Northern Transit Holdings - Broadmeadows Bus Service

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Northern Transit Holdings.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
517333AO Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00788 Fuso - 1.2009C24C
567507AO White-Higer MidiBossLKLR1ESDX9A519118 White-Higer 09RB40006 10.2009C14FL
577678AO White-Higer MidiBossLKLR1ESD09A525994 White-Higer 09RB40007 11.2009C39FL
679384AO King LongLA6R1FSE8CB102418 King Long "6102AU" HVAB12-013 2.2013C45FL
689386AO King LongLA6R1FSE8CB103360 King Long "6102AU" HVAB12-023 2.2013C45FL
2285987AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00182 Mitsubishi - 8.2003C24C
ex (28) 5987AO; ex 205HEM (QLD) Unknown Operator, QLD.
2365989AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00347 Mitsubishi - 1.2004C24C
ex (36) 5989AO; ex (36) 5989AO Broadmeadows Bus Service, Broadmeadows, Victoria; ex 157HNF (QLD) Unknown Operator, QLD.
2385986AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00422 Mitsubishi - 4.2004C24C
ex (35) 5986AO; ex (35) 5986AO Broadmeadows Bus Service, Broadmeadows, Victoria; ex 715HWP (QLD) Unknown Operator (accreditation Q101035), QLD.
2406307AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00056 Mitsubishi - 4.2003C24C
ex (40) 6307AO; ex QLD.
2436331AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00637 Mitsubishi - 8.2004C24C
ex (41) 6331AO; ex 065HUY (QLD) Unknown QLD operator.
2456684AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD01583 Mitsubishi - 8.2006C24C
ex (45) 6684AO; ex (45) 6684AO Broadmeadows Bus Service, Broadmeadows, Victoria; ex 465JMY (QLD) Unknown Operator, QLD.
2466749AO Fuso RosaJLFBE649J0BE00119 Fuso - 11.2006C24C
ex (46) 6749AO; ex (46) 6749AO Broadmeadows Bus Service, Broadmeadows, Victoria; ex 484JUR (QLD) Unknown Operator, QLD.
2527462AO White-Higer MidiBossLKLR1ESD89A514497 White-Higer 08RB40004 6.2009C39F
ex (52) 7462AO.
2537392AO White-Higer MidiBossLKLR1ESD69A514496 White-Higer 08RB40003 5.2009C39F
ex (53) 7392AO.
2607936AO Higer MidiBossLKLR1ESD5AA535585 Higer 10RB40001 4.2010C15FL
ex (60) 7936AO; ex (60) 7936AO Broadmeadows Bus Service, Broadmeadows, Victoria
2659167AO Higer MidiBossLKLR1ESE1CA587775 Higer ? 6.2012C15FL
ex (65) 9167AO; ex (65) 9167AO Broadmeadows Bus Service, Broadmeadows, Victoria
2699387AO King LongLA6R1FSE1CB103359 King Long “6102AU” HVAB12-022 2.2013C45FL
ex (69) 9387AO.
270BS00EE King LongLA6R1DSC6DB106195 King Long “6102AU” HVAB13-032 2.2014C45FL
ex (70) BS00EE.
50014039AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000008 ABM "CB60" 02-116A 10.2003B40DW
ex (1) 4039AO.
50045946AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000275 Volgren "CR228L" VG2097 1.2006B39DW
ex (504) 5946AO, ex (4) 5946AO.
50072147AO Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821099042 Custom Coaches "CB60" 01-097 2.2002B43DW
ex (7) 2147AO.
5008BS06MJ Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V724MA203777 BusTech “VST” 20/152 1.2021B46DW
5009BS06MM Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V729MA204018 BusTech “VST” 20/151? 1.2021B46DW
5010BS08KX Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V720MA204201 BusTech “VST” ? 3.2023B46DWPTV
5011BS08KW Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V722MA204202 BusTech “VST” ? 3.2023B46DWPTV
5012BS08LS Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V724MA204203 BusTech “VST” ? 3.2023B46DWPTV
5013BS08LT Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V720NA206807 BusTech “VST” ? 3.2023B46DWPTV
5014BS10EL Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V720NA207651 Volgren “Optimus” VG5526 6.2023B4?DWPTV
5015BS10EM Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V72XNA209455 Volgren “Optimus” VG5527 6.2023B4?DWPTV
50241970AO Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB35743821094012 Custom Coaches "CB60" 00-28 7.2000B43DW
ex (24) 1970AO, ex (24) QGG044.
50255990AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000279 Volgren "CR228L" VG2103 1.2006B39DW
ex (25) 5990AO.
50264339AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000009 ABM "CB60" 02-117A 10.2003B40DW
ex (26) 4339AO.
50375988AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000276 Volgren "CR228L" VG2101 1.2006B39DW
ex (37) 5988AO.
50426355AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000468 Volgren "CR228L" VG2305 3.2007B39DW
ex (42) 6355AO.
50436655AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000654 Volgren "CR228L" VG2453 10.2007B39DW
ex (43) 6655AO.
50476843AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000002 Volgren "CR228L" VG2439 10.2007B41DW
ex (47) 6843AO.
50486937AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000022 Volgren "CR228L" VG2601 8.2008B??DW
ex (48) 6937AO.
50597873AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000319 Volgren "CR228L" VG3001 6.2010B39DW
ex (59) 7873AO.
50638192AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000370 Volgren "CR228L" VG3222 3.2011B??DW
ex (63) 8192AO.
50648461AO Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R625CA153086 Volgren "CR228L" VG3344 1.2012B42DW
ex (64) 8461AO.
50669273AO Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R622DA158909 Volgren "CR228L" VG3509 12.2012B42DW
ex (66) 9273AO.
5071BS01AL Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R624FA169347 Volgren "Optimus" VG3924 1.2015B42DW
ex (71) BS01AL.
5072BS01HI Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R621FA171802 Volgren "Optimus" VG3992 6.2015B42DW
ex (72) BS01HI.
5073BS01HJ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R625FA171804 Volgren "Optimus" VG3993 6.2015B42DW
ex (73) BS01HJ.
5074BS02HQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R622GA176198 Bustech "VST" 16/015 6.2016B46DW
ex (74) BS02HQ.
5075BS02HR Volvo B7RLEYV3R6R624GA175103 Bustech "VST" 16/014 6.2016B46DW
ex (75) BS02HR.
5076BS04AH Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V729JA187992 Bustech “VST” 17/126 3.2018B46DW
ex (76) BS04AH.
5077BS04AI Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V720JA187993 Bustech “VST” 17/127 3.2018B46DW
ex (77) BS04AI.
5078BS04TX Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V727JA191121 Bustech “VST” 19/015 3.2019B46DW
ex (78) BS04TX.
5079BS04TY Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V729JA191122 Bustech “VST” 19/016 3.2019B46DW
ex (79) BS04TY.
5080BS05SE Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V72XKA195682 Bustech “VST” 19/099 1.2020B46DW
Total buses in fleet = 51

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