Grant's Coach Lines

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Grant's Coach Lines.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
Autobus - GM Series 60Autobus1SB 64 LG
Autobus - CumminsAutobus1SB 49 FK
Autobus - Cummins ISCAutobus1SB 35 HT
Autobus - Cummins L10Autobus1SB 60 ER
Fuso RosaMMC4SB 15 KJ, SB 16 KJ, SB 17 KJ, SB 91 LD
Fuso Rosa DeluxeMMC1SB 70 LJ
HigerHiger 'RoadBoss'1SB 04 MC
Hino RB8Chiron/UBC1SB 12 MX
Mercedes-Benz OH1830Volgren 'Endura'4XS 22BG, XS 36AS, XS 37AS, XS 38BV
Mercedes-Benz OH1830Volgren 'SC222'1XS 39BB
Mitsubishi RosaMMC1WUR 334
Mitsubishi Rosa DeluxeMMC1SB 58 EV
Scania K93CRBAustral Denning 'Aspire'1SB 81 BT
Scania L94UBVolgren 'CR224L'1XS 09DR
Volvo B11RCoach Concepts1SB 43 NQ
Volvo B11RCoach Design1XS 98AT
Volvo B11RKing Long11KK 4XK
Volvo B7RAutobus2SB 27 JR, SB 90 JL
Volvo B9RMarcopolo 'Audace 1050'1SB 50 LG
Volvo B9RMarcopolo 'Audace'2XS 77CL, XS 78CL
Yutong ZK6930H - Cummins ISBYutong1SB 86 MB

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