Stones Bus Services, Keith

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Stones Bus Services, Keith.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingDepot
26XDJ 080 Toyota HiAce Commuter Toyota - B13CKeith
33XHF 956 Renault MRC6TRLR210P00111107 ABM 88347 5/1999B57FBordertown
ex 2045 AO-ex PVF 688 Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, Vic
54SB 76 BW MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ28C011886 King Long '6126AU' KLAB08-037 1/2009C57FBordertown
Displayed at the 2009 BusVic Maintnance Conference
70SB 37 EP Mitsubishi Rosa0065 MMC - C??CL
Signwritten for Tatiara Passenger Service.
76SB 33 EJ MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ17C009688 King Long '6126AU' KLAB07-003 12/2008C57FWynarka
80SB 38 EJ King Long3186 King Long '6102AU' C45FCoomandook
81SB 71 DA King LongLA6R1DSC09B202251 King Long '6900AU' KLAB09-035 2009C3?FCoomandook
ex King Long stock
82SB 14 EZ Fuso Rosa0451 Fuso - C24FCoomandook
83SB 74 EZ Fuso Rosa Fuso - C24FTintinara
88SB 53 EJ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RG10108 Fuso - 2011C24F
99SB 77 FL Higer558197 Higer 'Munro' 6/2011C28CNaracoorte
100SB 78 FL Higer558176 Higer 'Munro' - 6/2011C28C
101SB 79 FL Higer558168 Higer 'Munro' - 6/2011C28CCoomandook
103SB 86 FL Higer588174 Higer 'Munro' - 6/2011C28CCoomandook
107SB 29 HO Higer585753 Higer 'Munro' - 2013C27CLameroo
1520 NV Mercedes-Benz 313 Sprinter9766 Mercedes-Benz - C13CKeith
1581 NV Mercedes-Benz 313 Sprinter - C13CCoonalpyn
S342 BCA Toyota HiAce Commuter9462 Toyota - B14CKeith
Signed for Keith Mini-Bus Hire (Self Drive).
SB 07 FC Fuso Rosa0561 MMC - 2011C24CKeith
SB 16 KW Higer626945 Higer 'Munro' - 2014C28C
SB 23 FC Fuso Rosa0555 Fuso - 2011C24CPinnaroo
SB 30 EJ Golden Dragon1267 Golden Dragon 'Glider' Keith
SB 31 EJ MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ08C011174 King Long '6126AU' KLAB08-022 6/2008C57F
ex (38) 7177 AO Berwick Bus Lines (Dineen Group), Officer, Vic.
SB 33 HO Higer5750 Higer 'Munro' - C28CLameroo
SB 34 EJ MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ08C011367 King Long '6126AU' KLAB08-028 7/2008C57FBordertown
ex (30) 3030 AO Panorama Coaches (Dineen Group), Diamond Creek, Vic.
SB 38 EJ King LongWMAA91ZZ99C012759 King Long '6126AU' KLAB09-002 2009C57FKingston
SB 39 EJ King Long6272 King Long 2011Bordertown
SB 42 ER Mitsubishi Rosa0124 MMC - C24F
SB 42 HC MAN 18.2908365 MCV 'Elite S-120' Bordertown
SB 43 EJ Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSKXXX10020 King Long '6126AU' KLAB08-017 2008C57FBordertown
ex 0283 AO-ex 0277 AO Heyfield Bus Service (Dineen Group), Heyfield, Vic.
SB 43 ER Fuso Rosa10134 Fuso - 2012C24FKeith
SB 44 EJ King Long0511 King Long '6102AU' 2011
SB 46 AB Mitsubishi Rosa0677 MMC - C24FNaracoorte
ex SB 46 AB Coorong Coaches, Coonalpyn, S.A.
SB 54 DA Mitsubishi Rosa0753 MMC - C24FKeith
SB 54 EU Fuso Rosa0577 Fuso - C24F
SB 60 EQ MAN 18.2806270 King Long '6126AU' C57F
SB 61 EJ King LongLA6R1DSC9CB200201 King Long '6900AU' 5/2012C35FLameroo
SB 63 MG Higer H7170727237 Higer - 2018C28CKeith
SB 65 EJ Golden Dragon1268 Golden Dragon 'Glider' Keith
SB 67 EJ Golden Dragon1823 Golden Dragon 'Glider'
SB 69 EJ Fuso Rosa0277 Fuso - C24F
SB 69 FC BCI0023 BCI
SB 70 EJ Fuso Rosa0300 Fuso - C24F
SB 72 DA King LongLA6R1DSC19B202508 King Long '6900AU' KLAB09-042 12/2010C35F
ex King Long stock
SB 73 EJ Fuso Rosa0471 Fuso - 2012C24CLameroo
SB 74 EZ Fuso Rosa0466 Fuso - C24F
SB 76 CX BCILGG5SKCM19H006059 BCI 'Proma' Keith
SB 85 FL Higer Munro558161 Higer - 2011C28CKeith
SB 91 FL MAN 18.2907161 MCV 'Elite S-120' Bordertown
SB 99 LS King Long King Long '6120AU' Coomandook
WDE 428 Toyota HiAce Commuter Toyota - B14CKeith
XCA 136 Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BB00195 Mitsubishi - 3/2001C24FKeith
Signwritten for Tatiara Tours
XCN 000 Mitsubishi Rosa0612 Mitsubishi - C24FKeith
XDA 889 Toyota HiAce Commuter Toyota - Keith
XGZ 738 Mitsubishi Rosa0086 Mitsubishi - B24CKeith
XHS 806 Autobus - Cummins C8.36F9P05000V2UX7037 Autobus 116 12/12/1997C53FKeith
ex XHS 806 Coorong Coaches, Coorong, S.A.-ex (534) 393 EFC Down Under Tours, Cairns, Qld-ex 393 EFC Sungold Holidays, Southport, Qld-ex 393 EFC National Tour Company, Southport, Qld
XS 18AW Higer H71701753 Higer - 2019C28CKeith
XS 33BV Higer H71701754 Higer - 2019C28CKeith
? Higer Munro Higer C28CLameroo
? MAN 18.360 HOCL-R King Long KLAB09-002 2011
? MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ99C012759 King Long '6126AU' KLAB09-002 2009C57F
Total buses in fleet = 61

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