Oliveri's Metro-Link Bus Lines - Green Valley

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Oliveri's Metro-Link Bus Lines - Green Valley.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
11TV 089 Volvo B10M Mk IVYV31MGC13RD040280 Custom Coaches 94-111 8/94B55DCircles
ex m/o 8719 by 9/17.
12m/o 8716 Volvo B10M Mk IVYV31MGC17RD040279 Custom Coaches 94-6 6/94B55DCircles
15m/o 1044 Volvo B7LYV3R7C715YA000165 Bustech 00/09 5/00B47WStripes
16m/o 1047 Volvo B7LYV3R7C810YA000315 Bustech 00/16 6/00B47FWStripes
17m/o 1058 Volvo B7LYV3R7C812YA000316 Bustech 01/01 4/01B47FWStripes
18m/o 1059 Volvo B7LYV3R7C814YA000317 Bustech 01/02 4/01B47FWStripes
20TV 091 Volvo B10M Mk IVYV31MGC11SD042955 Custom Coaches 95-351 4/96B53DStripes
ex m/o 575 by 9/17.
21m/o 134 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC13JD018851 Centurion 326 1/89B45FStripes
ex Royal Australian Armed Forces (RAAF).
24m/o 128 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC10HD015917 Centurion 317 5/88B51FStripes
ex Royal Australian Armed Forces (RAAF) - Received new front and rear by Austral Denning 4/95.
25TV 151 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7142A004208 Bustech 02/42 12/02B49FWStripes
ex m/o 1064 by 9/17.
Total buses in fleet = 10

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