Parry, Rainbow

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Parry, Rainbow.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
0040AC Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFP528605500112 Arakawa - 2.2010B20C
0041AC Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461102800 Custom Coaches 97-259 4.1997C57F
ex OOZ267 Trotter, Warracknabeal, Victoria.
0042AC Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821755B424326 Express 396 12.2005C57F
0640AC MAN 12.220WMAL53ZZZ3Y113398 Alan B. Denning "Corsair" VM082 25.03.2004B35F
ex 0430SO Maryborough Coaches, Maryborough, Victoria; ex 0430 SO, Ken Thomas, Maryborough, Victoria.
1240AC Hino RK176K40282 Newnham 88-44 2.1988B49F
ex 0040AC, ex FXA772; ex DPH924 R.O.& J.C. Nuske, Rainbow, Victoria.
1584AC Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821769B658534 Express 638 3.2010C57F
1740AC MAN 10.220WMAL36ZZ64Y130576 Denning Manufacturing "Corsair" 12105 3.12.2004B35F
ex 4397AO G.J.& R.E.Millington, Rainbow, Victoria.
1741AC MAN 10.220WMAL36ZZ85Y147493 Denning Manufacturing "Corsair" 12116 9.2007B35F
ex 6513AO G.J.& R.E.Millington, Rainbow, Victoria.
Total buses in fleet = 8

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