Loone (Phillip) - Longford

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Loone (Phillip) - Longford.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
B 64 ZN Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB382004WB168133 ABM "Starliner" 89094 4/00B57F
ex (30) 5837 MO, ex m/o 634, Forster Coaches, Forster, NSW.
ex (48) m/o 634, Connex NSW Pty Ltd, Taren Point, NSW.
ex m/o 634, m/o 7818, Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley, NSW.
FP 6987 Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461915911 Volgren VG400 02/1992C49F
ex (7) TV 3329, Holiday King Coaches Pty Ltd, Kingsgrove, NSW by 10/07, ex Royal Australian Army, Canberra, ACT.
Total buses in fleet = 2
Previously operated vehicles
CU 5724 Mercedes Benz O30330120421019969 Ansair MB1339 05/1981C42FT
ex (201), (118) CUG 402, Tolu Pty Ltd t/a New Wrights Coaches, Cheltenham, VIC, ex (2) CUG 402, AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd, Oakleigh, VIC, ex (59) SET 176, Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd, Hampton, VIC.
Sold for a motorhome.
DN 3432 Asia Combi Asia - 1987C18C
Sold for a motorhome.
EU 1054 Isuzu ECR570AJ875163 Austral 0739 12/1984B57F
ex (3) MO 8195, E.L. & L.M. Beaumont, Mullumbimby, NSW by 25/7/03, ex MO 8195, Ellenlee, Lismore, NSW, ex MO 8195, Watt's Bus Service, Mullumbimby, NSW.
Dereg 29/4/13.
FH 0671 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261687244 PMCSA 4536 07/1986B49F
ex 2989 AO, CYF 206, P.D. & J.A. Whitehead, Corryong, VIC, ex CYF 206, Treilgas, Corryong, VIC.
Dereg 17/1/11 & held u/r as at 5/13.
FJ 0020 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB38200461712410 Custom Coaches 87-79 09/1987RB45F
ex 2993 AO, DFO 913, P.D. & J.A. Whitehead, Corryong, VIC.
Dereg 20/10/12 & held u/r as at 5/13.
u/r Nissan RB30R00130 Custom Coaches 82-253 01/11/1982RB61F
ex (7) MO 8042, G.J. Ryan t/a Ryan's Coaches, Bathurst, NSW, ex MO 8042, B.J. & C.E. Thackeray, Raglan, NSW.
Repainted white, but believed to have never been registered.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 6

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