Horton's Bus Service - Clifton

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Horton's Bus Service - Clifton.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
106 HZX MAN 10.220WMAL36ZZ54Y130553 Denning Manufacturing "Corsair" 12100 26/07/2004C39F
ex Stock.
HBS Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSMXXX10143 07/2020B57F
First reg 30/7/20.
HORTONS Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFP528905500685 Toyota - 05/2013C21C
ex 446 TCD. First reg 2/7/13.
Total buses in fleet = 3
Previously operated vehicles
116 CKD Hino AC140K40252 Hino - 06/1986B28F
Replaced by 106 HZX, -/04 & sold to M.O. & M.A. Cauley, Quinalow, QLD.
160 BKL Leyland Super Viking111920B PMC 79-1086 01/1980B57F
ex m/o 4818, Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW.
Sold to J.M. & M.M. Duggan, Pilton, QLD.
332 HTL Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108000303 Toyota - 09/1993B21C
ex 225 CET.
Replaced by 446 TCD -/13 & sold for a motorhome, QLD as 529 VAW -/14.
361 DRY Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40551 Austral Denning "Starliner" CS01010 03/1996B57F
Sold for a motorhome, Clifton, QLD as 361 DRY, -/20.
422 DKW Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108002472 Toyota - 1996B21C
Sold for a motorhome, Clifton, QLD as 422 DKW by 5/18.
KTH 00 Bedford SB56869899 Custom Coaches 68-254 29/07/1968B47F
ex MO 4880, T. & S. Rowles, Warialda, NSW, ex MO 4880, Kratz, Warialda, NSW.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 6

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