Mackay Transit Coaches - Paget

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Mackay Transit Coaches - Paget.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
18525 DGH MAN SL2026ABA080140AX00533 NCBC 130 02/1996B61F
19821 WMW MAN SL2026ABA080138AX00531 NCBC 116 06/1995C57F
ex 525 CZU, -/16.
60942 FZW Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821097848 Custom Coaches "CB60" 00-396 04/2001B49FW
61940 FZW Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821097847 Custom Coaches "CB60" 00-397 04/2001B49FW
62758 GQW Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB35743821096366 Bustech 00/42 12/2000B49FW
ex (98) MO 5385, King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW.
63480 HLE Mercedes Benz OH17259BM3821863B335142 Custom Coaches "SB400" 03-048 12/2003B61F
64534 ILW Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821753B361865 Custom Coaches "SB400" 04-054 01/2005B61F
65173 ISI Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000186 Bustech "VST" 05/42 6/2005B55FW
66172 ISI Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000197 Bustech "VST" 05/43 6/2005B55FW
67083 IWV Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821755B414560 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0287 09/2005C61F
68380 IWV Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821755B423463 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0289 09/2005C61F
69005 JWP Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821766B481066 Bustech "Graduate" 06/099 01/2007B61F
79171 RAG MAN 16.2406AB4790182MX00667 NCBC 140 06/1996B61F
ex 352 KAK, ex MO 9363, Cowan's Coaches, Singleton, NSW, ex (17) MO 9363, Picton Coaches, Picton, NSW.
83995 MXL MAN 16.2207ABA800812AD01465 Designline JN8988 05/2010B44FW
84994 MXL MAN 16.2207ABA800811AD01464 Designline JN8989 05/2010B44FW
85626 KWP MAN 16.2207ABA800514AD01166 Designline JN8506 2007B43FW
86534 KEJ MAN 16.2207ABA800519AD01171 Designline JN8503 2007B43FW
87535 KEJ MAN 16.2207ABA800518AD01170 Designline JN8502 2007B43FW
88725 KVF MAN 16.2207ABA800511AD01163 Designline JN8501 2007B43FW
89727 KVF MAN 16.2207ABA800512AD01164 Designline JN8504 2007B43FW
93304 KTD Mercedes Benz OH16219BM3820691B276352 Custom Coaches "SB40" 02-058 09/2002B61F
ex MO 6447, BUS 904, Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW.
94500 KTZ Mercedes Benz OH16219BM3820691B263883 Custom Coaches "SB40" 01-251 05/2002B61F
ex MO 6446, BUS 900, Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW.
95501 KTZ Mercedes Benz OH16219BM3820691B276150 Custom Coaches "SB40" 02-050 08/2002B61F
ex MO 6464, BUS 902, Premier Motor Service, Nowra, NSW.
96570 KTU Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821767B548910 Bustech "SBM" 07/200 03/2008B61F
101610 LGG MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ98C011884 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMAN0639 10/2008B61F
102233 LIG MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ68C012216 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMAN0640 10/2008B61F
103984 LIF MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ88C012413 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMAN0641 12/2008B61F
113658 MXC Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40427 Custom Coaches 94-82 09/1994RB57F
ex (13) 3813 AO, (12A) RBD 311, Latrobe Valley Bus Lines, Traralgon, VIC.
115721 RAJ Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFP528805500077 Toyota - 12/2009C21C
116297 RBG MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ0AC014310 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMAN0739 07/2010B61F
117274 SBT Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000440 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 110414AB 02/2012C57F
118520 SBT Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000441 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 110415AB 02/2012C57F
119111 MFI Daewoo BS120CNKL5UU61PEAU000001 Chiron/UBC "ULF" 110283AD 2012B49FW
ex Stock.
120346 SED Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFP528905500492 Toyota - 2012B21C
121326 SGP Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000479 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 110417AB 06/2012C44FT
122816 SIK Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000480 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 110419AB 05/2012C44FT
123428 SJT Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P000015417 Toyota - 10/2012C14C
124435 SPJ Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000528 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120479AB 11/2012C50F
125741 SUY Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P700015561 Toyota - 2013B14C
126625 SUP Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000539 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120488AB 02/2013C48FT
ex Stock.
127738 SUP Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000542 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120491AB 02/2013C48FT
128138 SWN Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000544 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120493AB 02/2013C48FT
129137 SWN Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000543 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120492AB 02/2013C48FT
130414 SWN Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000580 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120500AB 04/2013C48FT
500th vehicle constructed by Chiron/UBC.
131711 SUY Fuso RosaJLFBE64DG0RG10132 Fuso - 2012C24C
132140 SYE Daewoo BS120SNKL5UU61NECU000002 Chiron/UBC "ULF" 120478AD 04/2013B49FW
133141 SYE Daewoo BS120SNKL5UU61NECU000005 Chiron/UBC "ULF" 120489AD 04/2013B49FW
134051 TAL Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000507 Volgren "CR228L" VQ1019 2013B45DW
135354 TAL Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000589 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120509AB 06/2013C48FT
ex Stock.
136356 TAL Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000594 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120519AB 07/2013C48FT
137357 TAL Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000604 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120529AB 07/2013C48FT
138020 THB Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000603 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120526AB 09/2013C48FT
139021 THB Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000607 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120531AB 10/2013C48FT
140023 THB Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000605 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120530AB 10/2013C48FT
141017 TMZ Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000608 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120532AB 11/2013C48FTL
142031 TSO Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000611 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120535AB 03/2014C48FT
143763 TUM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000616 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120544AB 05/2014B61F
144764 TUM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000613 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120541AB 06/2014C48FT
145119 TYI Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEDU000696 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 120548AB 07/2014B61F
146959 XJF Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321000031 Volgren "Optimus" VG4392 2017B45DW
First reg 24/7/17.
147XQ 50FV Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321700164 Volgren "Optimus" VG4831 2019B45DW
First reg 26/3/19.
148XQ 51FV Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321700165 Volgren "Optimus" VG4832 2019B45DW
First reg 26/3/19.
149XQ 35GF Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321700166 Volgren "Optimus" VG4833 2019B45DW
First reg 11/4/19.
150XQ 10BP Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB967880 Custom 02/2018B61F
First reg 21/12/18.
151XQ 11BP Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177EB967860 Custom 02/2018B61F
First reg 21/12/18.
152XQ 66QA Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63443121700137 Volgren Malaysia "Endura" VM0532 2020C57F
First reg 2/12/20
XQ 12TI Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321700291 Volgren "Optimus" VG5269 2021
First reg 27/8/21
XQ 13TI Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321700290 Volgren "Optimus" VG5268 2021
First reg 27/8/21
XQ 18YH Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321700293 Volgren "Optimus" VG5356 2021
First reg 2/2/22
XQ 19YH Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442321700294 Volgren "Optimus" VG5357 2021
First reg 2/2/22
XQ 88VX Scania K320UBYS2K4X20001905065 Bustech "VST" 2021
Ethanol Bus
XQ 89VX Scania K320UBYS2K4X20001905066 Bustech "VST" 2021
Ethanol Bus
Total buses in fleet = 72

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