102561 LDV 2018B13CRitchiesAlbany
263GAN140 Volvo B12YV3R2FL19SA001848 Designline 1995C54DRitchiesTimaru
ex TR1642.
264HDC771 MAN 15.280 WMAA67ZZ88C012326 Designline 2014C49FRitchiesTimaru
265HYJ246 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZXEC018835 Designline 2015C45FRitchiesWhangarei
266ETM635 Scania K124IB69BSK6X20003622583 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008C51DRIT-TourQueenstown
267JTQ58 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZXEC018818 Designline 2016C45FRitchiesChristchurch
268ASL931 Nissan Civilian7A8DH070801035141 Nissan 1994B19FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
269GKA343 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ0008 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesBlenheim
270GHM539 Hino FDJHDFD8JLKXXX12642 Coachwork Central 2012B41FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (11) GHM539, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei.
271KZF145 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ25041 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017B44FRitchiesBalclutha
272EUQ259 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00835 Mitsubishi 2009B24FRitchiesAlbany
273FWY956 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZB6026580 Volkswagen 2011C14FRIT-TourDunedin
274FZP334 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZC6002521 Volkswagen 2011C14FRIT-TourDunedin
275DZE302 Dennis Javelin7A84P000905801468 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C49FLRIT-TourChristchurch
277JDK58 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ2EC018831 Designline 2015C45FRitchiesTimaru
278KJS493 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZXFC020196 Designline 2017C49FIntercityTimaru
Based in Invercargill.
Operates Invercargill - Gore service.
279JSF449 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ7FC020043 Designline 2016C49FRitchiesQueenstown - Wanaka
280HKG38 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ9DC018002 Designline 2014C45FRitchiesDunedin
281HJZ423 LDV V80LSKG5GL15EA222722 LDV 2014B11FRitchiesAlbany
282HUG816 MAN 15.250WMAA67ZZ3EC018806 Designline 2015C45FRitchiesDunedin
283JKA801 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ5FC020042 Designline 2015C45FRitchiesDunedin
285GBW800 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00099 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011C45FStray TravelSwanson
286FWB466 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00357 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesDargaville
287DTN499 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907414091 Mitsubishi 1994B49FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Japan.
288FRR707 Scania K420EB6YS2K6X20001869950 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011C55DRIT-BlueChristchurch
289GLJ781 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00088 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesTimaru
290FZF191 Scania K420EB6YS2K6X20001861538 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009C55DOceaniaChristchurch
ex FBW754.
291FWB478 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00358 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesDargaville
292FWB481 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00359 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesWhangarei
293LKK156 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25164 Coachwork Central 2018B44FRitchiesGore
294GLJ800 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00089 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesRotorua
295FWB499 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00367 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesWhangarei
296GZF613 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800622 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
297FWB540 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00368 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesOamaru
298GZF614 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800623 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
299GZF615 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800696 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
300DNG529 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0905041031 Hino 1993B49FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Japan.
301GZF616 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800695 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
302FSD41 Scania K380IB6YS2K6X20001869983 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010C51DRIT-TourSwanson
303HCU366 Scania K380IB6YS2K6X20001869947 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010C51DRIT-TourQueenstown
ex FQD622.
304DWP884 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX16092 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C44FRitchiesDunedin
305DYL971 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX16107 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C44FRitchiesDunedin
308EAB712 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0907040028 Hino 1996B45FRitchiesBlenheim
309EKU47 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001100 Isuzu 1995B37FRitchiesBlenheim
ex Japan.
311JZP600 MAN 24.410WMAA51ZZZ1H002083 Coach Design 2005C41DRitchiesQueenstown
ex (545) JCL35, JCL65, CLZ648, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
312JLW676 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066332P183491 Mercedes-Benz 2015B11FRitchiesQueenstown
315GZF617 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800653 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
316KCN192 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25061 Coachwork Central 2016B36FRitchiesWhangarei
317KSK846 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ30024 Coachwork Central 2016B36FRitchiesBlenheim
318FWF142 Scania K380IB6YS2K6X20001870684 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011C51DIntercityGOLDQueenstown
321TE8715 Hino FDJHDFD3WLKXZX10390 Kiwi Bus Builders 1995B45FRitchiesHelensville
ex (14) TE8715, Hanham Buses Ltd, Albany.
322TG3689 Hino FDJHDFD3WLKXZX10367 Kiwi Bus Builders 1995B54FRitchiesAlbany
ex (15) TG3689, Hanham Buses Ltd, Albany.
323UN392 Hino FDJHDFD3WLKXXX10422 Kiwi Bus Builders 1996B46FRitchiesAlbany
ex (16) UN392, Hanham Buses Ltd, Albany.
324FAR435 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0PF00882 Mitsubishi 2009C22FG AdventuresChristchurch
326FYT404 Scania K380IB6YS2K6X20001871074 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011C51DIntercityGOLDDunedin
328GGU949 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001875845 Designline Enviroline 2012B51DWAT MetroSwanson
329HZL856 MAN 18.2507ABA940001AX01514 Gemilang 2015B47DWAT MetroSwanson
ex Demonstrator.
330GLJ779 MAN 15.240 WMAA66ZZ89C013598 Designline Enviroline 2012B41DWAT MetroSwanson
331XE9350 Isuzu FSR600JALFSR33LT3000176 Designline 1998C44FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (16) XE9350, Caves Buses, Whangarei; ex (8) XE9350, Dorset Buses, Ruakaka.
332FAR436 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0PF01075 Mitsubishi 2009C22FG AdventuresSwanson
333FYJ294 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868653 Designline Enviroline 2011B41DWRitchiesDunedin
334FYJ301 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868660 Designline Enviroline 2011B41DWRitchiesDunedin
335HKF977 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10028 Designline 2014B35FRitchiesBalclutha
336GSL270 MAN 11.230 7AB7520212AX00299 Designline 1995C37FRitchiesBalclutha
ex (590) GSL270, JCL26, JCL59, TR1650, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
337BUG581 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0904702185 Isuzu 1996B21FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
338WK9764 Isuzu MT111JALMT111KP3000024 NZMB Ranger 1997B59FRitchiesSwanson
ex (33) WK9764, Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany.
339TQ459 Hino FEJHDFE3HPKXZX10155 Kiwi Bus Builders 1995B48FRitchiesRotorua
ex (34) TQ459, Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany, Auckland; ex TQ459, McLeod Motors, Helensville, Auckland.
340EWE112 MAN 16.2407ABA800688AD01319 Designline 2009B39DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
341WD5975 Isuzu NPR450JAANPR65PT7100463 Kiwi Bus Builders 1997B35FRitchiesOamaru
ex (35) WD5975, Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany.
342FYJ326 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868871 Designline Enviroline 2011B41DWRitchiesDunedin
343GWP344 Scania K360IB6YS2K6X20001883432 Kiwi Bus Builders 2013C61FRitchiesSwanson
346GWU30 Scania K360IB6YS2K6X20001883383 Kiwi Bus Builders 2013C61FRitchiesAlbany
347KCN179 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25039 Coachwork Central 2016B36FRitchiesWhangarei
348ZZ1346 NDNZ Terrier7B2RCR140S0F09043 Kiwi Bus Builders 2001B31FRitchiesGore
ex (38) ZZ1346, Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany.
349ACY561 NDNZ Intrepid7B2TCR240WTS09155 Kiwi Bus Builders 2001B41FRitchiesSwanson
ex (39) ACY561, Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany.
350FZF722 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868890 Designline Enviroline 2011B41DWOrbusQueenstown
352BGP878 Nissan CP2107A8DH400903002742 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003C53FRitchiesSwanson
ex (41) BGP878, Hanham Buses Ltd, Albany.
353JUM530 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001890107 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016B36DWAT MetroSwanson
354CDR892 Nissan CP2107A8DH400904002746 Kiwi Bus Builders 2004C53FRitchiesAlbany
ex (42) CDR892, Hanham Buses Ltd, Albany.
356EWS275 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001861870 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B51DWAT MetroSwanson
357EWS279 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001861861 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B51DWAT MetroSwanson
359EYL481 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001861758 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B51DWAT MetroSwanson
360EYL485 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863405 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWOrbusQueenstown
361EZF424 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863515 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWAT MetroAlbany
362GRT292 Scania K280UB4YS2K4X20001879750 Designline Enviroline 2013B45DWOrbusQueenstown
363EZF428 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863549 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWRitchiesChristchurch
For use on Route 85 from Rolleston to CIty.
364KJB199 LDV V80LSKG5GL13GA239599 LDV 2017B13FRitchiesAlbany
365EZF431 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863720 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWCityLinkWhangarei
367KYD303 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25112 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018C32FFlying KiwiFlying Kiwi
368EZF435 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863761 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWRitchiesWhangarei
369JWH942 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001890103 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016B36DWAT MetroSwanson
370JAS998 Scania K280UB4YS2K4X20001879773 Designline Enviroline 2013B45DWOrbusQueenstown
ex GRT307.
371GAJ6 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868891 Designline Enviroline 2011B41DWOrbusQueenstown
372EZF437 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863745 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWRitchiesWhangarei
373GWB432 MAN 18.2507ABA940010AD01520 Designline Enviroline 2013B47DWAT MetroSwanson
374GYR56 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001879664 Designline Enviroline 2013B51DWOrbusDunedin
375GYR91 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001879703 Designline Enviroline 2013B51DWAT MetroAlbany
376EZF440 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863917 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWRitchiesWhangarei
377GBC483 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868896 Designline Enviroline 2011B41DWOrbusQueenstown
378GBC530 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868914 Designline Enviroline 2011B41DWOrbusQueenstown
379CGM330 Volvo B12YV3R2A31XTA005587 Volgren C221TX 1997C48FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (403) CGM330, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ; ex Australia.
380EAW249 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907028693 Mitsubishi 1995B41FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (17) EAW249, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
381GHY188 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001875807 Designline Enviroline 2012B51DWAT MetroAlbany
382TM3545 Volvo B12YV3R2FL1XSAOO1650 Designline 1995C55DRitchiesKaitaia
ex (430) TM3545, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
383WO4402 Volvo B6RYV3R56S13SC001784 Designline 1997C35DRitchiesRotorua
Based in Rotorua for sale; by 07/2019.
ex (432) WO4402, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
384GBT965 MAN 18.2807ABA800763AD01451 Designline Enviroline 2011B45DWOrbusQueenstown
385ENF594 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022377 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
386ENK342 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060808300031 Mitsubishi 2002B22FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (18) ENK342, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
387GDK269 MAN 18.2807ABA800863AD01494 Designline Enviroline 2011B45DWOrbusQueenstown
388GHG967 MAN 18.2807ABA800870AD01495 Designline Enviroline 2011B45DWOrbusQueenstown
ex GDK268.
389KJB203 LDV V80LSKG5GL11GA239603 LDV 2017B11FRitchiesAlbany
390HLH291 Volvo B7F7A8J53E0903318987 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003C48FRitchiesGore
ex BLZ219; ex (1) BLZ219, Kings Tours & Cruises, Paihia.
392GRT419 Scania K280UB4YS2G8X40009171997 Designline Enviroline 2013B51DWOrbusQueenstown
393KYD311 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25113 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C32FFlying KiwiFlying Kiwi
394GRT430 Scania K280UB4YS2K4X20001879782 Designline Enviroline 2013B51DWOrbusQueenstown
395GEE650 MAN 16.2407ABA800826AD01483 Designline Enviroline 2012B41DWRitchiesDunedin
396FHD704 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6015134 Volkswagen 2010B7FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (458) FHD704, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
397FHD703 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6008922 Volkswagen 2010B7FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (457) FHD703, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
398HLB840 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10029 Designline 2015B36FRitchiesGore
399ENF595 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022378 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
400EDP108 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022380 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
401KCN183 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25040 Coachwork Central 2016B36FRitchiesWhangarei
402ENF596 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022399 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
403GZF618 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800697 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
404EZF320 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00836 Mitsubishi 2009B25FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (26) EZF320, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
406ENF597 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022414 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
407ENF593 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022376 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
408ENF598 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022419 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
409FYJ288 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00369 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesWhangarei
410ENF599 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ060908022420 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
411EZW165 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863837 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWRitchiesWhangarei
412EDA937 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022387 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
413FAS927 MAN 15.280WMAA67ZZ76C007518 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009C38FTop DeckRotorua
ex (94) FAS927, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
414DRP596 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0907261950 Hino 1994B47FRitchiesGore
415EDA938 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022388 Mitsubishi 1994B25FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
416GDW400 MAN 15.280WMAA67ZZ2AC014725 Coachwork Central 2011C37FTop DeckRotorua
ex (99) GDW400, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
417LCK372 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ25042 Coachwork Central 2018B52FRitchiesWhangarei
418DSA76 Hino Rainbow7A884110906040376 Hino 1995B26FRitchiesOamaru
ex Japan.
419EDW633 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022415 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesTimaru
ex Japan.
420EGJ930 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022416 Mitsubishi 1994B47FRitchiesTimaru
ex Japan.
421DSN208 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0907028691 Hino 1994B49FRitchiesBlenheim
422EDA913 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022423 Mitsubishi 1994B25FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
423EGJ923 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022422 Mitsubishi 1994B25FRitchiesBalclutha
ex Japan.
424EGJ924 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022392 Mitsubishi 1994B44FRitchiesTimaru
ex Japan.
425EGJ928 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022398 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
426GLJ813 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00091 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDargaville
427EGJ929 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022373 Mitsubishi 1994B25FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
428FHZ459 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001194 Isuzu 1995B45FRitchiesHelensville
ex (131) ELC25, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland; ex Japan.
429FYJ320 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00373 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesWhangarei
430FYJ354 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00374 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesWest Coast
431FZF597 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00364 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesRotorua
432EGJ926 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022384 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesBalclutha
ex Japan.
433LEJ899 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001879764 Kiwi Bus Builders 2014C64DIntercitySwanson
ex HFD233.
434EGJ925 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022405 Mitsubishi 1994B25FRitchiesBalclutha
ex Japan.
435FZF757 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00139 Designline 2011B49FRitchiesBlenheim
436EEG73 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022437 Mitsubishi 1994B46FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
437HGN299 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022436 Mitsubishi 1994B45FRitchiesTimaru
ex EDW632; ex Japan.
438EGJ927 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907022375 Mitsubishi 1994B25FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
439GAJ473 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00141 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesWest Coast
440GLJ836 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00093 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesGore
441GLM582 DAF SB220XMGDE02LT0H004072 Optare Delta 1996B50FRitchiesSwanson
ex EKU337; ex UK.
442EFT351 DAF SB220XMGDE02LT0H005056 Optare Delta 1996B45FRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
443EFT350 DAF SB220XMGDE02LT0H005055 Optare Delta 1996B47FRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
444EFT346 DAF SB220XMGDE02LT0H005053 Optare Delta 1996B48FRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
445EFT359 DAF SB220XMGDE02LT0H005057 Optare Delta 1996B48FRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
446FHZ464 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001071 Isuzu 1996B45FRitchiesHelensville
ex (132) ELC33, Party Bus Company Ltd, Auckland; ex Japan.
447EYL496 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863395 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWRitchiesChristchurch
For use on Route 85 from Rolleston to CIty.
448ENF600 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908022435 Mitsubishi 1994B42FRitchiesRotorua
ex Japan.
449EMA310 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001859083 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroSwanson
450EDP83 Hino Rainbow7A884110907040108 Hino 1996B37FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
451EDL616 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0807041061 Hino 1995B39FRitchiesDargaville
452EDL615 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0807041062 Hino 1995B39FRitchiesWhangarei
ex Japan.
453KUG712 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25109 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C45FStray TravelChristchurch
454EYL492 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001863527 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B47DWRitchiesChristchurch
For use on Route 85 from Rolleston to CIty.
455EAE575 Hino Rainbow7A884110907041127 Hino 1995B36FRitchiesGore
ex Japan.
456JNU911 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P191258 Mercedes-Benz 2016B20FRitchiesBlenheim
457FHZ465 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0808001195 Isuzu 1995B45FRitchiesHelensville
ex (134) ELC34, Party Bus Company Ltd, Auckland; ex Japan.
458KQL193 Scania K280UB4YS2K4X20001879784 Designline Enviroline 2013B51DWOrbusQueenstown
ex GSW712.
459EGH926 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0807001082 Isuzu 1995B37FRitchiesBlenheim
ex Japan.
460LMN675 Mitsubishi Rosa7AT0YX03X18300005 Mitsubishi 2018B22FRitchiesSwanson
ex Japan.
461FLL587 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0907041090 Hino 1994B43FRitchiesDargaville
ex (138) ECD208, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland; ex Japan.
462JNU914 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P192929 Mercedes-Benz 2016B20FRitchiesQueenstown - Wanaka
Operates Queenstown - Wanaka service.
463KWZ461 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25111 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C45FStray TravelChristchurch
464FLL591 Hino Rainbow7A8CJ1D0906020040 Hino 1994B41FRitchiesDargaville
ex (157) EAE343, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland; ex Japan.
465GND479 MAN 15.280WMAA67ZZ3CC016969 Coachwork Central 2012C37FRitchiesSwanson
ex (101) GND479, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
466EMQ102 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001192 Isuzu 1995B44FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Japan.
467EMQ108 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908566253 Isuzu 1995B42FRitchiesChristchurch
ex Japan.
468EMQ103 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001198 Isuzu 1995B44FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Japan.
469EMQ104 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001213 Isuzu 1995B44FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Japan.
470EMQ105 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0908001214 Isuzu 1995B44FRitchiesWest Coast
ex Japan.
471FDD306 Hino FCJHDFC6JJKXXX12011 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B46FRitchiesSwanson
472FDD319 Hino FCJHDFC6JJKXXX12015 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B46FRitchiesHelensville
473FER485 Hino FCJHDFC6JJKXXX12024 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B46FRitchiesHelensville
474FER493 Hino FCJHDFC6JJKXXX12023 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B46FRitchiesChristchurch
475FGD159 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KK00387 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesTimaru
476FGD156 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KK00386 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesTimaru
477FGD157 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00087 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesTimaru
478FGD158 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00003 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesTimaru
479FHJ165 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KK00284 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesTimaru
480FHJ166 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00028 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesTimaru
481FHJ178 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00070 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesTimaru
482GYY413 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10031 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesDargaville
483HJE330 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00160 Coachwork Central 2014B48FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (28) HJE330, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei.
484HLB876 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10030 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesBlenheim
485LCL467 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25149 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018C48FStray TravelChristchurch
486GYY445 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10033 Designline 2013B36FRitchiesWhangarei
487ELA242 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001859067 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroSwanson
488GYY451 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10043 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesWest Coast
489JDL20 Scania K320UD6YS2K6X20001888021 Designline 2015H59/34DWAT NEXAlbany
490JQK409 Scania K320UD6YS2K6X20001887957 Designline 2016H59/34DWAT NEXAlbany
491HAF530 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10045 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesSwanson
492GMG973 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00095 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesGore
493HAF537 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10047 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesHelensville
495HBU206 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800740 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
496HKF981 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001885797 Designline Enviroline 2014B45DWAT MetroAlbany
497HLB833 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001885782 Designline Enviroline 2014B45DWAT MetroAlbany
498HBU205 Mitsubishi L300JMAHNP14VDA800748 Mitsubishi 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
499JKW103 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P175877 Mercedes-Benz 2015B19FRitchiesQueenstown
Operates Queenstown - Wanaka service.
500JKW113 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P175878 Mercedes-Benz 2015B19FAOAChristchurch
AOA for Christchurch Airport Terminal to EconoPark shuttle
501JLW675 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P175878 Mercedes-Benz 2016B19FRitchiesWhangarei
502BQZ174 Nissan Civilian7A8DH070903100915 Nissan 1996B23FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (19) BQZ174, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
503GKF311 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RG10411 Mitsubishi 2012B25FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (27) GKF311, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
504FHJ177 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KK00268 Designline 2010B48FAOATimaru
AOA for Aoraki Polytechnic
505MJE720 Scania K400IB6YS2K6X20001904619 Kiwi Bus Builders 2019C45DTop DeckRotorua
506ADS874 Dennis Javelin7A84P000901587231 BCI-Gemilang 2001C45FRitchiesDunedin
507KWA11 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ30028 Coachwork Central 2017B36FRitchiesGore
508FLL590 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96026324 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (161) EWF947, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland.
509FLL581 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96025993 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
ex (162) EWF934, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland.
510FKD697 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96025996 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
ex (163) EWF918, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland.
511FLL583 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96026138 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesWest Coast
ex (164) EWF915, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland.
512FKD698 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96025995 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
ex (165) EWF913, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland.
513FLL584 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96026317 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
ex (166) EWF916, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland.
514FLL582 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P500004368 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesDargaville
ex (168) EUA361, Party Bus Company Ltd, Albany, Auckland.
515AHC945 Volvo B12YV3R2A3101A010147 Kiwi Bus Builders 2001C51DRitchiesRotorua
516FZF193 Volvo B12YV3R2A3121A010148 Kiwi Bus Builders 2001C51DRitchiesWhangarei
ex DPP97, AJL767.
517KMG560 Scania K480EB6YS2K6X20001884439 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016C55DIntercitySwanson
ex JNN987.
518AYB689 Dennis Javelin7A84P000902884534 Kiwi Bus Builders 2002C54DRitchiesDunedin
519JPM801 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00183 Designline 2016C48FStray TravelSwanson
520GBC517 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00110 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesBlenheim
521KEF345 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00193 GBV NZ 2016C48FStray TravelChristchurch
522FZD354 Dennis Javelin7A84P000902600257 Kiwi Bus Builders 2002C54DRitchiesBlenheim
ex AZZ966.
523BKA528 Dennis Javelin7A84P000903316957 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003C54DWhiteChristchurch
524BCF581 Volvo B12YV3R2A3141A010149 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003HC76DRitchiesSwanson
525CUU636 Scania K124IB6YS2K6X20001848634 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C54DRitchiesOamaru
526CWE165 Scania K124IB6YS2K6X20001848766 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C54DSkipWhangarei
527BAP155 Dennis Javelin7A84P000902297953 Kiwi Bus Builders 2002C54DRitchiesDunedin
529CMH681 Scania K124IB6YS2K6X20001848630 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C51DRIT-TourQueenstown
530AMD141 Volvo B12YV3R2EX19TA001936 Jonckheere, Belgium 1995HC75DRitchiesSwanson
ex Hong Kong.
531GBC518 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00142 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesBlenheim
532JBW450 Scania K124IB6YS2K6X20001845785 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003C54DRitchiesDunedin
ex BSQ264.
533HJC393 Scania K124IB6YS2K6X20001845795 Kiwi Bus Builders 2004C54DRitchiesBlenheim
ex BTE707.
534LPB409 Scania K124IB69BSK6X20003569866 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C51DRIT-TourSwanson
ex DBM622.
535EDW621 Volvo B12YV3R2EX10TA001937 Jonckheere, Belgium 1995HC67DRitchiesSwanson
ex AKH901; ex Hong Kong.
536LDG147 Scania K124IB69BSK6X20003569461 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C54DRitchiesChristchurch
ex DCH226.
537GMH28 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00096 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesTimaru
539LPJ716 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001904076 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018HC65DIntercityGOLDSwanson
Body ex (539) GZW686, DLZ575, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ.
541GMH47 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00097 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDargaville
542LDS99 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001904411 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018HC71DIntercityGOLDSwanson
Body ex (542) FPA134, DSZ943, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ.
543ENK464 Scania K114IB69BSK6X20003620078 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008C54DSkipSwanson
544DYN171 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX15784 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C50FIntercitySwanson
545ANA148 Volvo B12YV3R2EX14TA001939 Jonckheere, Belgium 1995HC67DRitchiesSwanson
ex Hong Kong.
546DYT321 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX16378 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C50FRitchiesQueenstown - Wanaka
547FDF224 MAN 11.230 7AB7520086AX00241 Designline 1994C43FRitchiesDunedin
ex (14) SCL014, SS5536, Scenic Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
548DZA895 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX16366 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C50FRitchiesDunedin
549DZF237 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX16469 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C50FRitchiesWhangarei
550FZT29 Volvo B12YV3R2EX10TA001940 Jonckheere, Belgium 1995HC67DRitchiesSwanson
ex AQD926, AKD888; ex Hong Kong.
551GCH889 BCI FBC6125 Explorer6KT1CD11XAX000014 BCI 2011C51DRitchiesRotorua
552DZM839 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX16472 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C50FIntercityDunedin
553GFB435 Scania K400EB6YSK6X20001874799 Kiwi Bus Builders 2012C54DRIT-TourChristchurch
554GFB436 Scania K400EB6YSK6X20001874792 Kiwi Bus Builders 2012C54DRIT-TourSwanson
556EBF178 Scania K124IB6YS2K6X20001856948 Kiwi Bus Builders 2007C57DRitchiesWhangarei
557MILFRD Volvo B12YV3R2FL17SA001766 Designline 1996HC56DRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1218) MILFRD, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland.
558FKH596 Volvo B12YV3R2A317TA005515 Designline 1996HC61DRitchiesDunedin
ex (1224) MLF0RD, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland.
559AYY548 Volvo B12YV3R2A3162A011143 Coach Design 2002C50DRIT-TourDunedin
ex (1246) AYY548, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland.
560HFD236 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001879762 Kiwi Bus Builders 2014C64DIntercitySwanson
561CEA299 Volvo B12BYV3R8G11X4A014991 Coach Design 2004C50DRIT-TourDunedin
ex CEA299, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland.
562KKC377 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25067 Coachwork Central 2017B28FRitchiesGore
563KLY751 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25068 Coachwork Central 2017B28FRitchiesWhangarei
564ENK542 MAN 16.2237ABA800569AD01221 Designline 2008B32FWRitchiesChristchurch
Christchurch Airport Staff Shuttle.
566LAB473 MAN 16.2237ABA800556AD01208 Designline 2007B39DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
ex EEG75; ex (199) EEG75, Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd (Dunedin), NZ.
567LEQ330 MAN 16.2237ABA800557AD01209 Designline 2007B39DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
ex HSY316, EFB941; ex (200) EFB941, Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd (Dunedin), NZ.
568EQG610 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001860460 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroAlbany
569EQG634 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001860573 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroAlbany
570EQS566 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001860473 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroSwanson
571EQL519 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001860820 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroSwanson
572FJQ558 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KK00297 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesWhangarei
573FJQ559 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00146 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesWhangarei
574FJQ560 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00144 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesAlbany
575FLJ943 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00088 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesHelensville
576FLJ955 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00089 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesHelensville
577FHJ206 MAN 16.2407ABA800813AD01466 Designline Enviroline 2011B39DWAT MetroAlbany
578FJQ511 MAN 16.2407ABA800823AD01468 Designline Enviroline 2011B39DWAT MetroAlbany
579CSZ721 Volvo B10M7A85P000904682342 Designline 2004C49FRitchiesDargaville
Rebodied by Designline.
580KJB861 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00194 GBV NZ 2017C48FStray TravelChristchurch
581FJQ519 MAN 16.2407ABA800828AD01469 Designline Enviroline 2010B39DWAT MetroAlbany
583FJQ538 MAN 16.2407ABA800830AD01470 Designline Enviroline 2010B39DWAT MetroAlbany
584GBK866 Volvo B12YV3R2A310VA005892 Designline 1997C53DRitchiesTimaru
ex WQ8721.
585FLJ954 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00211 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesHelensville
586FPB137 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00222 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesGore
587FPB138 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00223 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesBalclutha
588FPB124 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00221 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesGore
589FPB110 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00220 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesChristchurch
590FLJ475 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00213 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesGore
591FHJ123 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6019144 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesBlenheim
592FHJ124 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6020756 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesDargaville
593FHJ121 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6019146 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesBlenheim
594FHJ133 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6019145 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesKaitaia
595FHJ139 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6021297 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesWest Coast
596FHJ141 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6020994 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesKaitaia
597FHJ148 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6020993 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesDargaville
598FHJ179 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6021298 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesWest Coast
599FHJ180 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZA6021299 Volkswagen 2010B20FRitchiesWhangarei
600AEN221 Dennis Dart7A84P060901434085 Duple Metsec 1996B33DRitchiesSwanson
601AEQ144 Dennis Lance7A84P070901624260 Duple Metsec 1997B45DRitchiesSwanson
602GBB640 Optare Solo M950SLSABFWMAF08R193077 Optare 2008B32FWRitchiesBlenheim
Operates Blenheim - Picton service.
ex UK.
603ECD219 Optare Excel L11507A85P000907747426 Optare 1997B43FWRitchiesRotorua
ex UK.
604ECK514 Optare Excel L11507A85P000907728413 Optare 1997B39FWRitchiesBlenheim
ex UK.
605GYA420 Designline Olymbus7DL32SMA9DR009130 Designline Enviroline 2013B33DWAT MetroSwanson
607DMJ918 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906301967 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
608KWZ467 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ30022 Coachwork Central 2017B36FRitchiesTimaru
609ECD201 Optare Excel L11507A85P000907543215 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesBlenheim
ex UK.
610GPD189 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00098 Designline 2012B36FRitchiesDargaville
611TH3192 NDNZ Intrepid7B2TCR240STS09041 Coachwork Auckland 1995B51DRitchiesHelensville
ex (11) TH3192, Whenuapai Bus Travel Ltd, Whenuapai.
612DMT102 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906832497 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
613DLQ465 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906894572 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesChristchurch
ex UK.
614GPD206 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00099 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesWest Coast
615GPD227 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00100 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesGore
616JKP440 LDV V80LSKG5GL10FA231992 LDV 2015-3-RitchiesWhangarei
617GQN71 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10003 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesTimaru
618FSS712 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868483 Designline 2011B41DWOrbusQueenstown
619FTY837 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001868485 Designline 2011B41DWOrbusQueenstown
620DKE964 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906187857 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
621WQ4744 NDNZ Intrepid7B2TCR240STS09047 Kiwi Bus Builders 1997B57DRitchiesSwanson
ex (21) WQ4744, Whenuapai Bus Travel Ltd, Whenuapai.
622EHG215 Optare Excel L11507A85P000907187864 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
623DKW680 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906754423 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
624DSA57 Optare Excel L11507A85P000907697368 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
625WN1392 NDNZ Intrepid7B2TCR240STS09046 Kiwi Bus Builders 1997B55DRitchiesDunedin
ex (25) WN1392, Whenuapai Bus Travel Ltd, Whenuapai.
626FSS658 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00298 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesBlenheim
627JLL724 LDV V80LSKG5GL12FA231993 LDV 2015-3-RitchiesWhangarei
628FTY843 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00326 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesTimaru
629FTY852 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00323 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesTimaru
630FTY857 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00135 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesTimaru
631FTY868 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FK0KJ00131 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesTimaru
632DKE970 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906498174 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
633FTY870 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00356 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesTimaru
634DPP84 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906691382 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
635EHG197 Optare Excel L11507A85P000907945623 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
636EFT336 Optare Excel L11507A85P000907945623 Optare 1997B43FWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
637DNB224 Optare Excel L11507A85P000906201879 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesTimaru
ex UK.
639ELA280 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001859086 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroAlbany
640GSQ273 Scania K320UD6YS2K6X20001879306 Gemilang-NCBC 2013H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
First double decker low-floor route bus for Auckland.
641HSM963 MAN 12.2237ABA800228AD00888 Designline 2004B39DWRitchiesBlenheim
ex CDN343.
642CEK72 MAN 12.2237ABA800229AD00889 Designline 2004B39DWRitchiesChristchurch
For use on Metro school services.
643ERQ751 DAF DB250XMGDE02PS0H011597 Optare Spectra 2006HB69FAKL ExplorerSwanson
ex ERQ751, Auckland Explorer Bus, Auckland; ex UK.
645LDC927 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC111GX000878 BCI 2016HB88DWAKL ExplorerSwanson
ex JYE909; ex JYE909, Auckland Explorer Bus, Auckland.
646BLD758 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007701 Designline 2003B43DWRitchiesSwanson
647BLD759 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007702 Designline 2003B45FWRitchiesSwanson
648DRU194 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907020008 Mitsubishi 2000B41FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (21) DRU194, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
649BLU763 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007704 Designline 2003B45FWRitchiesHelensville
650BLW994 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007705 Designline 2003B45FWRitchiesSwanson
651BMZ524 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007706 Designline 2003B43DWRitchiesSwanson
652BMZ529 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007707 Designline 2003B43DWRitchiesSwanson
653BMZ530 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007708 Designline 2003B43DWRitchiesSwanson
654BMZ533 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007709 Designline 2003B43DWRitchiesSwanson
655BMZ534 Designline Designtech Macrotech7A874020903007710 Designline 2003B43DWAT MetroSwanson
656CSM926 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905850529 Optare 1998B39FWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
657CSY464 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905718389 Optare 1998B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
658CSM935 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905179845 Optare 1998B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
659MKR296 Scania K400IB6YS2K6X20001913785 Kiwi Bus Builders 2019C45DTop DeckRotorua
660CSM924 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905178847 Optare 1998B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
661CSM925 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905760430 Optare 1998B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
662CSM940 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905375033 Optare 1998B39DWRitchiesOamaru
ex UK.
663CSM939 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905718389 Optare 1998B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
664CSM927 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905422100 Optare 1999B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
665CTQ743 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905104789 Optare 1999B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
666CSM938 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905359031 Optare 1999B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
667CSY466 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905422100 Optare 1999B39DWRitchiesAlbany
ex UK.
668LCL465 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEB71GOKJ30166 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018B37FRitchiesChathams
669CSM928 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905003670 Optare 1999B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
670CSM929 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905990649 Optare 1999B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
671CSM936 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905220886 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
672CSM933 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905275948 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesAlbany
ex UK.
673CSY461 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905281958 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
674CSY465 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905103771 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex UK.
675CSM934 Optare Excel L11507A85P000905639298 Optare 1997B39DWRitchiesSwanson
ex UK.
676FPC15 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00214 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesGore
677FPC22 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00217 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesDunedin
678FPC23 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00218 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesOamaru
679FPC39 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00219 Designline 2010B48FRitchiesOamaru
680FRR628 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00224 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesSwanson
681LCL464 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEB51E0KJ30166 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018B37FRitchiesChathams
682FRR636 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00269 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesSwanson
683FRR637 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00294 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesOamaru
684FSS699 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00287 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesRotorua
685FTY807 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00308 Designline 2011B48FRitchiesRotorua
686CSK566 MAN 12.2237ABA800369AD01029 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesDunedin
687CSK567 MAN 12.2237ABA800370AD01030 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
688CSK568 MAN 12.2237ABA800371AD01031 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
689CSK572 MAN 12.2237ABA800372AD01032 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
690CSK577 MAN 12.2237ABA800373AD01033 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesDunedin
691CSK578 MAN 12.2237ABA800374AD01034 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesDunedin
692CST621 MAN 12.2237ABA800375AD01035 Designline 2005B43DWOrbusDunedin
693CST622 MAN 12.2237ABA800376AD01036 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesDunedin
694CST625 MAN 12.2237ABA800376AD01037 Designline 2005B43DWWhiteDunedin
695CST627 MAN 12.2237ABA800376AD01038 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesDunedin
696CST631 MAN 12.2237ABA800379AD01039 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesChristchurch
For use on Metro school services and spare Christchurch Airport Terminal to EconoPark shuttle.
697CST635 MAN 12.2237ABA800380AD01040 Designline 2005B43DWOrbusDunedin
698CTA873 MAN 12.2237ABA800381AD01041 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesDunedin
699CTA875 MAN 12.2237ABA800382AD01042 Designline 2005B43DWRitchiesChristchurch
Christchurch Airport Terminal to EconoPark shuttle.
700CUE858 Scania L94UB4YS2L4X20001847709 Designline 2005B49FWRitchiesSwanson
701CUL902 Scania L94UB4YS2L4X20001849746 Designline 2005B49FWRitchiesSwanson
702CUL907 Scania L94UB4YS2L4X20001849782 Designline 2005B49FWRitchiesSwanson
703CUE850 Scania L94UB4YS2L4X20001849822 Designline 2005B49FWRitchiesSwanson
704CUL905 Scania L94UB4YS2L4X20001851782 Designline 2005B49FWRitchiesSwanson
705CUL910 Scania L94UB4YS2L4X20001851778 Designline 2005B47DWAT MetroSwanson
706CUL912 Scania L94UB4YS2L4X20001851784 Designline 2005B47DWAT MetroSwanson
707KRZ529 Mercedes-Benz 1114L7AT0K9AKX17165387 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017B41FRitchiesWhangarei
708KSK840 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ30005 Coachwork Central 2017B28FRitchiesBlenheim
709KSK841 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ30004 Coachwork Central 2017B27FRitchiesDunedin
710LCL463 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEB71G0KJ30176 Kiwi Bus Builders 2018B37FRitchiesChathams
711BQJ802 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0903022001 Mitsubishi 1992B48FRIT-NormansWhangarei
ex (6) BQJ802, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
712DNH516 Nissan Civilian7A8DH071006001339 Nissan 2000B20FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (7) DNH516, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
713BQH178 Hino Rainbow7A884110903804467 Hino 1993B36FRIT-NormansWhangarei
ex (8) BQH178, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
714ESF577 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22PX00003961 Toyota 2008B7FRitchiesBlenheim
715ESF547 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P900004129 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
716ESQ743 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P800004140 Toyota 2008B7FRitchiesBlenheim
717ERY689 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P100003895 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesDargaville
718ESF558 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P800004123 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesOamaru
719ESQ745 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P700004159 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesDargaville
720ESZ506 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22PX00004169 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
722GFP175 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P300004241 Toyota 2008B7FRitchiesWhangarei
723ESZ507 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P100004142 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
724ESZ516 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P500004239 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesBlenheim
725ESZ517 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P700004209 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesDargaville
726JBD774 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22PX00004253 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
ex ESZ515
727ESZ519 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P400004247 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesBlenheim
728ESZ520 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P000004231 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesWest Coast
729ESZ521 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P900004194 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
730ESZ522 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P700004260 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesWest Coast
731ETF583 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P400004300 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesBlenheim
732ETF584 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P600004296 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesBlenheim
733ETF585 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P400004295 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
734ETF586 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P100004285 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesWest Coast
735ETQ27 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P400004314 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
736ETQ33 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P600004332 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
737ETQ29 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P700004338 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
738ETQ26 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P700004341 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
739ETQ30 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P200004344 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
740ETQ31 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P800004347 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesWest Coast
741ETQ28 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P600004363 Toyota 2008B12FRitchiesGore
742EUT826 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ86023033 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
743ETY189 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022509 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesOamaru
744ETY206 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022305 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
745EUT708 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022309 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
746ETY180 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022495 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
747ETY214 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022516 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
748ETY182 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022142 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesTimaru
749ETY186 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022310 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBlenheim
750EUT692 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022332 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesWest Coast
751ETY176 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022502 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBlenheim
752DMW926 MAN 15.280WMAA67ZZ95C005851 Kiwi Bus Builders 2006C37FRitchiesRotorua
ex (87) DMW926, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
753ETY183 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022333 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesOamaru
754ETY205 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022312 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
755ETY188 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022334 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesTimaru
756ETY212 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022348 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesTimaru
758ETY173 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022519 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesTimaru
759ETY187 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022322 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesOamaru
760EUT690 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022314 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
761ETY185 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022341 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesTimaru
762EUT709 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022330 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
763EUT693 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022152 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
764ETY718 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022340 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBalclutha
765ETY174 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022325 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesWest Coast
766EUT696 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022491 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
767ETY178 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022335 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesOamaru
769ETY175 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022337 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesWest Coast
770ETY179 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022316 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesWest Coast
771ETY213 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022136 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
772ETY211 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022518 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
773FRZ510 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022505 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBlenheim
774ETY210 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022498 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesTimaru
775EUT719 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022499 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
776ETY177 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022328 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesOamaru
777EUT713 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022343 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
778EUT691 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022342 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
779ETY208 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022512 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
780ETY217 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022513 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
781ETY190 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022514 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesTimaru
782EUT688 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022350 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
783EUT695 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022490 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
784ETY218 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022506 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
785EUT714 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022326 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
786EUT710 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022492 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
787ETY209 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022493 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBlenheim
788EUT694 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022503 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
789EUT697 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022504 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBalclutha
790ETY219 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022494 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBalclutha
791FUT689 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022497 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesOamaru
792ETY207 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96023172 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesWest Coast
793ETY215 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022728 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
794ETY181 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022826 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBlenheim
795EUT811 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022508 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesBalclutha
796EUT814 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022723 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesGore
797EUT810 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96022580 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesKaitaia
798EWF914 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96026524 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesKaitaia
799EWF917 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96026135 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesDargaville
800EWF948 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZ96026137 Volkswagen 2009B20FRitchiesKaitaia
801GCN742 MAN 18.2807ABA800764AD01452 Designline Enviroline 2011B45DWAT MetroSwanson
802GCN661 MAN 18.2807ABA800821AD01453 Designline Enviroline 2011B45DWAT MetroSwanson
803GCN782 MAN 18.2807ABA800860AD01491 Designline Enviroline 2011B45DWAT MetroSwanson
804GDK243 MAN 18.2807ABA800861AD01492 Designline Enviroline 2011B45DWAT MetroSwanson
805GDK252 MAN 18.2807ABA800862AD01493 Designline Enviroline 2012B45DWAT MetroSwanson
806GEE651 MAN 16.2507ABA800783AD01507 Designline Enviroline 2012B41DWRitchiesDunedin
807GEE652 MAN 16.2507ABA800827AD01508 Designline Enviroline 2012B41DWRitchiesDunedin
808GEE561 MAN 16.2507ABA800829AD01509 Designline Enviroline 2012B41DWRitchiesDunedin
809GEE566 MAN 16.2507ABA800782AD01505 Designline Enviroline 2012B41DWRitchiesDunedin
810GBT932 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00004 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesOamaru
811GBT956 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00016 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesGore
812GBT974 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00014 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesGore
813GBT991 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00015 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesWest Coast
814GCN689 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00018 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesWest Coast
815GCN772 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00023 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDunedin
816GEE646 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00024 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesWest Coast
817GEE567 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00027 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesGore
818GEE599 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00032 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesKaitaia
819GFE868 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00033 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesOamaru
820GGU882 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00034 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesHelensville
821GGU884 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ00035 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDargaville
822GQN83 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10004 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesOamaru
823GQN88 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10005 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesBlenheim
824GPU644 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10012 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesOamaru
825GRD786 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ6DC017678 Gemilang 2013C39DRIT-TourChristchurch
826GSQ291 MAN 15.290WMAA67ZZ4DC017680 Gemilang 2013C39DRIT-TourSwanson
827GSF356 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10010 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesBalclutha
828GSW719 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10015 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesGore
829GSW733 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10019 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesWhangarei
830GSW739 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10016 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesKaitaia
831GUC613 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10025 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesWest Coast
832GUC630 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10026 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesWhangarei
833GWB494 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10023 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesDargaville
834GWB433 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10024 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesWest Coast
835HBT823 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10050 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesTimaru
836HBT841 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10052 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesTimaru
837HBT883 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10048 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesTimaru
838HBT897 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10057 Designline 2012B37FRitchiesDargaville
839HDQ772 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10056 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesGore
840EMK723 MAN 16.2407ABA800575AD01239 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1001) EMK723, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
841EMK724 MAN 16.2407ABA800576AD01240 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1002) EMK723, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
842EMK731 MAN 16.2407ABA800577AD01241 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1003) EMK731, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
843EMK725 MAN 16.2407ABA800578AD01242 Designline 2008B41DWRitchiesTimaru
ex (1004) EMK725, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
844EMK733 MAN 16.2407ABA800579AD01243 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1005) EMK733, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
845EMK732 MAN 16.2407ABA800580AD01244 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1006) EMK732, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
846EMK748 MAN 16.2407ABA800624AD01265 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1007) EMK748, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
847EMK750 MAN 16.2407ABA800625AD01266 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1008) EMK750, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
848EMK749 MAN 16.2407ABA800668AD01267 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1009) EMK749, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
849EMK751 MAN 16.2407ABA800669AD01268 Designline 2008B41DWCityLinkWhangarei
ex (1010) EMK751, NZ Bus, Whangarei, NZ.
850HDQ775 MAN 16.2507ABA801041AD01534 Designline Enviroline 2013B43DWOrbusDunedin
852GBZ792 Nissan Civilian7AT0DH07X11040222 Nissan 2008B21FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (12) GBZ792, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
853SCL61 MAN 15.2307AB7520287AX00322 Designline 1996C46FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (15) SCL61, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei, ex (61) SCL61, UL5049, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
855HGC830 MAN 16.2507ABA801046AD01539 Designline Enviroline 2014B43DWAT MetroSwanson
856HBH39 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6014706 Volkswagen 2013B7CRitchiesRotorua
857HBH40 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6015422 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
858HBH36 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6003160 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
859HBH34 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6003014 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
860HBH31 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6002830 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesDunedin
861HBH37 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6003496 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
862HBH38 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6003702 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
863HBH33 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6003013 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
864HBH35 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6003156 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesWhangarei
865HBH32 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZD6002982 Volkswagen 2013B7FRitchiesAshburton / Mid Canty
866HEA823 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S697462 Mercedes-Benz 2013B16FRitchiesWhangarei
867HCT238 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S697461 Mercedes-Benz 2013B16FRitchiesKaitaia
868HCT239 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S696949 Mercedes-Benz 2013B16FRitchiesWhangarei
869HEA821 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S696950 Mercedes-Benz 2013B16FRitchiesWhangarei
870HCT240 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S695289 Mercedes-Benz 2013B16FRitchiesWhangarei
871HEA822 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S695290 Mercedes-Benz 2013B13FRitchiesWhangarei
872WJ9156 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09106 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1863) WJ9156, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
873WB2444 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09085 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1842) WB2444, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
874WD4126 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09088 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1845) WD4126, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
875WD4185 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09089 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1846) WD4185, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
876WG5359 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09096 Fairfax 1997B45FWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1853) WG5359, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
877FSJ472 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09102 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1859) FSJ472, WJ3305, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
878FBQ483 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09104 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1861) FBQ483, WJ3302, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
879WJ3301 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09105 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesWhangarei
ex (1862) WJ3301, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
880HEA838 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S841902 Mercedes-Benz 2014B21FG AdventuresSwanson
Named "Gabby".
881HEA839 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S841903 Mercedes-Benz 2014B21FG AdventuresChristchurch
Named "Geraldine".
882HEA840 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S841905 Mercedes-Benz 2014B21FG AdventuresSwanson
Named "Gus".
883HEY985 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S841904 Mercedes-Benz 2014B21FRitchiesSwanson
884HEY996 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S846555 Mercedes-Benz 2014B21FG AdventuresSwanson
Named "Gertrude".
885HEY989 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S841901 Mercedes-Benz 2014B21FG AdventuresChristchurch
886HDK626 Volkswagen Crafter TDIWV1ZZZ2EZE6005437 Volkswagen 2013B20FG AdventuresChristchurch
887HER894 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFEC91K0KJ10054 Designline 2013B37FRitchiesOamaru
888HEY990 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S696951 Mercedes-Benz 2014B8FRitchiesKaitaia
889HEY991 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S697463 Mercedes-Benz 2014B8FRitchiesWhangarei
890HEY993 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S695293 Mercedes-Benz 2014B8FRitchiesWhangarei
891HEY992 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S695294 Mercedes-Benz 2014B8FRitchiesWhangarei
892KHL321 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25063 Coachwork Central 2017B36FRitchiesBlenheim
893EHC919 BCI PK6125 ExplorerLSFC230807C001746 BCI 2008C50DRitchiesRotorua
ex (93) EHC919, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
894EAW241 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907842511 Mitsubishi 1993B41FRIT-NormansWhangarei
ex (19) EAW241, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
895DMH601 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0906834507 Mitsubishi 1994B41FRIT-NormansWhangarei
ex (20) DMH601, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
896GSH235 MAN 11.2307AB7520228AX00307 Designline 1995C37FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (21) GSH235, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex (58) GSH235, SCL58, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
897ENK358 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0808020001 Mitsubishi 1995B41FRIT-NormansWhangarei
ex (22) ENK358, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
899EMF983 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ130807522736 Mitsubishi 1997B36FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (24) EMF983, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
901HKB364 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S851426 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
902HML415 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S867594 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
903HML414 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S868603 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesSwanson
904HML413 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S868604 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesOamaru
905HNU756 LDV V80LSKG5GL12EA224847 LDV 2014B11FRitchiesWhangarei
906HLM71 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066552S865942 Mercedes-Benz 2014B8FRitchiesWhangarei
907HLM72 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066552S865941 Mercedes-Benz 2014B8FRitchiesWhangarei
Operates Marsden Point Oil Refinery service.
908HLM76 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066552S865943 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesDunedin
909HLM77 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066552S868065 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesDunedin
910HFN980 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10002 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesRotorua
911HGH306 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10005 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesWest Coast
912HKB366 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S851428 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
913HKB365 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S851427 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
914HKB367 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S851429 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesWhangarei
915HHN455 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S666955 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
916HHN449 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S805126 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesWhangarei
917HHN456 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S696953 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
918HHN453 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S696952 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
919HGW568 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P200012637 Toyota 2014B12FRitchiesWhangarei
920HGW570 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P200012611 Toyota 2014B12FRitchiesWhangarei
921HGW572 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P200012603 Toyota 2014B12FRitchiesWhangarei
922HGW571 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P800012643 Toyota 2014B12FRitchiesAlbany
923HGW569 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P100012631 Toyota 2014B12FRitchiesAlbany
924HHC69 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10026 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesTimaru
925HJC668 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10027 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesOamaru
926HKB379 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066352S851430 Mercedes-Benz 2014B16FRitchiesAlbany
927JWW531 LDV V80LSKG5GL13EA224405 LDV 2014B11FRitchiesAlbany
ex HNP669.
929KYG686 LDV V80LSKG5GL1XHA073423 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
931LFJ440 LDV V80LSKG5GL13HA104186 LDV 2018B13CRitchiesAlbany
933HNP677 LDV V80LSKG5GL11EA224399 LDV 2014B11CRitchiesAlbany
934HNP666 LDV V80LSKG5GL17EA224407 LDV 2014B11CRitchiesAlbany
935HNF925 LDV V80LSKG5GL15EA224406 LDV 2014B11CRitchiesAlbany
936KSP183 LDV V80LSKG5GL13GA239831 LDV 2017B13FRitchiesAlbany
937KJB201 LDV V80LSKG5GL18GA239601 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
938KSG655 LDV V80LSKG5GL10EA224393 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
940KSP186 LDV V80LSKG5GL19GA239820 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
942KSG657 LDV V80LSKG5GL15GA239829 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
943LFJ437 LDV V80LSKG5GL12HA102560 LDV 2018B13CRitchiesAlbany
944KJB200 LDV V80LSKG5GL16GA239600 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
945KYG688 LDV V80LSKG5GL11HA073424 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
946KYG689 LDV V80LSKG5GL15HA073426 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
947HLW808 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10036 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesBalclutha
948HLW817 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10039 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesDargaville
949HPU587 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10068 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesOamaru
950HQZ693 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ10071 Designline 2014B37FRitchiesTimaru
951HUK526 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00172 Coachwork Auckland 2014B52FRitchiesWest Coast
952HYS23 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00196 Coachwork Auckland 2015B48FRitchiesWest Coast
953HZF786 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00197 Coachwork Auckland 2015B48FRitchiesRotorua
954HZF792 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00188 Coachwork Auckland 2015B48FRitchiesRotorua
955JAB313 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00189 Coachwork Auckland 2015B48FRitchiesHelensville
956JAR228 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00190 Coachwork Auckland 2015B48FRitchiesOamaru
957JAR238 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00191 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesSwanson
958JAR240 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00205 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesBlenheim
959JAR239 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00207 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesOamaru
960JDD703 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00208 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesBlenheim
961JDS407 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00180 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesHelensville
962JEK886 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00215 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesHelensville
963JFK731 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00216 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesHelensville
964JEU636 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00217 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesSwanson
965JFJ171 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00218 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesTimaru
966JGN70 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ00220 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesOamaru
967JHJ146 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20009 Coachwork Auckland 2015B52FRitchiesDargaville
968HYC524 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066552S974918 Mercedes-Benz 2015B16FRitchiesGore
969HWB559 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572S982450 Mercedes-Benz 2015B16FRitchiesWest Coast
974HUD333 Volvo B11RYV3T2T125EA168227 Kiwi Bus Builders 2014HC79DIntercityGOLDChristchurch
ex (5) HUD333, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
975JKT286 Volvo B11RYV3T2T123EA168193 Kiwi Bus Builders 2014HC79DIntercityGOLDSwanson
ex (2) JKT286, HRW839, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
976KHM538 Mitsubishi FusoJLFMP37FM0R000003 Mitsubishi 2017B35DWAOABlenheim
AOA for Bayleys / Marlborough
977FSU435 Mercedes-Benz OC500RFEB63440121000002 Coach Design 2011C50DRitchiesRotorua
ex (97) FSU435, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
978GYL404 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P000016602 Toyota 2013B11FRitchiesWhangarei
979JUN645 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001892506 Caetano 2016B43DWAT MetroSwanson
980JUN653 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001892496 Caetano 2016B43DWAT MetroSwanson
981KYZ485 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001892163 Caetano 2016B41DWWhiteDunedin
ex JPJ976.
982JPJ977 Scania K230UB4YS2K4X20001892175 Caetano 2016B41DWWhiteDunedin
983KDE89 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ9FC020233 BCI 2016B38DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
984KDE90 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ0FC020234 BCI 2016B38DWRitchiesTimaru
For use on Timaru Metro services.
989JAZ893 LDV V80LSKG4GL14EA230667 LDV 2015B11FRitchiesBlenheim
990JAT537 LDV V80LSKG4GL10EA231959 LDV 2015B11FRitchiesAlbany
991JAT536 LDV V80LSKG4GL17EA231957 LDV 2015B11FRitchiesAlbany
992JAT539 LDV V80LSKG4GL10EA235218 LDV 2015B11FRitchiesWhangarei
993KYG692 LDV V80LSKG5GL18HA073422 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
994KYG690 LDV V80LSKG5GL17HA073427 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesAlbany
995JAN479 LDV V80LSKG4GL19EA231961 LDV 2015B9CRitchiesAlbany
996KJB190 LDV V80LSKG5GL16GA239595 LDV 2017B13CRitchiesDunedin
997JEP358 LDV V80LSKG5GL16FA226103 LDV 2015B11FRitchiesDunedin
998JFM781 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P134463 Mercedes-Benz 2015B20FG AdventuresSwanson
Named "Ginny".
999KGN210 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001899487 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017HC65DIntercityGOLDSwanson
1000HST340 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001888626 Designline 2014C55DRIT-TourDunedin
1001HTR365 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001888851 Designline 2014C55DRIT-TourChristchurch
1002HUG819 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001888865 Designline 2015C55DRIT-TourSwanson
1003JJF265 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20010 Coachwork Central 2015B52FRitchiesHelensville
1004JJS454 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20011 Coachwork Central 2015B52FRitchiesSwanson
1005JJS455 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20012 Coachwork Central 2015B52FRitchiesSwanson
1007JKS676 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20084 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesTimaru
1008JLT635 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20085 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesDargaville
1009JNY244 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20088 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesRotorua
1010JNY245 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20021 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesRotorua
1011JNY246 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20022 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesRotorua
1012JPS621 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20023 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesRotorua
1013JPS638 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20024 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesSwanson
1014JQQ586 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ20025 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesHelensville
1015JRU17 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20110 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesTimaru
1016JQQ594 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20106 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesDargaville
1017JTH682 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20111 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesSwanson
1018JUG882 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ20115 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesBlenheim
1019JZA800 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25050 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesAlbany
1020JZW225 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25049 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesGore
1021KBB581 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25045 Coachwork Central 2016B52FRitchiesSwanson
1022HME244 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RH10451 Mitsubishi 2014B24FRitchiesRotorua
ex (106) HME244, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1023LCB999 LDV V80LSKG5GL11HA085959 LDV 2018B13FRitchiesAlbany
1024CYP264 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0905393061 Hino 1992B45FRIT-BowmansKaitaia
ex CYP264, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1025LGC990 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25151 Coachwork Central 2018B52FRitchiesGore
1026AGK916 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0901021249 Mitsubishi 1993B35FRIT-BowmansKaitaia
ex AGK916, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1027CGT419 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0904625293 Hino 1994B49FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (34) CGT419, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1028DLR763 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0906021176 Mitsubishi 1993B36FRIT-BowmansKaitaia
ex DLR763, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1029DNP204 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0906897562 Hino 1994B49FRitchiesTimaru
ex DNP204, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1030DYG427 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907912595 Mitsubishi 1995B41FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (47) DYG427, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex (8) DYG427, Caves Buses Whangarei Ltd, Whangarei; ex Japan.
1031EAB699 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0907040027 Hino 1996B49FRitchiesKaitaia
ex EAB699, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1032EDA911 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0907001172 Isuzu 1995B37FRitchiesKaitaia
ex EDA911, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1033EAB713 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0907481157 Mitsubishi 1997B45FRitchiesKaitaia
ex EAB713, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1034EGZ609 Hino Rainbow7A8841R0908066747 Hino 1995B49FRitchiesKaitaia
ex EGZ609, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1035ELZ582 Hino Rainbow7A884110908065733 Hino 1995B33FRitchiesKaitaia
ex ELZ582, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1036FFA489 Toyota HiaceJTFSS22P100017986 Toyota 2006B11FRitchiesKaitaia
ex FFA489, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1037EJU385 Hino Rainbow7A884110908720395 Hino 1995B37FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (55) EJU385, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1038EKU52 Hino Rainbow7A884110908286961 Hino 1993B37FRIT-BowmansKaitaia
ex EKU52, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1039FFG860 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00847 Mitsubishi 2010B24FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (59) FFG860, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1040FGA587 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060909700241 Mitsubishi 2008B22FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (62) FGA587, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1041FRT763 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00047 Coachwork Central 2010B48FRitchiesKaitaia
ex FRT763, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1042FRR630 Hino Melpha7AT0844EX11040113 Hino 2008B37FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (64) FRR630, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1043GCG730 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK61FH0KJ00363 Coachwork Central 2011B41FRitchiesWhangarei
ex (65) GCG730, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1044JZH21 Mercedes-Benz AtegoWDB9670252L979555 Plaxton Cheetah XL 2016C35FRitchiesRotorua
ex (107) JZH21, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1045GLN933 Hino FDJHDFD8JLKXXX12649 Coachwork Central 2012B43FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (67) GLN933, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1046GTL347 Hino Melpha7AT0844EX13040254 Hino 2008B37FRitchiesKaitaia
ex GTL347, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia; ex Japan.
1047HGW95 Hino FDJHDFD7JLMXXX10540 Coachwork Central 2013B43FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (70) HGW95, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1048HNJ309 Hino FDJHDFD7JLMXXX10809 Coachwork Central 2014B47FRitchiesKaitaia
ex HNJ309, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1049JAB317 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0RJ30088 Mitsubishi 2015B24FRitchiesKaitaia
ex (73) JAB317, Bowmans Buses, Kaitaia.
1050JHQ886 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC113FX000797 BCI 2015H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1051JPJ965 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC11XFX000800 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1052JPJ963 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC113FX000801 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1053JPJ962 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC113FX000802 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1054JPJ961 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC115FX000803 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1055JPJ967 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC117FX000804 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1056JNW18 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC119FX000805 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1057JNW20 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC110FX000806 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1058JPJ964 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC112FX000807 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1059JPJ966 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC114FX000808 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1060JNW19 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC116FX000809 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1061JPJ996 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC112FX000810 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1062JPJ997 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC114FX000811 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1063JPJ999 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC116FX000812 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1064JPJ998 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC118FX000813 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1065KDR587 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC116GX000925 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1066KAZ334 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC118GX000926 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1067KDR588 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC11XGX000927 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1068KDR589 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC111GX000928 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1069KDR585 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC113GX000929 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1070KDR584 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC11XGX000930 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1071KAZ336 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC111GX000931 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1072KAZ338 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC113GX000932 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1073KAZ337 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC115GX000933 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1074KAZ335 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC117GX000934 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1075KDU30 BCI FBC6123 Citirider6KT6CC119GX000935 BCI 2016H55/31DWAT NEXAlbany
1076KAZ75 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001896043 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016C54DGreat SightsQueenstown
1077KAZ42 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001896039 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016C54DGreat SightsQueenstown
1078KAZ60 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001896250 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016C54DGreat SightsQueenstown
1079KBZ837 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001896350 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016C57DAwesomeNZQueenstown
1080JNZ329 BCI FBC6104 Cruiser6KT1BB110FX000830 BCI 2016C39DRIT-TourQueenstown
1081JNB166 BCI FBC6104 Cruiser6KT1BB110FX000831 BCI 2016C39DRIT-TourChristchurch
1082JNZ330 BCI FBC6104 Cruiser6KT1BB110FX000832 BCI 2016C39DRIT-TourChristchurch
1083JNZ331 BCI FBC6104 Cruiser6KT1BB110FX000833 BCI 2016C39DRIT-TourChristchurch
1084LHE363 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25152 Coachwork Central 2018B52FRitchiesTimaru
1085EAE548 MAN 16.2237ABA800530AD01182 Designline 2007B39DWRitchiesDunedin
ex EAE548, Connectabus, Queenstown.
1086EAE549 MAN 16.2237ABA800531AD01183 Designline 2007B39DWOrbusDunedin
ex EAE549, Connectabus, Queenstown.
1087ECH988 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09142 Fairfax 2000B36FWRitchiesDunedin
ex ECH988, Connectabus, Queenstown; ex (City 5) ECH988, DCA897, Whangarei Bus Services Ltd, Whangarei; ex ZG3192, Tourism Holdings Ltd (Airbus Express), Auckland.
1088FLL843 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0PF01448 Mitsubishi 2010B23FRitchiesQueenstown
ex FLL843, Connectabus, Queenstown.
1089FLL844 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0PF01475 Mitsubishi 2010B23FRitchiesQueenstown
ex FLL844, Connectabus, Queenstown.
1090FLL845 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0PF01524 Mitsubishi 2010B21FRitchiesOamaru
ex FLL845, Connectabus, Queenstown.
1091FLL847 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0PF01482 Mitsubishi 2010B21FRitchiesDunedin
ex FLL847, Connectabus, Queenstown.
1092FGU279 BCI PK6120 CitiriderLSFC13083AC005591 BCI 2010B41DWRitchiesDunedin
ex FGU279, Connectabus, Queenstown.
1093CJZ512 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180VLM09143 Fairfax 2000B30FWRitchiesDunedin
ex CJZ512, Connectabus, Queenstown; ex (93) CJZ512, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (93) CJZ512, BBY382, ZG3193, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland.
1094BAJ168 NDNZ Scorpion SBR1807B2SBR180TLM09073 Fairfax 1997B38DWRitchiesDunedin
ex BAJ168, Connectabus, Queenstown; ex (1830) BAJ168, UX9330, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1095KQF436 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEWCBR8HGYC6124 Alexander Dennis 2017B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1096KQF438 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEWCBR8HGYC6127 Alexander Dennis 2017B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1097KQG561 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEWCBR8HGYC6131 Alexander Dennis 2017B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1098KQG562 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEWCBR8HGYC6132 Alexander Dennis 2017B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1099KQG559 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEWCBR8HGYC6155 Alexander Dennis 2017B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1100KQG560 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEWCBR8HGYC6139 Alexander Dennis 2017B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1101JUG896 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25018 Coachwork Central 2016B37FRitchiesWest Coast
1102JUZ368 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25019 Coachwork Central 2016B37FRitchiesTimaru
1103JUZ372 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25021 Coachwork Central 2016B37FRitchiesBlenheim
1104JYF327 Mitsubishi Fuso CanterJLFFECX1K0KJ25023 Coachwork Central 2016B36FRitchiesWhangarei
1105LDL491 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001898915 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C55DGray LineQueenstown
ex KJJ583.
1106KGT374 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK1GA712970 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1107KGT375 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK3GA714297 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1108KGT376 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK5GA714298 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1109KGT377 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK7GA714299 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1110KGT378 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSKXGA714300 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1111KGT379 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK1GA714301 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1112KJF828 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK5GA715368 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1113KJF829 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK7GA715369 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1114KJF830 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK3GA715370 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1115KJF831 Higer KLQ6129LKLR1LSK5GA715371 Higer 2017C54FRitchiesSwanson
1116KWW817 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001902383 Plaxton Elite 2017C50DRIT-BlackSwanson
1117KZZ55 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001901185 Plaxton Elite 2017C54DGreat SightsChristchurch
ex KYB714.
1118KYB715 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001901188 Plaxton Elite 2017C54DGreat SightsChristchurch
1119KWT723 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001901194 Plaxton Elite 2017C50DOceaniaChristchurch
1120KWT724 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001901182 Plaxton Elite 2017C50DOceaniaChristchurch
1121KWT725 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001902377 Plaxton Elite 2017C50DOceaniaChristchurch
1122KRF626 Van Hool EX16HYE2E16SS371D72525 Van Hool 2017C50DRIT-TourChristchurch
1123KUF492 Van Hool EX16HYE2E16SS371D72526 Van Hool 2017C50DRIT-TourSwanson
1124KQW257 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000080 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C33FOceaniaChristchurch
1125KRZ503 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000083 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C33FOceaniaChristchurch
1126LDK220 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001904570 Plaxton Elite 2017C50DRIT-TourSwanson
1127LDK219 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001903974 Plaxton Elite 2017C50DRIT-TourChristchurch
1128LDC956 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5HMTN5909 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018HB89DWAKL ExplorerSwanson
1129LDC955 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5HMTN5910 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018HB89DWAKL ExplorerSwanson
1130LED518 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5HMTN5911 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018HB89DWAKL ExplorerSwanson
1131LED509 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5HMTN5912 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018HB89DWAKL ExplorerSwanson
1132LED519 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5HMTN5913 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018HB89DWAKL ExplorerSwanson
1133LRU604 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001908487 Plaxton Elite 2018C50DKirra ToursSwanson
1134LRU605 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001908464 Plaxton Elite 2018C50DKirra ToursSwanson
1135LRP475 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001908513 Plaxton Elite 2018C50DOceaniaChristchurch
1136LRU606 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001908498 Plaxton Elite 2018C50DRIT-TourSwanson
1137LRP447 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001908517 Plaxton Elite 2018C50DRIT-TourSwanson
1140MFH363 LDV V80LSKG5GL15JA113994 LDV 2019B13FRitchiesAlbany
1141MMS987 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001914293 Marcopolo 2019C53DIntercityChristchurch
1142MMT69 Scania K440EB6YS2K6X20001914356 Marcopolo 2019C53DIntercityChristchurch
1185MFQ482 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000133 GBV NZ 2019C53FRitchiesAlbany
1186MAQ786 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000132 GBV NZ 2019C45FRitchiesWhangarei
1187MAQ758 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000101 GBV NZ 2019C45FRitchiesBlenheim
1188LZQ163 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000100 GBV NZ 2019C45FRitchiesDunedin
1189LZE225 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000097 GBV NZ 2019C45FRitchiesQueenstown
1190LZQ138 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000098 GBV NZ 2019C45FRitchiesDunedin
1191LPT276 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000094 GBV NZ 2018C33FRIT-WhiteSwanson
Allocated to G Adventures duties.
1192LQL837 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000074 GBV NZ 2018C33FRIT-WhiteChristchurch
Allocated to G Adventures duties.
1193LRJ42 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000082 GBV NZ 2018C37FRIT-TourChristchurch
1194LSM848 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000084 GBV NZ 2018C37FRIT-TourChristchurch
1195LTJ443 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000086 GBV NZ 2018C37FSkipRotorua
1196LTZ494 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000091 GBV NZ 2018C37FSkipRotorua
1197LWQ38 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000090 GBV NZ 2018C41FRIT-TourDunedin
1198LWQ46 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000092 GBV NZ 2019C41FRIT-TourDunedin
1199LWQ87 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000093 GBV NZ 2019C41FRIT-TourRotorua
1200LZE177 Isuzu LT434JALLT434PF7000095 GBV NZ 2019C45FRIT-TourDunedin
1201LJE345 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0705001311 Toyota 2005B9FRitchiesQueenstown - Wanaka
ex GBK147; ex GBK147, CYF100, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex Japan.
1202EJA428 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0907013518 Toyota 1997B11FWhite & greenQueenstown - Wanaka
ex EJA428, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex Japan.
1203BKS935 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0803026174 Toyota 1992B9FSilverQueenstown - Wanaka
ex BKS935, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex Japan.
1204ZQ9213 Toyota HiaceJT721LHH700046050 Toyota 2000B9FWhite & redQueenstown - Wanaka
ex ZQ9213, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1205DHA52 Toyota HiaceJT743LHC502000751 Toyota 2000B11FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex DHA52, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex VAN14, ZJ8315, unknown operator.
1206DLP450 Toyota HiaceJTFHS02P000041095 Toyota 2006B10FSilverQueenstown - Wanaka
ex DLP450, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1208ETF947 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0908002261 Toyota 2006B9FSilverQueenstown - Wanaka
ex ETF947, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1209EMJ134 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0808001530 Toyota 2004B10FSilverQueenstown - Wanaka
ex EMJ134, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex Japan.
1210DUP670 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0907006927 Toyota 1997B10FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex DUP670, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex Japan.
1211EYQ835 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P500004533 Toyota 2009B11FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex EYQ835, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1212BJQ585 Toyota HiaceJT743LHJ401014840 Toyota 2003B7FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex BJQ585, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1213DUE861 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22PX00001126 Toyota 2007B11FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex DUE861, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex DUE861, Marlborough Shuttles Ltd, Blenheim.
1214BUG996 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9036622R424266 Mercedes-Benz 2004B11FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex BUG996, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1215WI3688 Toyota Hiace7A421LHB308005897 Toyota 1997B9FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex WI3688, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1216BAU292 Toyota Hiace7A421UHB308004070 Toyota 1994B9FWhite & redQueenstown - Wanaka
ex BAU292, SP2722, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1217PW7216 Toyota HiaceRZH1138001676 Toyota 1991B9FWhiteQueenstown - Wanaka
ex PW7216, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1218JDW416 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P100023994 Toyota 2015B11FRitchiesQueenstown - Wanaka
ex JDW416, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1220JDZ343 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9066572P123942 Mercedes-Benz 2015B16FRitchiesDunedin
ex JDZ343, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1221EJC488 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0908007297 Toyota 2003B18FRitchiesBalclutha
ex EJC488, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex Japan.
1222EGR122 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0907006912 Toyota 2003B16FRitchiesDunedin
ex EGR122, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex Japan.
1223CCH295 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PD00318 Mitsubishi 2003B22FRitchiesQueenstown - Wanaka
ex CCH295, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1224LRB720 Toyota Hiace7AT0H60FX18012270 Toyota 2011B9FRitchiesDunedin
1225CSJ661 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PD00976 Mitsubishi 2005B22FRitchiesDunedin
ex CSJ661, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1226DKB608 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PD01198 Mitsubishi 2006B22FWhite & redQueenstown - Wanaka
ex DKB608, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1227FZK183 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RF10324 Mitsubishi 2011B22FRitchiesQueenstown
ex FZK183, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka.
1228CAY273 Volvo B6RYV3R36S16RC005501 Designline 1994C35DWhite & blueQueenstown - Wanaka
ex (334) CAY273, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex (275) JCL75, SW4379, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (55) SW4379, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
1229CAY274 Volvo B6RYV3R36S18RC005502 Designline 1994C35DWhite & blueQueenstown - Wanaka
ex (335) CAY274, Alpine Connexions, Wanaka; ex (274) JCL74, ST7098, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (54) ST7098, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
1232GPF680 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5CGY63120 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (181) GPF680, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1233GCY582 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62378 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (174) GCY582, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1234GCY585 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62380 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (175) GCY585, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1235GGF257 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62696 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (179) GGF257, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1236GFK489 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62574 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (177) GFK489, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1237GMW355 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5CGY63063 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (180) GMW355, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1238GDQ250 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62475 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (176) GDQ250, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1239GPN801 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5CGY63175 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (182) GPN801, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1240GGF256 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62695 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWRitchiesDunedin
ex (178) GGF256, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1241GPZ197 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5CGY63222 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWOrbusQueenstown
ex (184) GPZ197, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1242GPZ195 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5CGY63212 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2012B37DWOrbusQueenstown
ex (183) GPZ195, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1243GBW785 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62356 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWOrbusQueenstown
ex (153) GBW785, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1244GDQ256 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62490 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWOrbusQueenstown
ex (154) GDQ256, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1245GEH829 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5BGY62544 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2011B37DWOrbusQueenstown
ex (155) GEH829, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1246EPL902 Scania K270UB6YS2K6X20001860490 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008B51DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (231) EPL902, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1247FRM107 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001869766 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B48DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (171) FRM107, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1248FRM102 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001870496 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B48DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (170) FRM102, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1249FQZ372 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001869738 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B48DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (169) FQZ372, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1250FAW14 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001864301 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B55DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (160) FAW14, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1251FQZ366 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001869732 Kiwi Bus Builders 2010B48DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (168) FQZ366, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
1252EDA648 Scania K114EB6YS2K6X20001856010 Coachwork Central 2007C57FRitchiesSwanson
ex (1) EDA648, SDK Ltd, Kerikeri.
1253ETM72 Scania K380EB6YS2K6X20001861498 Coachwork Central 2008C57FIntercitySwanson
ex (2) ETM72, SDK Ltd, Kerikeri.
1254EZF409 Scania K380EB6YS2K6X20001862280 Coachwork Central 2009C57FIntercitySwanson
ex (3) EZF409, SDK Ltd, Kerikeri.
1255GDY569 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RF10447 Mitsubishi 2011B22FRitchiesQueenstown
ex GDY569, SDK Ltd, Kerikeri; ex Japan.
1260KTT492 Volvo B11RYV3T2T129AG177967 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017HC61D/39 bedsI/C SleeperSwanson
ex (19) KTT492, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
1261KTT463 Volvo B11RYV3T2T120AG177968 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017HC61D/39 bedsI/C SleeperSwanson
ex (18) KTT463, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
1262KEZ541 Volvo B11RYV3T2T128AG178009 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016HC61D/39 bedsI/C SleeperSwanson
ex (17) KEZ541, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
1263KEZ302 Volvo B11RYV3T2T121GA177963 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016HC61D/39 bedsI/C SleeperSwanson
ex (16) KEZ302, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
1264KDS589 Volvo B11RYV3T2T125GA177965 Kiwi Bus Builders 2016HC61D/39 bedsI/C SleeperSwanson
ex (15) KDS589, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
1265JLW273 Volvo B11RYV3T2T126FA173132 Kiwi Bus Builders 2015HC65DIntercitySwanson
ex (7) JLW273, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
1266HUU311 Volvo B11RYV3T2T121EA168189 Kiwi Bus Builders 2014HC79DIntercitySwanson
ex (6) HUU311, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ.
1270CCG732 MAN 10.1606AB7520602MX00955 Volgren CR221L 1998B27FCityRideRotorua
Non-compliant for urban work.
ex (12) CCG732, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex Hong Kong.
1271JWR952 MAN 10.1607AB7520883AS00547 Designline 1999B31DWCityRideRotorua
ex (53) JWR952, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex (109) YN3107, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1272JWR953 MAN 10.1607AB7520884AS00548 Designline 1999B31DWCityRideRotorua
ex (54) JWR953, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex (110) YN3110, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1273JWR951 MAN 10.1607AB7520677AS00560 Designline 1999B31DWCityRideRotorua
ex (55) JWR951, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex (111) YO5241, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1274DPT658 Enterprise PlasmaTS9EB01GS5A130003 Plaxton Primo 2006B29FWCityRideRotorua
ex (10) DPT658, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1276R035 Optare Solo M880SLSABENGAF08R193048 Optare 2008B28FWCityRideRotorua
ex (35) R035, EPN691, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1277R036 Optare Solo M880SLSABENGAF08R193039 Optare 2008B28FWCityRideRotorua
ex (36) R036, EPN692, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1278R037 Optare Solo M880SLSABENGAF08R193040 Optare 2008B28FWCityRideRotorua
ex (37) R037, EPN693, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1279R038 Optare Solo M880SLSABENGAF08R193049 Optare 2008B28FWCityRideRotorua
ex (38) R038, EPN694, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1280ERW696 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00505 Mitsubishi 2008B25FGreenRotorua
ex (33) ERW696, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group
1281FZG820 Optare Solo M880SABEWGAE08R192949 Optare 2008B29FWCityRideRotorua
ex (41) FZG820, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex UK.
1282FZG841 Optare Solo M880SABEWGAE07R192948 Optare 2008B28FWCityRideRotorua
ex (40) FZG841, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex UK.
1283EDL67 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PE00414 Mitsubishi 2007B25FRitchiesRotorua
ex (25) EDL67, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1285GKE471 Optare Versa V1040SABVWMAC08L320109 Optare 2009B34FWCityRideRotorua
ex (44) GKE471, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex UK.
1286GKE474 Optare Versa V1040SABVWMAC08L320108 Optare 2009B34FWCityRideRotorua
ex (45) GKE474, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex UK.
1287FMU727 Optare Solo M880SLSABEN3AF0AB193678 Optare 2010B27FWCityRideRotorua
ex (39) FMU727, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex UK.
1288FYH418 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RF10116 Mitsubishi 2013B22FRitchiesRotorua
ex (98) FYH418, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1290HNB956 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5DMY64136 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2014B37DWCityRideRotorua
ex (47) HNB956, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex UK.
1291HNB954 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD8H3BR5DMY14125 Custom / ADL 2014B32FWCityRideRotorua
ex (48) HNB954, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1292HPY832 Optare Solo SR M995SABTW4AF0ES290871 Optare 2014B32FWCityRideRotorua
ex (49) HPY832, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1293HUR624 Optare Solo SR M970SABTW4AK0DS290718 Optare 2014B29DWCityRideRotorua
ex (50) HUR624, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group
1294JDB111 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5EGY64660 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2015B40DWCityRideRotorua
ex (51) JDB111, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1295JDP115 Alexander Dennis Enviro200SFD6F3BR5EGY64661 Kiwi Bus / ADL 2015B40DWCityRideRotorua
ex (52) JDP115, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group.
1296BPL302 MAN 12.2237ABA800165AD00825 Designline 2003B39DWCityRideRotorua
ex (56) BPL302, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex (136) BPL302, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1297BPL304 MAN 12.2237ABA800166AD00826 Designline 2003B39DWCityRideRotorua
ex (57) BPL304, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex (137) BPL304, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1298JZH457 MAN 12.2237ABA800167AD00827 Designline 2003B39DWCityRideRotorua
ex (58) JZH457, Reesby Buses, Rotorua - InMotion Group; ex (138) BPL305, Howick & Eastern Buses, East Tamaki - InMotion Group.
1300LKE682 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6765 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1301LKE681 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6790 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1302LKK929 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6764 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1303LKS300 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6791 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1304LKK931 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6792 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1305LKS301 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6793 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1306LKS302 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6794 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1307LKS329 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6795 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1308LKS330 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6796 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1309LLE857 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6797 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1310LLE856 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6810 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1311LLE869 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6809 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1312LLM364 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6811 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1313LLM363 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6812 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1314LME25 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6813 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1315LMW377 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6820 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1316LMW378 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6821 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1317LMW380 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6824 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1318LMW382 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6829 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1319LMW399 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6830 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1320LMW383 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6831 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1321LMW400 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6839 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1322LLM354 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6787 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1323LLM357 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6788 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1324LLM359 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6789 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1325LLM362 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6773 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1326LLM358 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6774 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1327LLM360 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6775 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1328LLM361 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6776 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1329LLS738 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6777 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1330LLS740 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6807 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1331LLS739 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDDPCBR9JGYD6808 Alexander Dennis 2018B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1332LPE762 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6895 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1333LPE783 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6899 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1334LPE763 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6903 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1335LPE781 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6847 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1336LPE782 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6893 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1337LPE784 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6905 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1338LPE785 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6907 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1339LPE786 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6927 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1340LPE787 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6930 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1341LPE788 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6933 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1342LPE789 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6936 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1343LPE790 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6943 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1344LPE791 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6944 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1345LPE792 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6945 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1346LPM148 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6957 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1347LPM149 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6959 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1348LPM150 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6962 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1349LPM151 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6967 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1350LQH533 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6971 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroAlbany
1351LQH534 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDAMDER9JGYG6972 Alexander Dennis 2018B32FWAT MetroWarkworth
1352LQW534 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDBPCBR9JGYD6975 Alexander Dennis 2018B34FWAT MetroWarkworth
1353LQW535 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDBPCBR9JGYD6977 Alexander Dennis 2018B34FWAT MetroWarkworth
1354LQW536 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDBPCBR9JGYD6985 Alexander Dennis 2018B34FWAT MetroWarkworth
1355LQW537 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSFDBPCBR9JGYD6988 Alexander Dennis 2018B34FWAT MetroWarkworth
1356LPM19 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6134 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1357LPM20 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6135 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1358LPM121 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6136 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1359LPM147 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6137 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1360LPM123 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6140 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1361LPM122 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6139 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1362LRG481 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6138 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1363LQN316 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6141 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1364LQN317 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6156 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1365LQN318 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6159 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1366LRG483 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6158 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1367LRG482 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6157 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1368LRG484 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6160 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1369LRG485 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6161 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1370LRG486 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6162 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1371LRG487 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6163 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1372LRG491 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6170 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1373LRG488 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6165 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1374LRG490 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6167 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT NEXAlbany
1375LRG489 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6166 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT MetroAlbany
1376LUJ135 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6164 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT MetroSwanson
Allocated to Auckland Explorer duties.
1377LUJ136 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6169 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT MetroAlbany
1378LUJ134 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5JMTN6164 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT MetroAlbany
1379KJR882 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FNR5GMTN5412 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2017H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (80) KJR882, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1380KKG751 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5GMTN5409 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2017H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (81) KKG751, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1381KKG800 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5GMTN5411 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2017H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (82) KKG800, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1382KKU895 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5GMTN5410 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2017H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (83) KKU895, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1383KPN233 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5GGTN5508 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2017H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (84) KPN233, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1384KQW813 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5GGTN5509 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2017H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (85) KQW813, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1385LDB813 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5GGTN5524 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (86) LDB813, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1386LDN689 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMCSFD66FJR5GGTN5538 Zhuhai Granton / ADL 2018H55/36DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (87) LDN689, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1387LAK559 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEVCBR8GGYC5901 Alexander Dennis 2017B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (31) LAK559, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1388LJN608 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9HGYC6659 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (90) LJN608, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1389LJN607 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9HGYC6673 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (91) LJN607, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1390LJC632 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9HGYC6675 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (92) LJC632, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1391LJC633 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9HGYC6678 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (93) LJC633, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1392LJC634 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9HGYC6679 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (94) LJC634, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1393LJC635 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9HGYC6689. Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (95) LJC635, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1394LJN606 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9HGYC6691 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (96) LJN606, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1395LLZ720 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6711 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (97) LLZ720, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1396LME96 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6727 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (98) LME96, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1397LMW308 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6729 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (99) LMW308, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1398LMW309 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6743 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (100) LMW309, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead,
1399LNH534 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6744 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (101) LNH534, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland
1400LNH535 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6745 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (102) LNH535, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1401LNQ14 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6746 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (103) LNQ14, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland
1402LNQ15 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6747 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (104) LNQ15, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1403LPM17 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6748 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (105) LPM17, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1404LPM18 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6749 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (106) LPM18, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1405LQH505 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6750 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (107) LQH505, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1406LQH506 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYC6763 Alexander Dennis 2018B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (108) LQH5062, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1407MAH170 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYH7234 Alexander Dennis 2019B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (17) LWQ9, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1408MAH171 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYH7254 Alexander Dennis 2019B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (110) MAH171, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1409MAS542 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYH7255 Alexander Dennis 2019B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (111) MAS542, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1410MAS540 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 XLBSFDEPCBR9JGYH7262 Alexander Dennis 2019B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (112) MAS540, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1411LWQ9 MAN 18.2907ABA940109AD01655 GBV NZ Enviroline 2019B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (17) LWQ9, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1412LWQ42 MAN 18.2907ABA940156AD01704 GBV NZ Enviroline 2019B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (20) LWQ42, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1413KKT956 MAN 18.2907ABA940073AD01608 GBV NZ Enviroline 2017B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (78) KKT956, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1414KJE647 MAN 18.2907ABA940074AD01609 GBV NZ Enviroline 2017B45DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (79) KJE647, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1415HWN913 MAN 18.2907ABA940045AD01544 Designline Enviroline 2015B47DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (72) HWN913, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1416HWN905 MAN 18.2907ABA940044AD01543 Designline Enviroline 2015B47DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (73) HWN905, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1417JBL131 MAN 18.2907ABA940046AX01545 Gemilang 2015B47DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (76) JBL131, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1418EUJ381 MAN 18.2807ABA800593AD01257 Designline 2009B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (39) EUJ381, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1419EUJ382 MAN 18.2807ABA800594AD01258 Designline 2009B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (65) EUJ382, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1420EZD956 MAN 18.2807ABA800600AD01264 Designline 2009B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (66) EZD956, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1421FDD273 MAN 18.2807ABA800699AD01387 Designline 2009B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (67) FDD273, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1422FZF709 MAN 18.2507ABA800937AD01515 Designline Enviroline 2011B48DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (46) FZF709, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1423FZF711 MAN 18.2507ABA800938AD01506 Designline Enviroline 2011B48DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (8) FZF711, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1424GFE861 MAN 18.2507ABA800932AD01500 Designline Enviroline 2012B48DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (6) GFE861, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1425GEE597 MAN 18.2507ABA800931AD01499 Designline Enviroline 2012B48DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (16) GEE597, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1426GFE908 MAN 18.2507ABA800933AD01501 Designline Enviroline 2012B48DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (18) GFE908, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1427DYL962 MAN 18.2237ABA800505AD01145 Designline 2007B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (7) DYL962, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1428DTH599 MAN 18.2237ABA800421AD01081 Designline 2007DP51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (63) DTH599, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1429BGS105 MAN 17.2237ABA800125AD00785 Designline 2003B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (56) BGS105, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1430BGS115 MAN 17.2237ABA800126AD00786 Designline 2003B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (56) BGS115, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1431CSK575 MAN 17.2237ABA800386AD01046 Designline 2005B51DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (60) CSK575, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1432JML179 MAN 16.2507ABA801090AD01557 Designline Enviroline 2016B42DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (36) JML179, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1433GPD213 MAN 16.2507ABA801025AD01516 Designline Enviroline 2012B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (28) GPD213, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1434HHB994 MAN 16.2507ABA801034AD01527 Designline Enviroline 2014B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (21) HHB994, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1435JEY327 MAN 16.2507ABA801051AD01551 Designline Enviroline 2015B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (4) JEY327, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1436JPK202 MAN 16.2507ABA801091AD01558 Designline Enviroline 2016B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (77) JPK202, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1437FRR602 MAN 16.2507ABA800780AD01496 Designline Enviroline 2011B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (27) FRR602, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1438GCP689 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZ0BC016324 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011B40DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (45) GCP689, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1439GFE940 MAN 16.2507ABA800934AD01502 Designline Enviroline 2012B48DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (43) GFE940, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1440GPD219 MAN 16.2507ABA801026AD01517 Designline Enviroline 2012B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (68) GPD219, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1441GPD239 MAN 16.2507ABA801027AD01518 Designline Enviroline 2012B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (69) GPD239, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1442GRS662 MAN 18.2507ABA940009AD01515 Designline Enviroline 2013B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (70) GRS662, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1443HHC78 MAN 16.2507ABA801033AD01526 Designline Enviroline 2014B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (25) HHC78, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1444HUG769 MAN 16.2507ABA801049AD01542 Designline Enviroline 2014B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (44) HUG769, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1445HJC688 MAN 16.2507ABA801035AD01528 Designline Enviroline 2014B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (71) HJC688, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1446JDL30 MAN 16.2507ABA801051AD01550 Designline Enviroline 2015B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (1) JDL30, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1447HYK527 MAN 16.2507ABA801050AD01549 Designline Enviroline 2015B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (75) HYK527, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1448EPN266 MAN 16.2407ABA800673AD01272 Designline 2008B41DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (37) EPN266, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1449EPN254 MAN 16.2407ABA800675AD01274 Designline 2008B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (40) EPN254, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1450FER502 MAN 16.2407ABA800814AD01467 Designline 2010B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (3) FER502, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1451EPN255 MAN 16.2407ABA800674AD01273 Designline 2008B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (10) EPN255, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1452GCP690 MAN 15.250WMAA66ZZXBC016332 Kiwi Bus Builders 2011B40DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (24) GCP690, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1453ETZ851 MAN 15.240WMAA66ZZ87C008060 Kiwi Bus Builders 2009B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (41) ETZ851, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1454BAW606 MAN 12.2237ABA800080AD00740 Designline 2002B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (53) BAW606, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1455BRM890 MAN 12.2237ABA800209AD00869 Designline 2003B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (12) BRM890, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1456BUK131 MAN 12.2237ABA800204AD00864 Designline 2004B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (58) BUK131, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1457CJZ409 MAN 12.2237ABA800289AD00949 Designline 2004B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (14) CZJ409, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1458DQC121 MAN 12.2237ABA800481AD01121 Designline 2006B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (11) DQC121, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1459AUM737 MAN 12.2237ABA800053AD00713 Designline 2002B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (52) AUM737, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1460BAW611 MAN 12.2237ABA800079AD00739 Designline 2002B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (54) BAW611, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1461BRM889 MAN 12.2237ABA800188AD00848 Designline 2003B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (57) BRM889, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1462CYW113 MAN 12.2237ABA800396AD01056 Designline 2005B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (61) CYW113, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1463DBQ182 MAN 12.2237ABA800402AD01062 Designline 2005B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (62) DBQ182, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1464CRJ155 MAN 12.2237ABA800385AD01045 Designline 2005B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (5) CRJ155, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1465DFB143 MAN 12.2237ABA800403AD01063 Designline 2006B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (19) DFB143, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1466CNE121 MAN 12.2237ABA800321AD00981 Designline 2005B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (35) CNE121, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1467ABE451 MAN 12.220WMAA76ZZZ1H001442 Designline 2001B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (2) ABE451, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1468AAH100 MAN 12.220WMAA76ZZZ1H001443 Designline 2001B43DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (15) AAH100, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1469ANW167 MAN 12.220WMAA76ZZZ1H001726 Designline 2002B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (47) ANW167, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1470AHJ665 MAN 12.220WMAA76ZZZ1H001470 Designline 2001B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (50) AHJ665, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1471AMA133 MAN 12.220WMAA76ZZZ1H001727 Designline 2002B39DWAT MetroBirkenhead
ex (51) AMA133, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1477HWW874 Isuzu FTR750JALFTR347E7000024 Designline 2015C53FBirkenheadBirkenhead
ex (74) HHW874, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1478EJY901 Hino FGJHDFG1JPPXXX16587 Kiwi Bus Builders 2008C53FBirkenheadBirkenhead
ex (64) EJY901, Birkenhead Transport Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.
1486LYY893 Yutong ZK6930LZYTMGEW9J1024613 Yutong 2019B36DWAT MetroSwanson
Auckland Transport electric trial bus.
1500KBP804 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB112GX000904 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1501KBK169 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB114GX000905 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1502KBP785 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB116GX000906 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1503KBK168 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB118GX000907 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1504KBP801 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB11XGX000908 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1505KBP786 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB111GX000909 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1506KBK170 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB118GX000910 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1507KBP783 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB11XGX000911 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1508KBK167 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB111GX000912 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1509KBP789 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB113GX000913 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroRMTS, Takanini
1510KBK166 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB115GX000914 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1511KBP787 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB117GX000915 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1512KBP803 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB119GX000916 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1513KBP788 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB110GX000917 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1514KBP802 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB112GX000918 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1515KBP784 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB114GX000919 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroAlbany
1516KBK172 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB110GX000920 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroSwanson
1517KBK171 BCI FBC6110 Citirider6KT3CB112GX000921 BCI 2016B38DWAT MetroRMTS, Takanini
1518KAS670 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001895829 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1519KCS646 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898805 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1520KCS636 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898779 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1521KCS658 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898792 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1522KCS647 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898786 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1523KCZ292 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898776 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1524KCS648 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898831 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1525KCS657 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001898834 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1526KHZ494 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001899641 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroSwanson
1527KJQ975 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001899657 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1528KHZ493 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001899751 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1529KHZ516 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001899890 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1530KHZ517 Scania K320UB6YS2K6X20001899895 BCI 2016B45DWAT MetroAlbany
1531EAS122 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3217A119840 Designline 2007B45FWRitchiesAlbany
ex (1901) EAS122, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1532EAS123 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3237A119869 Designline 2007B36DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (1902) EAS123, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1533EAS124 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3257A119839 Designline 2007B36DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (1903) EAS124, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1534EAS144 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M32X7A119870 Designline 2007B36DWAT MetroAlbany
ex (1904) EAS144, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1535EAS145 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3217A119871 Designline