Southside Roadlines

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Southside Roadlines.

Fleet List

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
SB 20 FY Higer - Cummins7742 Higer 'Munro' C28F
SB 34 BO Volvo B7RYV3R6B5151A002245 Alan B. Denning 'Galaxy' 14065 24/04/2001C57F
ex SB 34 BO Rufus Bus and Coach, Strathalbyn, S.A.-ex 078 KKR LTD Bus & Truck Rental, Southport, QLD-ex 612 GAT Aries Tours, Southport, Qld.
SB 54 KO MAN 24.3606AB3870167MX00410 Coach Design 062 2/1996C48FT
ex 1859 AO-ex NRC 238 Ford's Bus Service, Shepparton, Vic.
WXZ 007 MAN 22.4206ABA560010MX00786 Coach Design 079 25/9/1996C48FT
ex (25) WXZ 007 ABM Coachlines, Regency Park, S.A.-ex (25) 3025 AO-ex NYT 664 Panorama Coaches, Diamond Creek, Vic
Total buses in fleet = 4
Previously operated vehicles
RLV 215 Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R7105431 Denning 367 12/05/1972RC49F
ex RLV 215 Premier Roadlines, Mile End, S.A.-ex RLV 215 Yorke Peninsula Coaches, Wallaroo, S.A.
SOLD to Road King Coaches, Port Adelaide, S.A. as RLV 215.
SIDE 01 Denning - GM 6v92TTA6F9LDAD30LA001036 Denning 'Landseer' 1336 3/1990C46FTB
ex (342) TV 1640 Murrays, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (120) EBJ 076New Wrights Coaches, Cheltenham, Vic.
SIDE 02 Denning - GM 6v71RED80-72 Denning 'Mono' 355 3/04/1972RC41F
ex (13) RDX 674 Premier Roadlines, Mile End, S.A.-ex (13) RDX 674 Stateliner, Adelaide, S.A.
SIDE 03 Denning - GM 8v71REDA739-421-79 Denning 'Denair' 739 8/1979RC45FT
ex SDO 860 Stateliner, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD to Cherry City Coaches, Young, N.S.W. at TV 673.
SIDE 03 Denning - GM 6v92DDEC6F9LSBF30LA001050 Denning 'Landseer' 1366 2/1990C48FT
SOLD to Deluxe Travel, Henley Beach, S.A. as DLUX 01.
SPW 188 Bedford YMT3675138 Ansair YMT1183 1981C45F
ex SPW 188 K.I. Connection, Adelaide, S.A.-ex SPW 188 Bryley Coaches, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD as camper.
VAX 203 Denning - GM 6v92TTADL1175-859-86 Denning 'Landseer' 1175 11/1986C46FT
ex (99) 215 PWZ-ex TC 731 Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Vic.
VCP 302 IBC Mk II - CAT 3208T UF251183 Denning 'Majestic' F005 16/04/1984RC26FT
ex TV 785-ex TV 305 Hornsby Group (Koala Tours), Waitara, N.S.W.
SOLD to Coachquip, Richmond, S.A. as VCP 302.
? Albion Viking VK5551689A Smithfield SB513 18/6/1976B49D
ex m/o 5950 Westway, Bankstown Airport, N.S.W.-ex m/o 5950 Milperra Bus Co, Milperra, N.S.W.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 9

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