George Town Coaches - George Town

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by George Town Coaches - George Town.

Fleet List

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
A 33 JZ Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177NB961492 PMCA "Coachette" 4955 05/1993B38F
ex A 33 JZ, Sewell, George Town, TAS, ex 4770 AO, FKO 714, Winterhalter, Korumburra, VIC, ex FKO 714, G.A. Tosch, Toora, VIC.
FC 4362 Volvo B6FA0115 Newnham 82-319 01/1983RB53F
ex FC 4362, Sewell, George Town, TAS, ex 0209 AO, NOF 709, CKZ 784, Simcock's Bus Service, Garfield, VIC, ex CKZ 784, Camperdown Bus Service, Camperdown, VIC.
FE 0619 Volvo B58-6116799 PMCSA 4311 04/1982RC49F
ex FE 0619, Sewell, George Town, TAS, ex (51) 2478 AO, BJI 622, Christian's Bus Company, Ararat, VIC, ex BJI 622, McMillan Motors, Ararat, VIC (RC37FV).
Total buses in fleet = 3
Previously operated vehicles
A 21 SW Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PG2511711 Centurion 400 03/1989B49F
ex A 21 SW, Sewell, George Town, TAS, ex 5799 AO, 0003 AO, DRZ 122, Winterhalter, Korumburra, VIC, ex DRZ 122, Crocombe, Foster, VIC.
B 95 ST Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40536 PMCA "XL" 2562 10/1995B57F
SOLD to Buses 'R' Us, South Riana, TAS.
ex MDG 3334, H. & S. Elliot, Perth, WA
ex MDG 3334, R.R. & S.C. Wiggins, Perth, WA.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 2

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