Wells Waggons - Smithton

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Wells Waggons - Smithton.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
4CL 7310 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Toyota - 1989B22C
ex CL 7310, O'Reilly, Edith Creek, TAS.
Sold for a motorhome.
5FG 4349 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261653416 Ansair OH1692 07/1985DP49F
ex CD 0415, ex CD 0415, O'Reilly, Edith Creek, TAS -/97.
SOLD for go-kart transporter.
6EJ 1232 Bedford BLP2 - Isuzu516988 Domino Hedges 0187 07/76DP52F
ex FJ 1232, O'Reilly, Edith Creek, TAS.
Sold for a motorhome.
8EC 2853 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Toyota - 1988B22C
ex Unknown Operator, VIC.
14BJ 7278 Bedford YMT3673984 Ansair YMT1178 07/1981C45F
ex DJ 7278, Deuce Bus Lines, Launceston, TAS.
Sold for a motorhome.
21CQ 7643 Ford R1014273960 Ansair F1111 05/1979C41F
ex CQ 7643, Norton, Devonport, TAS, ex (910) 513 PME, Ansett Airways, Brisbane, QLD.
22DB 5896 Mercedes Benz O303004263 Howard-Porter 05/1978C49F
ex Starline, Launceston, VIC.
Sold for a motorhome.
23DD 4890 Leyland Super Viking - Isuzu111945K PMC 1372 02/1984B57F
ex m/o 7262, Hadfield's Bus Service, Engadine, NSW.
24DI 5703 Bedford BLP2 - IsuzuBLP2DJJ 678418
BLP2DZ 615296
Smithfield SB776 03/1980B44F
ex (85) ASZ 701, Sita Bus Lines, West Footscray, VIC, ex (25) ASZ 701, Sunshine Bus Lines, Sunshine, VIC.
Sold for a motorhome.
26EJ 1239 Hino BX34140683 Maxim WM40 01/1986B47F
ex CWD 277, B.F. & B.M. Higgins, Gunbower, VIC, ex CWD 277, Williams, Gunbower, VIC.
27EN 4984 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108002984 Toyota - 11/1996B21C
ex EN 4984, Shaun Moonen, TAS.
28EP 1826 Isuzu ECR570AJ943594 Centurion 179 02/1986B49F
ex 0485 AC, CRJ 909, B.F. & B.M. Higgins, Echuca, VIC, ex CRJ 909, Bradbury, Echuca, VIC.
29DK 9671 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108002151 Toyota - 12/1995B21C
ex DK 9671, Evans Coaches, Geeveston, TAS
30EP 7801 Isuzu ECR570F2508562 Newnham 85-439 05/1986B49F
ex 0012 SO, BUS 999, Clyne, Corryong, VIC, ex BUS 999, G. Middleton, Corryong, VIC.
Sold to M.C. & V.H. Burke t/a Barry's Bus Charter, Risdon, TAS as EP 7801.
31EQ 7057 Isuzu ECR5702507696 Centurion 192 12/1986B45F
ex DAO 088, B.L. & M.M. Pearson, Koyiga South, VIC, ex DAO 088, Norris, Echuca, VIC.
Sold to M.C. & V.H. Burke t/a Barry's Bus Charter, Risdon, TAS as EQ 7057.
32D 39 VE Volvo B58-568638 PMCSA 4049 08/1978RC45F
Vehicle donated to the Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society by the Wells family.
ex BA 9322, Medwin's Coaches, Smithton, TAS -/03, ex BA 9322, Smith's Coaches, South Riana, TAS.
34C 00228 Volvo B58-568910 PMCSA 4050 06/1978RC45F
ex CO 0228, BJ 2202, Medwin's Coaches, Smithton, TAS, ex AEB 903, Ferguson, Sale, VIC.
36EQ 0732 Volvo B58-565470 Smithfield SB432 03/07/1975B49F
ex EQ 0732, Medwin's Coaches, Smithton, TAS, ex (358) ZIB 358, ACTION, Canberra, ACT.
37EQ 0731 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108001175 Toyota - 11/94C21C
SOLD to Collins Contracting, Smithton, TAS (8/2013)
ex EQ 0731, Medwin's Coaches, Smithton, TAS -/03.
38D 38 RL Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108003122 Toyota - 01/1997B21C
SOLD for camper 3/17.
ex EC 2704, Medwin's Coaches, Smithton. TAS -/03.
41FF 1627 Isuzu LT1-11P2511576 Volgren VG222 11/1988B49F
ex 0372 AO, DQA 254, John Grieve Nominees, Shepparton, VIC -/05.
SOLD for camper
42FF 7726 Isuzu LT1-11P2511451 Volgren VG221 11/1988B49F
SOLD for camper.
ex 0373 SO, DQA 252, John Grieve Nominees, Shepparton, VIC -/05.
43FM 6309 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261737487 Centurion 243-528 01/1988B51F
ex 0100 SO, DHG 237, B. & J. Roberts, Echuca, VIC -/06, ex DHG 237, Taverna, Lockington, VIC, ex DHG 237, Fielding, Lockington, VIC.
SOLD for camper.
44FM 6847 Isuzu LT1-11P2511449 Volgren VG220 10/1988C49F
ex 0101 SO, Fred Hall Bus Service, Mooroopna, VIC -/06.
SOLD to Oakley's Coaches, Sung, TAS.
45FM 6648 Isuzu LT1-11P2511450 Volgren VG219 11/1988B49F
ex 0102 SO, DPL 102, Fred Hall Bus Service, Mooroopna, VIC -/06.
SOLD to Oakleys Coaches, Margate, TAS. 11/15.
46FS 1055 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261761288 Volgren VG204 06/1988C49F
ex 0599 SO, DNO 780, Holt Bus & Coach, Wedderburn, VIC, ex DNO 780, Jones, Wedderburn, VIC.
Sold for a motorhome by 4/13.
47FS 1053 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261758480 PMCSA 4674 06/1988B49F
ex 0362 SO, DKW 746, S.G. & K.A. Koch, Lockington, VIC, ex DKW 746, A.R. & I.M. Kaufmann, Lockington, VIC.
Sold for a motorhome by 4/13.
48FS 1054 Mercedes Benz LO9129BM688176RB028457 Superior B577 05/1995B33F
WITHDRAWN for sale due to vehicle age; ex (unused) Brendan Manion Coaches Pty Ltd, Beaconsfield, TAS -/07, ex (37) 37 WBC, 780 CZQ, Westside Bus Company, Redbank, QLD, ex 780 CZQ, Heritage City Sunbus, Ipswich, QLD.
49A 52 BJ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00097 Fuso - 02/2008C24C
SOLD to McDermott's Coaches, Legana, TAS.
50A 02 BX Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00168 Fuso - 03/2008C24C
SOLD to McDermotts Coaches, Legana, TAS.
51A 52 ES Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40060 Newnham 89-237 01/1990DP53F
SOLD to Oakleys Coaches, Snug, TAS 11/18.
ex 0011 SO, Middleton Motors Pty Ltd, Corryong, VIC -/08,
ex 0011 SO, BUS 199, EBJ 025, Clynes Bus Service Pty Ltd, Corryong, VIC 1/06.
52CU 2495 Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200464609695 PMCSA 4847 09/1990C49F
SOLD to Funbus, Launceston, TAS; ex (27) CU 2495, O'Driscoll's Coaches Pty Ltd, Granton, TAS -/09, ex (4), (53) CU 2495 Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS.
53A 74 RS Csepel 856.11 - CumminsTRC856X11X9010004 PMCA "Commuter" 2360 12/1993B61F
ex 1292 AO, FLM 544, Nagle Coaches, Ballarat, VIC -/09.
WITHDRAWN in unusual circumstances. A mini tornado where the bus was out-stationed blew asbestos sheeting from a nearby damaged shed through the side windows of the bus. Understandably the bus was written off by the insurance company and a comprehensive clean-up was required.
56B 56 QA Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461010945 Volgren VG611 08/1994B57F
ex 4959 AO, 0352 SO, RBK 321, Heritage Buslines Ballarat Pty Ltd, Ballarat, VIC -/10, ex RBK 321, Hutchinson, Ballarat, VIC.
58B 58 UP Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF01365 Fuso - 11/2010C24C
59FL 9423 Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461936441 Nambucca 179B 09/1993C57F
ex (23) FL 9423, O'Driscoll's Coaches Pty Ltd, Granton, TAS -/11, ex (90) 0690 AO, Nuline Charter Pty Ltd, Moorabbin, VIC by 5/07, ex (304) MO 2719, AP & JP King, King Bros Bus Service Port Macquarie Pty Ltd, NSW 27/9/01, ex (20) MO 2719, Sharella Pty Ltd t/a Port Macquarie Bus Service, Port Macquarie, NSW 19/12/00, ex (20) MO 2719, RA Steinhardt Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Port Macquarie Bus Service, Port Macquarie, NSW 1/97.
60B 60 UP Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461010944 Volgren VG610 08/1994B57F
Withdrawn with accident damage and purchased by Sainty's Coaches, Launceston TAS. at auction.
ex 4957 AO, 0267 SO, FOM 391, Heritage Buslines Ballarat Pty Ltd, Ballarat, VIC -/11.
61C 61 KX Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40218 PMCA "160" 2225 08/1992B57F
ex (255) 6361 AO, Peninsula Bus Lines, Seaford, VIC via Craig Coop (dlr) 12/11, ex MO 9714, D.A. & D.M. Wilkinson, Young, NSW -/07, ex MO 9714, T.G. & C.L. Horn t/a Cymtech Pty Ltd, Young, NSW , ex MO 9714, T.P. & L.F. Lay, Young, NSW -/01, ex MO 9714, W.A. Ottey t/a WAO School Bus Service, Young, NSW -/94.
62C 62 RZ Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461021160 Volgren VG667 03/1995B53F
ex 0161 AC, McGinty Family Trust Pty Ltd t/a Wimmera Roadways, Horsham, VIC 4/12, ex 0161 AC, NDB 676, K.A. Rintoule t/a Wimmera Roadways, Horsham, VIC 1/04; ex NDB 676, Cameron, Horsham, VIC -/96.
64C 64 SC Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461043202 PMCA "XL" 2541 12/1995B57F
ex 0925 SO, D.A. & M.J. Fenton, Maryborough, VIC, ex 0925 SO, NLO 925, W. Dellavadova, Maryborough, VIC.
65D 95 EI Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461033239 PMCA "XL" 2487 7/95B57F
ex 0132 SO, NLO 902, T. Prentice, Wonthaggi, VIC, ex NLO 902, W.A. & D. Hender, Wonthaggi, VIC.
75E 75 VY Yutong ZK6760DAALZYTFTC23F1058833 Yutong 1/16C24FL
SOLD to St Aloysius Catholic College, Huntingfield, TAS.
86A 93 ZX Mercedes Benz O303-3WDB60031561058693 Denning F221 04/1992C50FT
ex A 93 ZX G.M & A.M Fenton, Boat Harbour, TAS
ex 1254 AC, Thomson Valley Coaches, Heyfield, VIC
ex MC 0303, NHM 377, Mackie's Coaches, Meeniyan, VIC
ex (43) NHM 377, TV 189, Australian Pacific Coaches, Sandringham, VIC.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 43

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