Experience Tasmania - Hobart

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Experience Tasmania - Hobart.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
04F 98 RN Toyota Sahara 20175
07EM 8813 Volkswagon 'Transporter' van 2000C7C
08E 24 FE Hyundai 'Imax' van 2016C7C
10F 25 WD Renault 'Master' Van 2017C11C
12E 98 HV Mercedes Benz 313CDI Mercedes Benz 2012C13C
12K 04 JL Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2003
21C 22 PF Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Rosa 2010C24C
22E 91 TZ Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Rosa 2012C24C
24XT 00 DF Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Rosa 2011C24C
Rego change from D 29 AV
25F 43 SK Higer Higer 'Munro' 2017C25FMONA Roma
27EU 2114 Mercedes Benz LO815DWDB6703742N080186 Alan B Denning 'Vario' 82256 2000C27F
ex EU 2144, Smith's Coaches, South Riana, TAS.
ex MO 4548, Simes Bus Service, Lismore, NSW.
29DN 8800 Bedford SB5(Perkins)J343225 Coach Tram custom made. 1995C29C
Rebody of Ansair SB701 of 5/73 which was a bookmobile with Hobart State Library.
34FS 4311 BCI PK6830ATLGG5SKCM87H003012 BCI 'Cruiser' 10/10/07C34FT
ex FS 4311, Smith's Coaches, South Riana, TAS.
37F 40 JI Bonluck JXK6960CC5R LA9C1ARW0GBJXK110 BLK President 9 1.1.2016C39F
ex F 40 JI Austrips, Devonport, TAS.
39D 92 ZY Bonluck JXK6960CR JXK208 BLK 'President' 2014C39F
48XT 80 BW MAN 18.350WMARR8ZZ7NF017916 Bonluck 'President 2' 2023C48F
49FS 2788 BCI PK6127ATLSFC13087CC002818 BCI 'Cruiser' 2009C49FT
50B 14 BB BCI PK6127ATLSFC13087CC005255 BCI 'Cruiser' 2010C50FT
57H 13 EO Higer Higer 'Road Boss' 2012C57F
78XT 62 AL Anhui Ankai HFF6121GS-4 Anaki 12/19O58/21Dw
I 06 LD Renault "Master Van" C13C
XT 00 DF Mitsubishi Rosa 2006MONA Roma
Total buses in fleet = 22
Previously operated vehicles
26DQ 6008 Mercedes Benz LO814D9BM688176TB110383 Alan B Denning 'Vario' 82207 1997C26F
SOLD for Motorhome, Avoca Beach NSW.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 1

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