Turangi Rentals Ltd (Turangi Coachlines) - Turangi

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Turangi Rentals Ltd (Turangi Coachlines) - Turangi.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
10EUK10 Toyota HiaceRZH1138001119 Toyota 1990B11FTurangi
ex PJ2749.
14ZX4684 Toyota HiaceRZH1138000228 Toyota 1990B11FTurangi
ex PB141.
22ZY6860 Isuzu Civilian7A8DH070901021193 Isuzu 1990B21FTurangi
ex Japan.
24YS9916 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060999030087 Mitsubishi 1994B21FTurangi
Alpine Shuttles.
ex Japan.
25ABD814 Isuzu Journey7A8970G0901000352 Isuzu 1988B33FTurangi
ex Japan.
26ZD1980 Volvo B10M7679 NZMB "Tourliner" 1984C45FTurangi
ex 1023IC, ex 1023IC, Clarks Coachline, Kawakawa; ex (15) 1O23IC, Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (1023) 1O23IC, LW9632, New Zealand Railways Road Services.
32FLQ755 Mercedes-Benz-030330110261021040 NZMB / Mercedes-Benz 1980B64FTurangi
ex JW8025; ex (1088) JW8025, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
33WS1219 Mercedes-Benz-030330110261021568 NZMB / Mercedes-Benz 1980B54FTurangi
ex OI8447; ex (280) OI8447, JW8880, Wellington City Transport; ex (1095) JW8880, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
34WJ1204 Mercedes-Benz-030330110261021637 NZMB / Mercedes-Benz 1980B54FTurangi
ex PZ4758; ex (1091) PZ4758, JW8028, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
36AHY236 Mercedes-Benz-030305009 NZMB / Mercedes-Benz 1980B61FTurangi
ex IU8244; ex IU8244, Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Turangi; ex (1004) IU8244, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
37FYD500 MAN 22.360WMA4740390WD22251 Designline 1994C54DTurangi
ex (M14) CFU942, Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames; ex (37) SO7349, Turangi Rentals Ltd (Turangi Coachlines), Turangi.
-BQH178 Hino Rainbow7A884110903804467 Hino 1993B36FWhite/green
ex (713) BQH178, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd (Whangarei), NZ; ex (8) BQH178, Normans Bus & Coach, Whangarei; ex Japan.
-DFS375 Toyota HiaceJTFSS22P000012519 Toyota 2006B11FTurangi
-DLC416 Hino BX3417A884000806140681 CWI Ranger 1986B45FWhite/green
ex (27) DLC416, Waipawa Buses Ltd, Waipawa; ex DLC416, IJ. Buckey, Levin; ex MS8718, Ministry of Defence, NZ.
Total buses in fleet = 14

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