Pulitano Group - Mansfield Mt Buller Bus Lines

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Pulitano Group.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
20402AO Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108002038 Arakawa - 10.1995B21C
ex QAL059.
30403AO Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108001934 Arakawa - 9.1995B21C
ex OIM313.
40404AO Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC518204001228 Arakawa - 2.2009B20C
ex 2037AC Ouyen Bus Service, Ouyen, Victoria.
85268AO Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001843708 Volgren “SC222” VG1723 4.2003C57F
ex (8) 5268AO Pulitano Group - Cranbourne Transit, Cranbourne, Victoria.
163216AO Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001851519 Volgren “SC222” VG2031 8.2005C57F
ex (16) 3216AO Pulitano Group - Cranbourne Transit, Cranbourne, Victoria.
200420AO Toyota Hiace Commuter 4WDJTFST22P400018708 Arakawa - 1.2014C8CL
340434AO Toyota Hiace Commuter 4WDJTFST22P700009565 Arakawa - 11.2010C10CL
350435AO Toyota Hiace Commuter 4WDJTFST22P700009372 Arakawa - 10.2010C10CL
470447AO Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01828477 NCBC 157 5.1997C57F
ex (22) PRT022 (QLD), ex 703DTH (QLD) Bus QLD - Park Ridge Transit, Park Ridge, QLD.
480448AO Volvo B12RYV3R2A315XA007138 NCBC 211 6.1999C54FT
ex (365) 365FAB (QLD) Bus QLD, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (65) 365FAB (QLD) Kynoch Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD.
530453AO BCI JXK6127BRZ1 "Cruiser 12"LSFC13088AC005442 BCI - 2.2011C53FT
ex (244) 244SOT (QLD) Bus Queensland, Park Ridge, QLD; ex (104) 244SOT (QLD), ex (104) 694RPS (QLD) Bus It Queensland, Nebo, QLD.
797942AO Scania K310IBYS2K4X20001868210 Higer "A30" 10Y240001 5.2010C57F
924192AO Scania K360IB9BSK4X20003941395 Irizar "i6 3900" 254286 11.2018C57F
964196AO Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFG528309500092 Arakawa - 8.2003C20C
ex 552HLO (QLD) Westside Bus Co, Redbank, QLD.
1076201AO Volvo B6MYV36M6B16KD001237 Volgren VG278 10.1989C49F
ex 0107AC; ex (107) 0107AC, DYP957 Australian Coach Travel, Highett, Victoria.
?XQ05RZ Scania K124EBYS2K6X20001843801 Coach Design 367 7.2004C50FTL
ex XQ05RZ Bus QLD, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (50) 0450AO Pulitano Group - Mansfield-Mt.Buller Bus Lines, Mansfield, Victoria; ex (18) BQT18 (QLD) Bus QLD, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (14) 5514AO, ex (14) VV80GA Firefly Express, Maidstone, Victoria.
Total buses in fleet = 16

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