Fun Bus/Tassie Tours - Hobart.

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Fun Bus/Tassie Tours - Hobart..

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
J 27 ZL LDV SV63B 2021
Tassie Tours livery.
K 16 AI LDV SV63B 2021
Tassie Tours livery.
L 30 EO Toyota Hiace 2019
Tassie Tours livery.
L 81 BK LDV SV63B 2022
Tassie Tours livery.
XT 06 AH Hino RJ17200065 Hino 1989C37F
XT 31 BJ Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823552 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6198 1995B42D
ex (646) MET 646, Metro Tasmania, Hobart, TAS.
XT 62 BT Toyota Coaster 2017
XT 72 AU Toyota Coaster 2012
Tassie Tours livery.
XT 75 CK Mitsubishi Rosa 2022
XT 83 AQ Higer Munro 2012
Tassie Tours livery.
XT 90 BD Volvo B10ML12927 PMCSA 6754 11/1986B80F
FUN BUS AOA livery. ex F 41 EM, ex MET 717, Metro Tasmania, Hobart via Auction; ex GV 4057.
XV 58 WI Mitsubishi Rosa 2021
Tassie Tours livery.
Total buses in fleet = 12
Previously operated vehicles
B 85 JO Mercedes Benz OH131634520261698075 Ansair OH1750 06/1987B49F
ex FD 4857, Oakley, Snug, TAS; ex FD 4857, Lovells Coaches, Kettering, TAS; ex (21) 1121 AO, FUR 998, DCV 603, Tullamarine Bus Lines, Tullamarine, VIC (B39D).
CU 2495 Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200464609695 PMCSA 4847 09/1990C49F
ex (52) CU 2495, Well's Waggons, Smithton, TAS; ex (27) CU 2495, O'Driscoll's Coaches Pty Ltd, Granton, TAS -/09; ex (4), (53) CU 2495 Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS.
FN 5712 Leyland Atlantean804894 Park Royal B56110 1972H47/32D
ex JJY 624G, Plymouth, UK.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 3

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