Sunbus - Bustech XDi - CAT C7/Bustech "XDi"

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Sunbus.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
2621904 LVV Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J051 Bustech "XDi" 09/076 08/2009B51DWAOACairns
AOA for Cellarbrations
2622905 LVV Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J050 Bustech "XDi" 09/075 08/2009B51DWCairns
2623906 LVV Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J053 Bustech "XDi" 09/078 08/2009B51DWAOACairns
AOA for Pillow Talk
2624907 LVV Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J052 Bustech "XDi" 09/077 08/2009B51DWAOACairns
AOA for Eddy Williams Locksmith
2625015 LWO Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J054 Bustech "XDi" 09/079 08/2009B51DWCairns
5614771 LKG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL8073J069 Bustech "XDi" 08/100 11/2008B51DWTransLinkMarcoola
5615773 LKG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL8073J070 Bustech "XDi" 08/101 11/2008B51DWTransLinkMarcoola
5616750 LKG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL8073J072 Bustech "XDi" 08/083 12/2008B51DWTransLinkMarcoola
5617772 LKG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL8073J071 Bustech "XDi" 08/102 11/2008B51DWTransLinkMarcoola
5621133 LNG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J021 Bustech "XDi" 09/002 03/2009B51DWTransLinkMarcoola
5622131 LNG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J020 Bustech "XDi" 09/001 03/2009B51DWAOAMarcoola
AOA for Coastline Mini Garage
5623132 LNG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J019 Bustech "XDi" 08/104 03/2009B51DWTransLinkMarcoola
5624134 LNG Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J018 Bustech "XDi" 08/103 03/2009B51DWTransLinkMarcoola
5627005 LPU Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J024 Bustech "XDi" 09/011 04/2009B51DWAOAMarcoola
AOA for Aussie World
5629647 LQY Bustech XDi - CAT C76T9P05AAL9073J026 Bustech "XDi" 09/013 04/2009B51DWAOAMarcoola
AOA for Garry Crick Volkswagen
Total buses in fleet = 15

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