Cole's Coaches, Warrnambool

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Cole's Coaches, Warrnambool.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
BCI "Citirider"BCI2BS04QQ, BS04QR
Fuso RosaFuso83119AO, 3122AO, 3749AO, 6585AO, 9884AO, BS00JX, BS04BY,
MAN 18.280Coach Design25615AO, 6047AO
MAN 18.280Custom Coaches "SB400"16330AO
MAN 18.280Mills-Tui "Orbit"16847AO
MAN 18.310Coach Design13102AO
Mercedes Benz 815DAlan B. Denning "Guardian"12160AO
Mercedes Benz OH1725Express23495AO, 3613AO
Mercedes Benz OH1728Custom Coaches "SB40"13935AO
Mercedes Benz OH1728Express15602AO
Mercedes Benz OH1830Mills-Tui "Orbit"26101AO, 6473AO
Mercedes Benz ValenteMercedes Benz2AAI 089, ABP 846
Scania K280IBExpress34948AO, 6619AO, 9422AO
Scania K310IBCoach Design23118AO, BS06MB
Scania K310IBHiger "A30"43117AO, 3120AO, 5067AO, BS02CZ
Scania K310IBIrizar “i6 3700”1BS06PL
Scania K310IBVolgren "Endura"17504AO
Scania K320IBCoach Concepts17410AO
Scania K320IBCoach Design16617AO
Scania K400IBCoach Design14986AO
Scania K440EBIrizar Century 390016586AO
Toyota Coaster HZB50RArakawa1BS03JG
Toyota Coaster XZB70RArakawa1BS03JW
Toyota Hiace CommuterArakawa23123AO, 4985AO
Toyota TaragoToyota1WDR 978
Volvo B7RCoach Concepts18410AO
Volvo B7RExpress37680AO, 7859AO, 9883AO
Volvo B7RLEExpress16954AO

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