Sunshine Tours, Deer Park West - SUT Livery

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Sunshine Tours, Deer Park West.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingDepot
7556AO Scania K420EBYS2K6X20001860476 Coach Concepts 81 7.2008C50FTLDeer Park West
TV8554 (NSW); ex TV8554 (NSW) Paterson Coaches, Mosman, NSW; ex 566SEN (QLD) Maguire Coaches, Chinchilla, QLD; ex (49) 0649AO, ex (41) 0649AO Wangaratta Coach Lines, Wangarattta, Victoria.
8443AO Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001837282 Coach Design 210 9.2000C50FTDeer Park West
ex 1184AC, ex VV83EH; ex (216) VV83EH Britz Australia, Abbotsford, Victoria.
8445AO Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001832938 Coach Design 134 11.1998C50FTBDeer Park West
ex 1187AC, ex 0707AC; ex (11) 0311AC, ex (11) PLQ011, ex (11) VV41DK Firefly Express, Maidstone, Victoria.
8447AO Scania K124EBYS2K6X20001844209 Coach Design 347 11.2003C50FTBDeer Park West
ex 8441AO, ex 0707AC; ex (11) 5511AO, ex (11) VV34FC Firefly Express, Maidstone, Victoria.
8449AO Scania K124EBYS2K6X20001856209 Coach Concepts 51 4.2007C50FTBDeer Park West
ex 7556AO; ex (48) 0648AO, ex (35) 0648AO Wangaratta Coach Lines, Wangaratta, Victoria.
8450AO Scania K440EBYS2K6X20001867690 Coach Concepts 126 6.2010C50FTDeer Park West
ex 9825AO; ex (49) 0649AO, ex (39) 0639AO Wangaratta Coach Lines, Wangaratta, Victoria.
BS05SS Scania K480EBYS2K6X20001878218 Coach Concepts 170 6.2012C56FTBDeer Park West
ex 6235AO; ex (35) 6235AO, ex (40) 6240AO, ex (40) SB88FS (SA) Victorian Touring Coaches, Springvale, Victoria.
Total buses in fleet = 7

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