B & H Buses, Corryong

This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by B & H Buses, Corryong.

Withdrawn Vehicles   Full Fleet List

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
1GA6SS BCI JXK6960LGG5SKCM9AH006122 BCI - 5.04.2010C43F
ex 8191AO. Sold to O'Connell, Tallangatta, Victoria.
1GA6ST Isuzu FSR550JALFSR32LN3000282 MBS B420 5.1994B39F
ex 2407AC, ex 2994AO; ex 2994AO, ex FTK245 Whiteheads Tours, Corryong, Victoria.
1GA6SU BCI PK6850LSFC030898C005222 BCI - 7.04.2008C33F
ex 2406AC. Sold to O'Connell, Tallangatta, Victoria.
2409AC Hino BC144KJHDBC144KXXX10082 NCBC 077 5.1993C36F
ex 2996AO; ex 2996AO, ex OSU450 Whiteheads Tours, Corryong, Victoria; ex MO2532 (NSW) Gee, Corowa, NSW; ex Knight, Corowa, NSW.
9861AO Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BC00257 Mitsubishi - 6.2002C24C
ex 2408AC, ex 2999AO; ex 2999AO Whiteheads Tours, Corryong, Victoria. Sold to O'Connell, Tallangatta, Victoria.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 5

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