Cavbus Group

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Cavbus Group.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
BCIBCI "Citirider"2XB 32GD, XB 45GD
BCI JXK6127BRIBCI "Classmaster"128
BCI JXK6127BRIBCI "Classmaster"47, 18, 29, 104
BCI JXK6127BRI - CAT C7BCI "Classmaster"177
BCI JXK6127BRI - CumminsBCI "Classmaster"183
BCI JXK6127BRI - CumminsBCI "Classmaster"1281, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 94, 95, 96
BCI JXK6127RI - Cummins ISBBCI "Classmaster"180
BCI JXK6145ODBCI "Explorer"2167, 419
BYD D9RAGemilang "Eco City Bus"2170, XQ 38SF
Daewoo BH117LChiron/UBC "CS120"1274 XEC
FIAT Bonito Ducato MD4Mellor Coachcraft147
Fuso RosaFuso2142, XB 38DZ
Higer RoadBossHiger "RoadBoss"1273 XEC
Hino BD186RPMCA "Cadet"144
Hino RB8Chiron/UBC "RB8"120
Hino RG230Custom Coaches "SB40"122
Hino RG230Custom Coaches "SB40"123
Hino RG230P&D Coachworks3124, 125, 734 YAX
Hino RK260Custom Coaches "SB40"121
Hino RK260Mills-Tui "Orbit"1XQ 43TR
Hino RK260NCBC "Protege"171
Hino RK260P&D Coachworks169
Hino RN8JNCBC "Protege"176
Irisbus Delta 16.250Express170
Irisbus Metro 17.250Custom Coaches "CB60"2118, 119
Iveco Delta Irizar "Century"1194
Iveco Delta C260Coach Design126
Iveco Delta C260Volgren "SC222"125
Iveco Delta GraduateCustom Coaches "SB50"5121, XQ 07CR, XQ 08CR, XQ 62HA, XQ 63HA
Iveco Delta GraduateCustom Coaches "SB50"4122, 123, 297 XVF, 298 XVF
Iveco EuroriderCoach Design1179
Iveco EuroriderIrizar "Century 3500"4160, 161, 162, 163
Iveco EuroriderIrizar "Century"1XB 36CC
King Long 6102AUKing Long "6102AU"1XQ 03AI
King Long 6120ASKing Long "6120AS"3129, 130, 133
King Long 6120AUKing Long 1141
King Long 6120AUKing Long "6120AU"1177 XFY
King Long 6125CGKing Long "6125CG"1166
King Long 6130ASKing Long "6130AS"938, 39, 40, 126, 127, 128, 131, 134, 136
King Long 6130AUKing Long 1148
King Long 6130AUKing Long "6130AU"2149, XQ 33GD
King Long 6911AYKing Long 1155
King Long 6911AYKing Long "6911AY"2165, XQ 67IW
King Long 6930AUKing Long "6930AU"151
MAN 16.220Designline 2176, XQ 63LF
MAN 16.220Designline “Orbitor”446, 172, XB 31CM, XB 32CM
MAN 18.280Coach Design279, 82
MAN 18.320MCV “Elite C-130”1143
MAN 19.320Custom Coaches "CB80"236, 37
MCA Classic III - GM Series 60MCA "Classic III"1417
Mercedes Benz O405NHBustech6181, 189, 196, XB 51CY, XQ 89SS, XQ 91SS
Mercedes Benz OH1725Custom Coaches "SB40"16
Metrotec Delta 16.210Express1132
Metrotec Delta 16.210P&D Coachworks163
Mitsubishi RosaMitsubishi598, 99, 100, 101, 101
Scania K310IBIrizar "i6"343, 192, XQ 19KU
Scania K310IBVolgren “Endura”248, 49
Scania K320IBHiger "A30"1XQ 72NL
Scania K360IBIrizar "i6"1XQ 77TG
Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota144
Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota1105
Volvo B12RNCBC2109, 112
Volvo B6RLEVolgren "CR221L"1114
Volvo B6RLEVolgren "CR221L"1106
Volvo B7RAlan B. Denning "Galaxy"175
Volvo B7RCoach Design1XB 48CC
Volvo B7RNCBC173
Volvo B7RP&D Coachworks561, 62, 65, 146, XQ 59GD
Yutong ZK6129HCAYutong3216 WZV, 885 WDO, XQ 34SF
Yutong ZK6760DAAYutong3XQ 37PY, XQ 59MU, XQ 63NL
Yutong ZK6930HYutong2195, XQ 36SF
Glasshouse MountainsGlasshouse Mountains29
Logan VillageLogan Village50

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