Hunter, Mt Gambier

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Hunter, Mt Gambier.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
SB 15 FM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000525 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120475AB 10/2012C57F
SB 22 FM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000445 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 110425AB 1/2012C57F
SB 23 FM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000443 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 110424AB 1/2012C57F
Total buses in fleet = 3
Previously operated vehicles
SBU 279 Bedford SB5NJM2BZ601967 Freighter 6176 1976SB66F
ex EDSA, South Australia.
WRJ 878 Mercedes-Benz OH131634520261704911 Ansair (Tas) TL6004 2/7/1987B49F
ex (355) MET 355-ex GV 4549 Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, Tas (B42D)
WRJ 939 Mercedes-Benz OH131634520261717855 Ansair (Tas) TL6023 20/4/1988B49F
ex (215) MET 215-ex GV 5647 Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, Tas (B42D).
WSB 804 Mercedes-Benz OH131634520261712702 Ansair (Tas) TL6008 9/9/1987B49F
ex (359) MET 359-ex GV 4766 Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, Tas (B42D)
No of withdrawn buses listed = 4

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