Sainty's Coaches / Tasmania Coachlines. - Launceston.

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Sainty's Coaches / Tasmania Coachlines. - Launceston..

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
J 06H 11 JK Zhong Tong LCK6935H LDY6KS8D6H0008693 Zhong Tong Elegance 2017C39F
J 13XT 37 AO Zhong Tong LCK6125H LDYCCS2B9J007017 Zhong Tong Elegance 11/18C57F
RS 1REX 111 Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61PE5P000124 Chiron/UBC 05003 03/2007B57F
RS 11E 64 FH Fuso RosaJLFBE649J0BE00302 Mitsubishi - 3/07C24C
ex TV 4738, FJ Tours Pty Ltd, Winston Hills, NSW by 10/15
RS 13B 98 BL Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108001851 Toyota 08/95B21C
RS 14E 23 CO Mitsubishi Rosa00201 MMC 6/02C24C
RS 16FD 7617 Toyota Coaster Toyota 2005B15CL
RS 18EN 7757 Mercedes Benz OH162135509965154685 PMC 1741 07/1987RB61F
ex MO 0160, King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW,
ex MO 0160, Pell's Bus Service, Nambucca Heads, NSW,
ex Stock.
RS 2REX 222 Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40052 Superior B508 9/89B61F
ex 793 FAX, M.J. & S.J. Marriage, Mundubbera, QLD,
ex 067 AQQ, West's National Charter Coaches, Nambour, QLD.
RS 22A 55 FE Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter B13C
RS 24? Toyota Hi-Ace Toyota B13C
RS 29B 67 EF Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177PB966433 Custom Coaches 93-245 2/94B26F
ex (422) 2422AO Ventura Group, Doncaster, VIC.
ex (422) FVT482 National Bus Company, Melbourne, VIC.
RS 3REX 333 Toyota CoasterJTGFB528102001851 Toyota 8/95B21C
RS 4REX 444 Golden DragonLL3BCADD7AA061122 Golden Dragon 9/10C21C
SC 1FS 7338 BCI PK6127ATLSFC13087CC000285 BCI 2/2008C57F
SC 2B 32 FK BCI JXK6127ATLSFC1308769C005256 BCI - 1/2010C57F
SC 6A 01 ZA Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40548 Ansair "Orana" 2746 04/1996B61F
ex 0914 SO, NSU 527, B.C. Stonehouse, Numurkah, VIC.
D 53 FZ Fuso Rosa10268 MMC 8/13C24C
D 91 RY Mitsubishi Rosa MMC C24C
E 35 VE Fuso Rosa MMC C24C
E 57 SZ Toyota Hi-AceJTF5T22P900001791 8/07B13C
E 61 FH Yutong ZK6930HLZYTCTD69E1027515 Yutong 10/2014C39F
E 72 ED BCI FBC6960BRZ16KT2881158X000175 BCI 13/2/2012C43F
E 95 ZE Golden Dragon GD7LL3BCADE6EA001451 Golden Dragon 1/1/14C24C
F 20 KU Toyota Hi-Ace CommuterJTF5T22P100006760 6/09B13C
F 46 TW Yutong ZK6930HLZYTCTD67G1033140 Yutong 01/2017C39F
H 24 LB Mercedes Benz 0404/3WDB61843821080567 Austral Denning CM01310 10/95C48FT
ex TV 339, PBC Goulburn, Goulburn, NSW.
ex TV 339, TV 2544, Punchbowl Bus Co Pty Ltd, Riverwood, NSW
ex (C2) TV 2544, Rover Motors Pty Ltd, Cessnock, NSW.
ex Army
H 47 JC Zhong Tong LCK6125H 3086 Zhong Tong Elegance C57F
H 72 GQ Zhong Tong LCK6125H 3085 Zhong Tong Elegance 2017C57F
XT 76 AH Zhong Tong LCK6125H LDYCCS2B3K0006558 Zhong Tong Elegance B125190431 07/2019C57F
XT 79 AC Zhong Tong LCK6935H 8692 Zhong Tong Elegance 2017C57F
? Mercedes Benz 0404-3WEB61823821095492 Autobus 235 8/00C57D
Vehicle is being refurbished and will enter service as a 57 seater.
ex TC6917, Go West, Bunbury WA.
ex (206) (nt) mo 3059, ex 4029AO, ex WXW262 (SA), Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC.;
ex (59) 4029AO, ex (59) WLO737 (SA) Cobb & Co., Tullamarine, Victoria.
? Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461010944 Volgren VG610 08/1994B57F
ex (60) B 60 UP, Wells Waggons, Smithton, TAS.
ex 4957 AO, 0267 SO, FOM 391, Heritage Buslines Ballarat Pty Ltd, Ballarat, VIC -/11.
Total buses in fleet = 33
Previously operated vehicles
RS 10E 43 VP Mercedes Benz LO912/429BM688123RB008694 Custom Coaches "310" 94-130 10/94C33F
ex Sainty, Gold Coast, QLD 104 LMR; ex Sawtell Coaches, Sawtell, NSW MO 1256.
RS 10EW 1108 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261707518 PMCSA 4620 06/1987B49F
ex EW 1108, Duigan Transport, Launceston, TAS, ex (27) DCV 615, Broadmeadow's Bus Service, Campbellfield, VIC.
RS 11B 25 FM Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFSX22P206016179 Toyota - 03/2007C12C
Sold to Tiger Wilderness Tours (DB & JM Maxwell), Devonport as B 25 FM; then to Cradle Mountain Coaches (Bingley), Devonport as (43) B 25 FM 1/5/13.
RS 15B 01 ZS Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter Toyota 2002B13C
RS 19A 77 ZL Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter 2005B13C
RS 21F 74 NM Mercedes Benz OC1621355099-65-154686 Custom Coaches 87-153 3.7.87B61F
ex (8) TV 5096, ex MO 0778, Baxters Bus Lines, Girraween, NSW.
ex (6) MO 0778, Forster Bus Service Pty Ltd, Forster, NSW.
RS 23B 97 WL Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter Toyota 1996B13C
RS 3REX 333 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Toyota - 2002B21C
RS 31B 94 BL Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177PB966444 Custom Coaches 93-259 2.1994B29F
ex National, Melbourne (423) 2423 AO via ?
RS 4REX 444 BCI JXK6830 BCI - 2008C33F
SOLD to Otobus Rentals, Regents Park, Sydney, NSW as OTOBUS.
RS 5A 65 JB Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00824 Mitsubishi - 05/2005B24C
ex A 65 JB, H&M Leonard, St Helens, TAS.
RS 53FR 6245 Mercedes Benz OC162135509965132879 Denning "Majestic" F110 12/1985B53F
ex DE 4352, ex (44) TV 1360, Berrima Bus Lines, Mittagong, NSW (RC45F), ex (35) TV 1360, Tamworth Bus Lines, Tamworth, NSW.
Sold to Phoenix Coaches, Devonport, TAS.
RS 6REX 666 Hino BC144K10197 PMCSA "Commuter" 4064 10/95B24FL
ex ?
RS 7REX 777 Mercedes Benz OC161735509861907570 Custom Coaches 83-290 12/1983C49F
SOLD.ex CP 1341, ex CP 1341, Targett, Scottsdale, TAS, ex MO 9072, Port Macquarie Bus Service, Port Macquarie, NSW.
RS 8REX 888 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108004618 Toyota 04/99B21C
RS 9B 29 UO Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108004074 Toyota 6/1998B6CL
RS4FA 6382 Hino RJ172BRJ172B41752 Hino K29168 12/88B12FL
SC 11EV 0170 Mercedes Benz OC161735509864923986 Custom Coaches 84-128 20/8/84RB61F
ex MO 9943, K.J. Eyears, Casino via Spring Grove, NSW,
ex MO 9943, A.J. Schofield, Casino, NSW.
SC 3FR 2332 Mercedes Benz O303WDB30031561046753 Denning "Majestic" F162 02/1987C48FT
ex FR 2332, Evans Coaches, Geeveston, TAS; ex FR 2332, Manion's Coaches, Beaconsfield, TAS; ex TV 3525, TV 2164, Road Runner Coaches, Sydney, NSW, ex TV 2164, Archmore Investments, Manly Vale, NSW, ex SST 22, Silver Service Tours, Brisbane, QLD, ex (62) DFM 434, Bellarine Bus Lines, Moolap, VIC.
SC 4E 34 WL Mercedes Benz 0404-3WDB61823821078821 Austral Denning CM01100 06/95C50FT
ex TC6440, South West Coach Lines [Transdev], Bunbury, NSW
ex (582) TV5062 Murrays Coaches, Sydney, NSW
ex (902) 558IWM Murrays Coaches, Southport QLD
ex (48) (nt)m/o2335 / TV008 AAT-Kings, Botany, NSW
SC 49CJ 7202 Scania F821810602 PMCSA 4629 10/1987C49F
ex CJ 7202, Oakley's Coaches, Snug, TAS, ex CJ 7202, Lovells Coaches, Kettering, TAS, ex (22) CJ 7202, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS.
SC 5F 10 NL Merecedes Benz 0303/230120461023237 Ansair MB 1363 / MB1356 6/82C49F
ex (2) BM 8481, Cresswell's Coaches, West Hobart, TAS. (C44F)
SC 6B 58 ZP Scania K94IBYS4L4X20001834386 Coach Design 161 08/1999C53F
ex 7575 AO, 7198 AO, 2048 AO, Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, VIC, ex WHU 688, Coachlines of Australia, Trinity Gardens, SA, ex (14) WHU 688, Sealink, Kangaroo Island, SA.
SC 6FM 5794 Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63420121000025 Coach Design 477 09/2006C57F
ex (undelivered), G.W. Hughes, Mullumbimby, NSW.
Sold to McDermott Coaches, Exeter, TAS.
SC 7ED 3358 Hino CM277KJHDCM277KXXX40042 NCBC 040 11/1990B57F
SOLD for camper, Exeter, TAS.
ex ED 3358, Roberts Coaches, Huonville, TAS.
ex ED 3358, G. Sainty, Launceston, TAS.
ex (16) MO 1906, Brumpton, Coffs Harbour, NSW.
ex MO 1906, Cooma Coaches, Cooma, NSW.
B 06 XQ Mercedes Benz OC162135509965153966 Denning "Majestic" F015 04/1986C49F
SOLD to Reynolds, Cambridge, TAS. ex DE 4352, Oakley's Coaches, Snug, TAS, ex DE 4352, B. Sainty, Launceston, TAS, ex (8) DE 4352, Tasmanian Redline Coaches, Launceston, TAS, ex 508 PYU, North Arm Bus Service, North Arm, QLD.
B 56 HH Scania K112TR1809526 PMCSA 4568 12/1986C57F
ex (C46FT), ex 332 JJG, Sainty's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Nerang, QLD, ex (320) MO 37, 875 BUA, TV 1330, MO 80, Murray's Coaches, Red Hill, ACT, ex (204) 182 PUL, Sunliner Express, Manly, QLD.
Sold to Oakley Coaches, Snug, TAS.
B 63 TY Hino CH160 40236 Hino - 1988C25F
ex B 63 TY, Evans Coaches, Geeveston, TAS; ex Japan (Import).
B 68 LT MAN 10.1556AB7520510MX00837 Express 013 05/1997B31FW
ex (Sootie Budgie) 1964 MO, MO 9570, Sawtell Coaches, Sawtell, NSW.
B 97 KR Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461873623 PMCA 2115 8.1991B49F
ex 7146AO, Loddon Transit, Dingee, VIC. ex 0309AC, ex EPC962 Manleys, Serpentine, VIC.
BM 8481 Mercedes Benz O30330120461023237 Ansair MB1363 06/1982C44F
ex Cresswell, Hobart, TAS. First reg 22/6/82.
Was dereg 21/6/11 & Sold for a motorhome.
D 01 NR Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40096 Volgren VG315 11/1990B49F
ex Peninsula, Melbourne (451) 4451AO ex (51), ex EKD311.
D 39 XS Hino RK176KJHDRK176KXXX40488 PMCA "Commuter" 2170 03/1992DP49F
ex Cardinia Transit (163) 4743AO. ex ESJ180; ex (48) ESJ180 Berwick Bus Lines, Officer, Victoria.
DS 4204 Toyota CoasterJT43PB5108000110 5/1993B21C
ex DS 4204, Roberts Coaches, Huonville, TAS.
E 91 AN Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PG2511500 PMC 1873 8/89RB53F
SOLD to J. Carroll, Dilston TAS for motorhome.
ex 4397MO, CDC Group, NSW. Westbus, St Marys, NSW.ex m/o 7815; ex Toronto Bus Service, Toronto, NSW (2) m/o 7815.
E 96 AN Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PJ3000038 PMC 2126 11/1991B57F
ex 4370MO, CDC, NSW; ex MO 1960-ex MO 1960 Morisset Bus Service, N.S.W.
E 97 AN Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PG2511497 PMC 1860 4/89RB57F
SOLD for mobile doctors surgery.
ex (63) m/o7974, Glenorie Bus Co, Dural, NSW
ER 4417 Mercedes Benz OC161735509865123795 PMCSA 4462 12/1985C41FV
ex (71) CE 5250, UNR 126, Tasmanian Redline Coaches, Launceston, TAS.
REX 777 Mitsubishi FJ527F MMC 1/1998C37F
ex Coach Tram Tours, Launceston, TAS. F 1951
REX 777 Hino FD164L10355 MBS B325 03/1985C35F
SOLD to Brett's Coach Service, Ulverstone, TAS. ex CL 5514, Evans Coaches, Geeveston, TAS. ex (34) CL 5514, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS.
? MCA - CAT 3208T6F9301C08LB004179 MCA B118 1991C53FTV
ex (419) 219 CTA, Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads, NSW, ex (219 CTA, 119 AYR, Coachtrans, Coomera, QLD.
SOLD for a camper conversion, never saw service at Sainty's.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 41

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