Imperial Pacific Coaches - Molendinar

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Imperial Pacific Coaches - Molendinar.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
404404 JYR MCA - GM 6V92TTA6F9301D06SB004287 MCA LAS337 06/1995SC83F
ex (C52FTB), ex (407) 407 PUP, Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, QLD, ex (407) 407 CWD, McCafferty's Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD.
410160 HZU Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01825270 Austral Denning "Majestic" CM01220 08/1995C69F
ex (C44FT), ex (10) 160 HZU, Coachlink Coach Company, Molendinar, QLD, ex (501) PMS 501, Premier Motor Service, South Nowra, NSW.
416594 KPJ MCA - GM Series 606F9301D04TB004314 MCA "Marathon" LAS421 04/1996C67F
ex (C52FTB), ex (414) 414 DOG, Greyhound Australia, Brisbane, QLD, ex (414) 414 DHM, McCafferty's Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD.
418117 WTJ Scania K113TRB 8x2YS4KT8X2B01827708 Austral Pacific "Royale" 2668 05/1997C71D
ex (C63DT), ex TV 1768 Cooma Coaches, Cooma, NSW by 4/16, ex (781) MO 16, 780 EEX, WAP 052, Murray's Australia Pty Ltd, Red Hill, ACT, 8/10.
426313 GQZ Autobus - CAT6F9P05000S2UX7016 Autobus 041 08/1995SC60F
ex (C46FT), ex TV 1881, Fraser's Coaches, Dubbo, NSW, ex TV 1881, VTF 115, Wales Bus Service, Cootamundra, NSW.
428491 MVA Motorcoach Classic III - GM Series 606T9P05ABJY0HNS008 Motorcoach "Classic III" B508 06/2000C65F
ex (C52FTB), ex (428) 428 DOG, 428 FNW, Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, QLD.
4307834 MO Autobus - Cummins6T9P05AAL10CYH008 Autobus 292 01/2002C48FTL
ex 7834 MO, 5940 MO, 3418 MO, MO 5620, Edwards Coaches Pty Ltd, Armidale, NSW, -/18.
440694 TAE Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENDA070011 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Gold" 15193 05/2013C61FTL
446453 GDJ MCA - Cummins L106F9301C09SB004295 MCA LAS403 09/1995C61F
ex (C57F), ex (4) 453 GDJ, Surf City Coaches, Ernest, QLD, ex TV 553, Doherty's Coachlines, Wollongong, NSW.
448XQ 67MT King Long 6130AULA6R1MSK4JB109065 King Long "6130AU" HVAB18-013 2018C61F
ex XQ 16CG,
First reg 18/9/18, ex Stock.
454XQ 86OM Motorcoach Classic III 13.5m6T9P05ABJ40HNS007 Motorcoach "Classic III" B573 14/07/2004C54FT
ex 342 VLX, ex (50) TV 3463, Ogden's Coaches, Dubbo, NSW by 8/15, ex TV 3463, Fraser's Coaches, Dubbo, NSW, 7/8/07.
476119 LIT Roadmaster - Cummins ISC1RF51464042031529 Autobus - 2008C55F
065 WXD Scania K114IBYS2K6X20001855112 Mills-Tui "Majestic Valere" PCGHA0406 10/2006C69F
ex (C48FTB), ex (802) 065 WXD, 802 DOG, XLI 794 Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, QLD by 3/17.
426 TXG Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENEA070011 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Gold" 15225 07/2014C61FTL
616 XYK Scania L94UB - CumminsYS2L4X20001848033 Volgren "CR224L" VQ0139 09/2004SC64DW
Reg 20/3/18, ex (793) 793 HUM, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD (B44DW).
763 XLG Yutong ZK6930HLZYTCTD65G1010097 Yutong - 06/2016C35F
First reg 14/8/17, ex Stock.
XQ 12AR Motorcoach Classic III6T9P05ABJ30HNS013 Motorcoach "Classic III" B562 11/2003C67F
Reg 3/6/18, ex (440) 440 PUP, 440 HIX, Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, QLD (C52FTB), -/17.
XQ 16AR Motorcoach Classic III6T9P05ABJ20HNS011 Motorcoach "Classic III" B544 08/2002SC84F
Reg 12/6/18, ex (448) 121 RSQ, Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, QLD (C52FTB), -/17, ex (M75) 3878 AO, Moreland Bus Lines, Brunswick, VIC.
XQ 70DL Bonluck CooperLA9C08RW5JBJXK204 Bonluck "Cooper" - 2018C37F
First reg 26/9/18.
XQ 83GU Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENKA070006 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Gold" 05/2019C61FTL
First reg 30/5/19.
Total buses in fleet = 20
Previously operated vehicles
406TV 7717 Denning - Cummins6F9LSBF30MA001079 Denning "Landseer" 1398 02/1992C48FT
ex 587 FAD, LTD Coachlines, Southport, QLD, ex (C1) TV 299, Rover Motors, Cessnock, NSW.
Sold to Original Tours, Brendale, QLD as 884 VEN, 24/11/14.
414736 SHX MCA - Cummins6F9301D06SB004284 MCA LAS357 1996C63F
ex DTC 03, Day Tour Company, Gold Coast, QLD, ex 635 HOH, LTD Bus & Truck Rental, Southport, QLD, ex 635 HOH, Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD, ex 232 CTA, Australian Day Tours, Coomera, QLD, ex 232 CTA, Coachtrans, Coomera, QLD.
De-reg by 8/19.
420311 DNA Autobus - CAT6F9P05000T2UX7023 Autobus 067 08/1996C61DT
ex (20) 311 DNA, Coachlink Coach Company, Molendinar, QLD, ex 311 DNA, Surfers Paradise Coaches, Surfers Paradise, QLD.
Sold to Group Charters, Berkshire Park, NSW.
436246 RPD Denning Manufacturing6V9P05DENBA070009 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15136 05/2011C61F
Sold to Keppel Coaches (Dansan Busline Pty Ltd), Yeppoon, QLD.
456526 JNC Austral Denning Highlander6F9R1JH60RD001006 Austral Denning "Highlander" C100700 09/1994C46FT
ex TV 1730, Dolphin Coaches, Malabar, NSW, ex NLO 940, 278 CUB, Cullens Coaches, Wangaratta, VIC.
De-reg -/19.
474174 LTF Autobus - Cummins6T9P05ABM90AAB001 Autobus - 2009C55F
Sold to Bundaberg Coaches, Bundaberg, QLD as (11) BCT 011, -/19.
480653 LXE Volvo B12RYV3R2EX11SA001850 MCA "Marathon" FCC371 10/1995C48FTL
ex (178) 4228 AO, NLO 910, Dyson's Bus Service, Wodonga, VIC, ex (20) NLO 910, Eldred, Leongatha, VIC.
Sold to Linq Buslines, East Gresford, NSW as 4244 MO.
480663 TAS Volvo B10MYV31MGC18MD028182 Austral "Metroliner" B02033 01/1992C49F
ex (B45D), ex (251) 251 BLE, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD.
Sold to Trazpound Pty Ltd t/a On Course Tours, Terrey Hills, NSW as CP 97 BG, 2/18.
368 SXA Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RG10650 Fuso - 12/2012C24C
Sold to Nudgee College, Boondall, QLD as 368 SXA, 8/17.
-614 KZC Denning - GMDBL0017-17-10-88 Denning "Double Decker" B0017 17/10/1988CH44/16DTBV
ex SPT 86, ex SPT 86, Ultimate Explorer Tours, Gold Coast, QLD, ex SPT 86, Sun Palms Tours, Bundall, QLD, ex (40) TV 1433, King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW, ex (203) TV 1433, Trans City Express, Parkes, NSW, ex (195) mo 561, Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC.
Sold to Mount Panorama Coaches, Bathurst, NSW as TV 4705.
-673 WIR MCA - Cummins ISC6F9300K02SB004268 MCA TMA369 1995C53F
ex 317 MVA, -/16, ex (428) 203 CTA, Surfside Bus Lines, Ernest, QLD, ex 203 CTA, Coachtrans Australia, Coomera, QLD.
De-reg by 9/17.
878 WIR MCA - Cummins L106F9301K06NB004210 MCA B203 05/1992C53F
ex (425) 225 CTA, Surfside Bus Lines, Ernest, QLD, ex 225 CTA, Coachtrans Australia, Coomera, QLD.
De-reg 14/4/18.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 12

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