Wynyard Bus Lines - Wynyard. / Grand Touring Luxury Coaches - Darwin & Katherine.

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Wynyard Bus Lines - Wynyard. / Grand Touring Luxury Coaches - Darwin & Katherine..

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
1DM 5271 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108002659 Toyota - 07/1996C21CWynyard
ex DM 5271, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09.
ex DM 5271, D.A. & D.V. Sheriff, Yolla, TAS -/05.
2FN 1635 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFB528002000351 Toyota - 01/2002C21CGrand TouringHobart
ex FN 1635, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09.
5EF 6201 Scania K112TRYS4KC4X2B01809518 PMCSA "Apollo" 4572 12/1986C46FT
ex EF 6201, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09,
ex (74) DL 3412, Hobart Coaches Pty Ltd, Moonah, TAS,
ex (79) DAU 269, L.C. Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC.
10DJ 0227 Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461015095 PMCA "Apollo" 2480 04/1995C49F
ex DJ 0227, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex DJ 0227, D.A. & D.V. Sheriff, Yolla, TAS -/05.
13EO 9254 Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461928476 Volgren VG411 1992C49F
ex EO 9254, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex EO 9254, D.A. & D.V. Sherriff, Yolla, TAS, ex Royal Australian Army, Canberra, ACT.
15B 77 EM BCI JXK6127BRILSFC13082AC005453 BCI - 11/01/2010C57F
16F 43 NQ BCI JXK6127BRI LSFC1308X9C005339 BCI - 01/2010C57F
ex 7937 AO (vic)
17B 64 ZH Kia CosmosKN2GAD4C3YD000052 B&CI Gemilang MSWB127 2000B43FL
ex Oxley Community Transport Service, Tamworth, NSW.
18C 92 ET Toyota Hi-Ace CommuterJT743LHJ401019623 Toyota - 2004B12C
Reg 24/11/11.
19mo 3349 Kia CombiKN2FAD3B11D400288 Kia - 2002C16C*
(NT) rego ex TV 5567, Out & About Airport Shuttle, Caringbah, NSW.
* Removable seats to fit 12 seated with 1 wheelchair.
20XT 00 AB Volvo B12RYV3R2A311VA005625 Austral Pacific "Majestic" M014010 01/1997C48FT
ex E 98 BF, m/o 2915(NT) rego, C 80 ET,
ex (60) 1430 AO, VV 80 DQ, Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC.
ex (29) TV 2080, Sunstate Charters Pty.Ltd, Eagle Farm, QLD.
21mo 3536 (NT) Volvo B12RYV3R2EX13TA001995 Austral Pacific "Majestic" 7470820 12/1997C48FTWynyard BLDarwin
ex C 48 UF, ex C 81 ET, ex (59) 1452 AO, (62) 1452 AO, VV 84 DQ, Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC by 11/11.
22mo 2916 (NT) MAN 22.3606AB3870160MX00403 Coach Design 042 04/1995C48FTWynyard BLDarwin
ex C 28 HH,
ex XIT 596, Aust-wide Tours, Adelaide, SA.
ex TV 2923, David's Tours, Newcastle, NSW.
ex (43) QWG 658, NDB 657, Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC
26mo 3523 (NT) Toyota Hi-Ace CommuterJTFST22P900015657040 Toyota - 2012C13C
27mo 3534 (NT) Bonluck Senator 12 Bonluck 2012C57F
28D 24 EI Bonluck JXK6830JXK087 Bonluck 1.03.2013C33F
30D 90 UB Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461064479 Custom Coaches 96-28 9.1996B57F
ex (6) 1906AO K.R. Little Pty Ltd, Daylesford, VIC.
31mo GRAND1 (NT) Toyota Coaster XAB50RJTGFG528109500513 2006C20CGrand TouringDarwin
32mo GRAND2 (NT) Toyota Coaster HZB50R 2005C21CGrand TouringDarwin
33mo GRAND3 (NT) Mercedes Benz 0303WDB60041561073111 Austral Denning "Majestic" C100560 6.1994C48FTGrand TouringDarwin
NOTE: Coach fitted with new front by Coachworks.
ex (165) 0911AO, mo 2742 (NT), 4329AO, QZF103, WNI 420 (SA), Dyson Group of Companies, Bundoora, VIC.
ex (61) FOM344 Australian Pacific Tours, Sandringham, Victoria.
34mo GRAND5 (NT) Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter Toyota 2008C13CGrand TouringDarwin
35mo GRAND6 (NT) Scania K124EB 13.5mYS4K6X20001836887 Volgren "C222TX" VG1297 6.2000C50DTGrand TouringDarwin
ex (22) 2195AO, Castlemaine Bus Lines, Castlemaine, VIC.
ex (40) m/o-2325 (NT), WLA690 (SA) AAT-Kings, Botany, Sydney, NSW.
36mo GRAND8(NT) Toyota Coaster HZB50R C20CDarwin
37mo GRAND9 (NT) Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108004457 1999C21CGrand TouringDarwin
38mo 4061 (NT) Scania K113TRBL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01824041 PMCA "Apollo" 2421 4/95C61DTDarwin
ex mo 3611 (NT).
ex (770) 0496AO (VIC), NSU591 (VIC), VRV596 (SA), Murrays Coaches, Red Hill, ACT.
39mo GT10 (NT) BonluckLA9C08RW2CBJXK017 Bonluck 2012C33FGrand TouringDarwin
ex mo 3612(NT); ex (C64) TC 7104, Adams, Malaga, WA.
40mo GT12 (NT) BCI PK6850ATLSFC030837C001715 BCI 2007C29FGrand TouringDarwin
ex mo 3073 (NT)
ex (66A) mo 3073 (NT), AAT Kings, Botany, NSW.
41mo GRAND7 (NT) Mercedes Benz O500RF-3WEB63420121000077 Mills-Tui "Valere" PCAAT0345 2.2006C46DTGrand TouringDarwin
ex mo 3585 (NT)
ex (62A) mo 3585 (NT), mo 2609 (NT), XIT590 (SA). AAT Kings, Botany, NSW.
42mo GT11 (NT) Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFG528509500529 2006C20CDarwin
43D 85 DR King LongLA6R1FSE7DB105117 KIng Long 12/13C33FGrand TouringHobart.
Silver and Blue Llivery.
ex D 85 DR, Havnalook Coaches, Hobart, TAS.
44BS 00 WK(vic) BCI JXK6127BRI K014 BCI - 2012C57F
45mo 4043 (NT) Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01828439 Autobus 148 8/98C54FTDarwin
ex TV 2394,
ex TV 2394, Paramount Tours, Bankstown, NSW.
ex TV 2394, Jennings Coach Lines, Milperra, NSW.
46mo 4044 (NT) Volvo B7RYV3R6C419XA000613 Autobus 175 3/99C61FDarwin
ex TV 4496.
ex (2) TV 4496, Roadrunner Coaches, Wyong, NSW.
ex 207 EYK, Underwood Bus Service, Bethania, QLD.
ex 207 EYK, Aries Tours, Ernest, QLD.
47mo 4037(NT) MAN 18.3106ABA550065MX00914 Coach Design 119 05/1998C53FDarwin
ex mo2927 (NT), Darwin Airport Shuttle, Winnelle, NT.
ex (8) 687 ELK, Tropic Wings, Cairns, QLD.
48mo 3978(NT) Scania K93CRYS4KC4X2B01821334 PMCA "Apollo" 2257 2/93C48FTDarwin
ex mo3238 (NT), Darwin Airport Shuttle, Winnelle, NT.
ex (535) TV 1984, Murrays, Alexandria, NSW.
49mo 3981(NT) Toyota CoasterJT743PB85300004836 C20CDarwin
50mo 3983(NT) Toyota Coaster C20CDarwin
51mo GRAND51(NT) Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFC528605000026 2006C20CDarwin
ex mo 4046 (NT).
52mo 4045 (NT) Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter 2008C13CDarwin
53? Nissan LKA6T9G16WAY1CAZ023 TOST 2/00C37FV
ex (nt) mo2303, Darwin Airport Shuttle, Darwin, NT.
54? Nissan LKA6T9G16WAY1CAZ022 TOST 2/00C37FV
ex (nt) mo2258?, Darwin Airport Shuttle, Darwin, NT.
56H 88 KE BonluckLA9CSBRY9KBJXKJ104 Bonluck 2017 C53FTGrand TouringHobart
ex mo 4079 (NT)
57F 81 UY Neocar-CumminsV19653116WMMC1019 Neocar 10/01C57F
ex (49) 6349AO, Seymour Passenger Service, Seymour, VIC.
60F 75 GZ Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01816165 NCBC 033 05/1990C48FTGrand TouringHobart
ex THOMAS, ex FC 5656, Thomas Coaches, Oatlands, TAS.
ex TV 2478, Pegasus Tours, Riverstone, NSW,
ex TV 2478, 3F, Mudgee, NSW.
ex TV 377, Challenge Coaches, Moorebank, NSW, via auction 1993.
ex (20) RJK 262, Richardson's Coaches, Richmond, NSW.
61A 33 NU Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461985365 PMCA "160" 2291 03/1994B53F
ex A33 NU, Thomas Coaches, Oatlands, TAS.
ex 0399 SO, FOM 369, P. Olver, Daylesford, VIC.
67DL 1115 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002369 Toyota 3/96B21C
ex DL 1115, Access Charters, Hobart, TAS.
70H 08 KF Hino CH160 40236 Hino - 1988C25F
ex B 63 TY Reynolds Chauffered Cars, Cambridge, TAS.
ex B 63 TY, Sainty's Coaches, Launceston, TAS.
ex B 63 TY, Evans Coaches, Geeveston, TAS.
ex Japan (Import).
71F 05 XR Scania K124EB 13.5MTYS2K6X20001843414 Volgren VP 0284 5/03C56FTLGrand TouringHobart.
Silver and Blue Llivery.
ex (06) 6TRANSWA, TransWA, Perth, WA.
74XT 38 AQ BCI JXK6127BRZ1
Classmaster 57
LSFC030889C005338 BCI 25/10/09C57F
ex (167) 7711 AO, (67) 7711 AO, Christians Bus Company, Bendigo, VIC.
75mo 4159(NT) Scania K380IBYS2K6X20001868700 Irizar "Century 3900" 2010C48FTGrand TouringDarwin
ex FOF 50 (QLD), Fun Over Fifty Tours, Springwood, QLD.
76H 66 DT BCI PK6930ATLGG5SKCM26H001416 BCI 4.1.2007C37F
ex 1261 AO, Hutchinson, Birregurra, VIC.
78XT 16 AG Mercedes Benz OH1630L9BM382081TB103043 Austral Pacific "Starliner" 8728081 2.1999C55F
ex (7) 4107AO, PLQ007 Crown Coaches, Nunawading, VIC.
79XT 02 AB Mercedes Benz OH1630L9BM382081VB111901 B&CI MSSB076 3.2000C57F
ex (50) 4150AO, PZZ950 Crown Coaches, Nunawading, VIC.
80mo 4218 (nt) Denning Manufacturing - Cummins6T9P05ABJ504UF006 Denning Manufacturing 15006 11/2005C44FTGrand Touring
ex (441) 04 DUT, 987 IYE, Down Under Tours, Cairns, QLD.
81mo 4034 (NT) Bonluck JXK6126XLA9C4BRX1DBJXK151 Bonluck "President" 23/08/2013C49DTGrand Touring
ex (147) mo 4034 (NT), TV001 (NSW), ex SB78HD (SA). AAT Kings, Alexandria, NSW
82mo 3905 (NT) Bonluck JXK6126XLA9C4BRX3DBJXK149 Bonluck 23/08/2013C49DTGrand TouringDarwin
ex (145) mo 3905 (NT), TV006 (NSW), ex SB79HD (SA). AAT Kings, Alexandria, NSW
87XT 35 AQ Bonluck JXK6127CC5R Bonluck C57FGrand Touring
88XT 36 AQ Bonluck JXK6127CC5RLA9C4ARX3KBJXK062 Bonluck "President" 01/04/2019C57FGrand Touring
89XT 81 AW MAN 15.220WMAA66ZZ55C005565 Custom Coaches "CB30" 04-129 6.2005B41DW
ex (543) 5839AO, Transdev, Melbourne, VIC.
ex (643) 5839AO, Ventura Group, Oakleigh, VIC.
90XT 80 AW MAN 16.2207ABA800458AD01158 Designline "Orbitor" JN7789 12.2006B41DW
ex (568) 6333AO, Transdev, Melbourne, VIC.
ex (568) 6333AO, Ventura Group, Oakleigh, VIC.
E 52 QU Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002659 Toyota 7/96B21C
Total buses in fleet = 61
Previously operated vehicles
3CZ 6852 Toyota Coaster HZB30RJT743PB3009000736 Toyota - 11/1991B21C
ex CZ 6852, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09.
4DM 4172 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108002586 Toyota - 1996B21C
Rego cancelled prior to 11/9/12 & Sold.
6EO 4156 Austral Tourmaster - GM 6V92TTAB401 Austral "Tourmaster" 1240 08/1986C46FT
ex EO 4156, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex (803) 2833 AO, PRL 510, National Bus Company Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC by 4/03, ex (569) 569 DEP, National Bus Company Pty Ltd, Capalaba, QLD, ex 569 DEP, Bayside Bus Lines (Jellside Pty Ltd), Capalaba, QLD, ex (43) 943 CGH, Sundowner, Ipswich, QLD, ex (83) 305 PTH, IU 4425, Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (C44FTB).
Sold to Hobart Maxi Connection, Marion Bay, TAS as EO 4156 by 1/13.
7mo 2875 MAN 22.3606AB3870097BX00146 Nambucca 182 06/1993C46FT
SOLD npsv, Katherine NT. (NT) rego ex EM 5514, ex EM 5514, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex TV 308, Keating Investments (Gunnedah) Pty Ltd, Gunnedah, NSW.
8FG 9496 MAN 10.180WMA4690169W012755 Nambucca 112C 09/1989C34FT
ex FG 9496, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex (M35) TC 3318, Redlion Bus & Coach, Albany, WA, ex (18) TC 3318, Feature Tours (McIntosh), Perth, WA, ex TV 1474, Keating Investments (Gunnedah) Pty Ltd, Gunnedah, NSW.
9DR 4278 Mercedes Benz OF1617WDB35509861224746 Newnham 84-467 03/1985C48F
ex DR 4278, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex FRX 144, CDG 226, J.G. & B.C. Storey, Sedgewick, VIC.
Rego cancelled prior to 17/6/11 & Sold.
11XT 03 AB Mercedes-Benz O303-330031561044123 Ansair MB1637 03/1986C48FT
ex FO 2950, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09,
ex 1863 AO, PLX 101, Fords Shepparton Bus Services Pty Ltd, Shepparton, VIC,
ex (3) CQ 8906, Smith's Motors, South Riana, TAS,
ex CQ 8906, Medwin, Smithton, TAS,
ex (102), (9) CTG 444, Tolu Pty Ltd t/a New Wrights Coaches, Cheltenham, VIC.
12CI 1626 Mercedes Benz OH131634520261707738 PMC 1644 06/1987RC49F
ex CI 1626, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex CI 1626, D.A. & D.V. Sheriff, Yolla, TAS -/05; ex John A. Gilbert Pty Ltd (dlr), Villawood.
14EI 607 Mercedes Benz OH131634520261638853 Ansair OH1652 11/1984B42D
ex EI 607, Fenton Enterprises, Wynyard, TAS 20/7/09, ex (unused) Brendan Manion Coaches Pty Ltd, Beaconsfield, TAS -/01, ex (7) CJV 141, Broadmeadows Bus Service Pty Ltd, Campbellfield, VIC -/01.
Rego cancelled prior to 27/11/12 & SOLD for shed.
23C 53 RK Mercedes-Benz O305G30710161037946 PMC 6211 04/1984AB69D
SOLD back to the mainland for Motorhome.
ex TV 5903, Manly Coaches Pty Ltd, Brookvale, NSW.
ex (2579) m/o 2579, State Transit Authority, Sydney, NSW.
24D 84 GZ Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461973656 MCA "Marathon" B311 6/94B57F
Reg 5/9/13 ex (25) 1925 AO, FVN 894, K.R. Little Pty Ltd, Daylesford, VIC (25) late-2012.
25A 86 WY Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40254 PMCA "160" 2313 03/1993B57F
ex A 86 WY, R.B. & K.J. Morton, Wynyard, TAS 1/11/12, ex (5) 3049 MO, J & B Singh-Goesel, t/a J. & B. Bus Service, Eviron, NSW -/09, ex 3049 MO, MO 2675, Nobby's Creek Bus Service (S.L. Ward), Murwillumbah, NSW -/09, ex MO 2675, K. & L. Bradley, Murwillumbah, NSW, ex MO 2675, Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle, NSW 3/97.
29A 06 TY Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR008DR00187 Volgren Perth "SC222" VP0731 06/2009C57F
ex A 06 TY, Moreton, Wynyard, TAS. ex Stock.
63I 01 AT Toyota Hi-Ace Toyota B13C
68B 06 XQ Mercedes Benz OC162135509965153966 Denning "Majestic" F015 04/1986C49F
ex B 06 XQ, Reynolds Chauffered Cars, Cambridge, TAS.
ex B 06 XQ, Sainty's Coaches, Launceston, TAS.
ex DE 4352, Oakley's Coaches, Snug, TAS.
ex DE 4352, B. Sainty, Launceston, TAS.
ex (8) DE 4352, Tasmanian Redline Coaches, Launceston, TAS.
ex 508 PYU, North Arm Bus Service, North Arm, QLD.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 15

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