Southern Cross Transit - Karalee

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Southern Cross Transit - Karalee.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
303 BUS Volvo B7RYV3R6K6238A123518 Custom Coaches "SB400" 08-093 04/2009B57F
6BUS 06 Volvo B7RYV3R6K6288A123515 Custom Coaches "SB400" 08-092 04/2009B57F
9BUS 09 MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ4AC014293 Coach Design 671 03/2010C67F
11BUS 11 Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177SB054226 Custom Coaches 95-370 02/1996B29FAOA
AOA for St George Bank
Reg 26/11/11, ex (4) m/o 8967, Interline Bus Services, Macquarie Fields, NSW.
13BUS 13 King Long 6120ASLA6A1LAK3FB401581 King Long "6120AS" 2015C57FL
First reg 29/6/15.
14BUS 14 King Long 6120ASLA6A1LAK4FB401590 King Long "6120AS" 2015C57FL
First reg 29/6/15.
15BUS 15 King Long 6120ASLA6A1LAK8FB401592 King Long "6120AS" 2015C57FL
First reg 29/6/15.
16BUS 16 Volvo B7RYV3R6R724EA163318 Marcopolo "Audace 1050" - 11/2013SC70F
ex Stock - First reg 1/9/14.
18BUS 18 MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ1AC014297 Coach Design 682 06/2010C67F
ex Stock.
24BUS 24 Volvo B7RYV3R6B514WA000249 Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" 14028 02/1999C53F
ex m/o 7830, Interline Bus Service, Macquarie Fields, NSW, ex 172 EXF, Kooralbyn, Coaches, Kooralbyn, QLD.
25BUS 25 Volvo B7RYV3R6K6298A127296 Volgren "SC222" VM0086 01/2009C57F
26BUS 26 Volvo B7RYV3R6K6228A127494 Volgren "SC222" VM0089 01/2009C57F
27BUS 27 Volvo B7RYV3R6K6268A129331 Volgren "SC222" VM0096 01/2009C57F
32BUS 32 Volvo B7RYV3R6K7216A114974 Volgren "SC222" VM0030 08/2008C57F
34BUS 34 Volvo B7RYV3R6R729DA161983 Marcopolo "Audace 1050" - 09/2013C57F
ex Stock - First reg 21/1/14.
36BUS 36 Volvo B7RYV3R6R622CA155491 Volgren "SC222" VM0310 12/2012C70F
ex Stock.
37BUS 37 Volvo B7RYV3R6R62XCA155724 Volgren "SC222" VM0311 12/2012C70F
ex Stock.
38BUS 38 Volvo B7RYV3R6R624CA158179 Volgren "SC222" VM0312 12/2012C70F
ex Stock.
4040 BUS Volvo B7RYV3R6R621BA148031 Coach Design 724 06/2011C57FAOA
AOA for Willowbank Raceway
41BUS 41 Volvo B7RYV3R6R627DA158355 Volgren "SC222" VM0313 2013C57F
First reg 18/1/13, ex Stock.
43BUS 43 White Higer MidiBossLKLR1DSB0BA572733 White Higer "MidiBoss" 112640022 01/2012C33F
ex 575 TBQ, Victory College, Gympie, QLD, 6/17.
48BUS 48 Mercedes Benz LO8149BM688176VB116040 Alan B. Denning "Vario" 82195 12/1997C26F
ex 132 VDS, unknown school operator, QLD via Mercedes Benz (dlr) -/15, ex 126 RHE, Lolai Coach Tours, Gold Coast, QLD, ex 839 FVL, N. & N. Tours, Sunnybank, QLD, ex Stock.
49BUS 49 Csepel 633.05TRC663305W0101002 Volgren "CR221" VG1086 02/1999B36FW
Reg 2/2/16, ex (16) m/o 1966, m/o 7625, Interline Bus Services, Macquarie Fields, NSW, 1/16.
50BUS 50 Csepel 633.05TRC663305V0111004 Volgren "CR221" VG1085 02/1999B36FW
Reg 10/3/16, ex (15) m/o 7623, Interline Bus Services, Macquarie Fields, NSW, 1/16.
5151 BUS Volvo B7RYV3R6R629DA158440 Volgren "SC222" VM0314 12/2012C57F
First reg 18/1/13, ex Stock.
52BUS 52 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177GB028370 Irizar "i6" 2017C61F
First reg 28/2/17.
53BUS 53 Volvo B7RYV3R6R627BA151371 Irizar "Century 3500" 09/2011B57F
54BUS 54 Volvo B7RYV3R6R629BA151372 Irizar "Century 3500" 09/2011B57F
55BUS 55 Scania L94IBYS4L4X20001836461 QCC "Orbit" SS0038 04/2000B61F
ex (55) BUS 55, Southern Cross Transit (Horwood), Karalee, QLD.
56BUS 56 Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177GB028551 Irizar "i6" 252-273 2017C61F
First reg 28/2/17.
57BUS 57 Scania L94IBYS4L4X20001836463 QCC "Majestic" SS0032 09/2000B61F
ex (57) BUS 57, Southern Cross Transit (Horwood), Karalee, QLD.
68BUS 68 Volvo B7RYV3R6R720DA161984 Marcopolo "Audace 1050" - 09/2013C57F
ex Stock - First reg 21/1/14.
99BUS 99 Spartan - Cummins L104VZYR7996XC028914 Coach Design 160 08/1999C57F
ex (99) BUS 99, Southern Cross Transit (Horwood), Karalee, QLD.
Total buses in fleet = 33

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