Belbaker Bus Charter

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Belbaker Bus Charter.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
BCI FBC6127BRZ1BCI254, 55
BCI FBC6137BRZ1BCI "Classmaster" 151
Bonluck JXK6120Bonluck "Citystar"2XQ 22GN, XQ 23GN
Bonluck JXK6127Bonluck "Senator"136
Bonluck JXK6127Bonluck "Senator"632, 34, 40, 41, 43, 58
Bonluck JXK6145CC5RBonluck "President 3"159
Bonluck JXK6146Bonluck "Senator"244, 45
Bonluck JXK6147Bonluck "Senator 14"148
Daewoo BH117L/3Chiron/UBC "CS140"171
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver"189
Denning ManufacturingDenning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver"167
Fuso RosaFuso1812 XZW
Higer MidiBossHiger "MidiBoss"142
Higer RoadBossHiger "RoadBoss"435, 37, 39, 57
Hyundai AT220Quality Bus & Coach168
Iveco EuroriderIrizar "i6"260, XQ 09OZ
MAN 19.360Irizar "i6"361, 62, 63
MAN 19.400Irizar "i6"166
Mercedes Benz OH1830BCI349, 50, 52
Mercedes Benz OH1830Irizar "i6"246, 47
Mercedes Benz OH1830Volgren "Endura"984, XQ 62EF, XQ 63EF, XQ 65EF, XQ 66EF, XQ 77EF, XQ 78EF,
XQ 79EF, XQ 81ET
Mercedes Benz OH1830Volgren "SC222"188
Mercedes Benz SprinterMercedes Benz153
Mitsubishi RosaMitsubishi533, 38, 69, 73, 423 IJO
Renault MasterRenault1-
Scania K124IBNCBC "Protege"165
Scania K310IBIrizar "i6"178
Scania K310IBIrizar "i6"375, 76, 77
Scania K94IBCoach Design164

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