Scott - Rowella

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Scott - Rowella.

Fleet List

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
B 66 RZ Metrotec Delta 16.2106F2BACR00WDE01153 P&D Coachworks 136 07/1999B57F
ex B 66 RZ, D. Dawes, Kingston, TAS.
ex 5946 MO, MO 4847, W.J. & G.L. Lowrey, Armidale, NSW.
D 59 ZQ Higer "Munro"5751 Higer 2014C28C
ex D 59 ZQ Miller, Exeter, TAS.
DL 0366 Nissan RB30R00155 Custom Coaches 83-118 07/1983RB61F
ex MO 9399, A. Greenshields, Lansdowne, NSW.
EM 0677 MAN 14.1906AB7520355MX00677 P&D Coachworks 075 05/1997B61F
ex (25) EM 0677, Merseylink, Devonport, TAS, ex (311) MO 2630, King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW, ex (56) MO 2630, Sonters Bus Service, Laurieton, NSW.
FG 9527 Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB34520261778656 PMCSA 4780 03/1989B49F
ex 0374 SO, DZS 108, W.L. & S.A. Allen, Metung, VIC.
FH 5610 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821765B438165 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0315 01/2006B61F
FP 7361 Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177SB044354 Custom Coaches 95-177 07/1997B29F
ex FP 7361, Tasmanian Redline Coaches, Launceston, TAS, ex m/o 8915, Westbus, Sydney, NSW.
FS 5701 Fuso RosaJLFBE649JOBG00334 2007C24C
LA 9999 Bedford VAM70 Freighter B45F
Retained for preservation by operator.
Total buses in fleet = 9
Previously operated vehicles
DE 0191 Bedford BLP2BLP2DJJ 671228
BLP2DZ 613657
Domino SB884 07/1980B49F
SOLD for Motorhome, Shearwater, TAS 2011; ex DE 0191, Slater, Exeter, TAS, ex DE 0191, Taylor, Hillwood, TAS, ex (2) AUY 222, Sita Bus Lines, West Footscray, VIC (B38D).
DE 7421 Isuzu ECR5702805383 Custom Coaches 83-155 08/1983RB53F
SOLD. ex m/o 4369, Pioneer Coaches, Bexley, NSW, ex MO 9651, J.L. & L.M. Kane & Sons, Henty, NSW.
DE 7932 Bedford BLP2BLP2DJJ 655731 Smithfield SB831 10/1979B45F
ex DE 7932, Slater, Exeter, TAS, ex DE 7932, Stoward, Gravelly Beach, TAS, ex (14) APD 111, Sita Bus Lines, West Footscray, VIC.
DM 0122 Bedford BLP2BLP2DJJ 671226
BLP2DZ 613653
Smithfield SB846 02/1980B45F
ex DM 0122, Slater, Exeter, TAS, ex (8) ASD 920, Westrans, Werribee, VIC (B38D), ex (8) ASD 920, Firefly Coaches, Maidstone, VIC.
FG 1530 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520265637662 PMCSA 0754 03/1985B53F
SOLD to Mahnken Coaches, Lilydale, TAS.
ex 4340 AO, Fallon's Bus Service, Alexandra, VIC, ex m/o 7406, Pittwater Coaches, Pittwater, NSW.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 5

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