Hillcrest Christian College - Reedy Creek

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Hillcrest Christian College - Reedy Creek.

Fleet List

Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
5882 XAU BCI JXK6830LSFC03083AC005335 BCI - 2010C33F
Reg 17/2/17, ex 8381 AO, unknown operator, VIC.
242 WDV White Higer RyderLKLR1DSB3BA562326 White Higer "Ryder" 2011C33F
Reg 15/4/16, ex ?.
367 SZG Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSMXXX10035 Custom Coaches "SB50" 2013B57F
459 XGF White Higer RoadBossLKLR1KSJ9BB573529 White Higer "RoadBoss" 2012C57F
Reg 4/5/17 ex ?.
485 VNL White Higer RyderLKLR1DSA5AA543153 White Higer "Ryder" 2010C33F
Reg 1/4/15, ex ?.
585 GTL Mercedes Benz LO8149BM688176WB177678 Alan B. Denning "Vario" 82235 06/06/2002B33F
ex ?.
686 VPE White Higer RyderLKLR1DSB9BA557518 White Higer "Ryder" 110BM0017 04/2011C29F
Reg 8/5/15, ex 8209 AO, Go West Tours, Northcote, VIC.
733 TCA White Higer RoadBossLKLR1KSK2CB579828 White Higer "RoadBoss" 2013C57F
ex Stock.
736 TCA White Higer RoadBossLKLR1KSK1CB579822 White Higer "RoadBoss" 2012C57F
ex Stock.
Total buses in fleet = 9
Previously operated vehicles
1493 GZV MCA - Cummins L10118790 MCA B206 03/1988C49F
ex TV 2506, Blunt's Coaches, Casino, NSW (C46FT), ex m/o 7812, Sid Fogg's Coachlines, Fullerton Cove, NSW, ex (7) 477 ADD, Sunstate Day Tours, Milton, QLD.
Sold to Spectrum Coaches, Windaroo, QLD as 425 KLS.
7094 HEG Mercedes Benz OH131634520261698053 Superior B474 04/1988C53F
ex OGF 166, Thege, Ballarat, VIC, ex 189 ADD, Gold Coast Con-X-Ion, Paradise Point, QLD.
10728 HDC Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058TB102762 Custom Coaches 97-191 10/1997B57F
ex MO 4364, King Bros Group, Coffs Harbour, NSW, ex (51) MO 4364, Coffs Harbour Bus Lines, Coffs Harbour, NSW.
De-reg & sold by -/16.
29468 JGN Mercedes Benz LO8149BM688176TB097377 Custom Coaches 96-334 12/1996B29F
ex (18) MO 9615, Toronto Bus Service, Toronto, NSW.
De-reg & sold by -/16.
34640 MYK Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688123PB984103 Jakab 30-0200 02/1995B27F
ex m/o 3535, Morisset Bus Service, Morisset, NSW, ex (24) m/o 3535, Suger Valley Coachlines, Edgeworth, NSW.
De-reg & sold by -/16.
40732 HDC Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058TB090990 Custom Coaches 96-223 01/1997B57F
ex MO 106, King Bros Group, Coffs Harbour, NSW, ex (47) MO 106, Coffs Harbour Bus Lines, Coffs Harbour, NSW.
De-reg & sold by -/16.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 6

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