Torlesse Travel Ltd - Darfield

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Torlesse Travel Ltd - Darfield.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
Also owns Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
1HNC354 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0907031251 Toyota 2007B12FTorlesse
ex HNC354, EBP175, Mana Tours NZ Ltd, Auckland; ex Japan.
2ELT521 Ford TransitWF0DXXTTFD7P63283 Ford 2008B14FTorlesse
3FEY298 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P700007430 Toyota 2010B12FTorlesse
ex FEY298, Reach Coach, Onehunga, Auckland.
4AJE350 Toyota HiaceJT743LHJ401007979 Toyota 2001B17FTorlesse
5FFC912 Ford TransitWF0DXXTTFD9P81358 Ford 2010B10FTorlesse
6YK8404 MAN 11.1607AB7520670AS00553 Designline 1999B39DWTorlesse
ex (342) YK8404, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
7DRD117 MAN 11.1607AB7520675AS00558 Designline 1999B39DWTorlesse
ex (347) DRD117, YN3101, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
8ZO1886 MAN 11.2207AB7521093AD00600 Designline 2000B39DWTorlesse
ex (351) ZO1886, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
9ZO1885 MAN 11.2207AB7521098AD00596 Designline 2000B39DWTorlesse
ex (350) ZO1885, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
10ZP8156 MAN 11.2207AB7521094AD00601 Designline 2000B39DWTorlesse
ex (352) ZP8156, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
11PZ6082 Toyota HiaceRZH1138001748 Toyota 1991B10FTorlesse
ex Japan.
12AAE536 MAN 11.2207AB7521127AD00633 Designline 2000B39DWTorlesse
ex (356) AAE536, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
13DNZ098 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PD00316 Mitsubishi 2003B24FWhite
ex DNZ098, BTR398, DNZ Travel Ltd, Windsor Park, Auckland.
14FJN869 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P700008447 Toyota 2010B12FTorlesse
15WO9448 Yaxing-Benz JS69807A85P110997161075 Yaxing 1997B40FTorlesse
16BFE760 Volvo B7RLEYV3RG65193A005135 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003B47DWTorlesse
ex (7129), (129), BFE760, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
18AAE538 MAN 11.2207AB7521128AD00634 Designline 2000B39DWTorlesse
ex (357) AAE538, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
19HLZ180 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ2DY293637 Coachwork Central 2014B52FTorlesse
20HTD880 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ8DY293643 Coachwork Central 2014B??FTorlesse
22ZR8229 MAN 11.2207AB7521105AD00623 Designline 2001B39DWTorlesse
ex ZR8229, Tav’s Coachlines Ltd (Taverner Buses), Te Kauwhata; ex (16) ZU4419, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - In Motion Group; ex (76) ZR8229, Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.
24YN3109 MAN 11.1907AB7520855AS00532 Designline 1999B39DWTorlesse
ex (4059) YN3109, Pavlovich Coachlines Ltd, NZ.
25CFK73 MAN 11.1907AB7520854AS00531 Designline 1999B39DWTorlesse
ex (4060) CFK73, YN3108, Pavlovich Coachlines Ltd, NZ.
26CDW675 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7164A007548 Kiwi Bus Builders 2004B47DWTorlesse
ex (7123), (123), CDW675, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
31DMZ217 Volvo B7RLEYV3R6B5173A005134 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003B47DWTorlesse
ex (7128) (128), DMZ217, BEM240, Mana Coach Services, Wellington - InMotion Group.
32BCL52 Hino CN27540023 CWI 2001 1991C49FTorlesse
ex (52) BCL52, RF5266, Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Dairy Flat
33NCS55 Hino CN27540036 Austral Pacific NZ 1993C54FTorlesse
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 09/2020.
ex (155) NCS55, Mana Coach Service Ltd, Wellington; ex (55) NCS55, RS6053, Newlands Coach Services Ltd, Wellington.
34HEA59 MAN 14.240WMAA66ZZ37C009519 MCV Evolution 2008B30DWTorlesse
ex (214) HEA59, Bus Travel NZ Ltd, Manukau; ex UK.
35HNK407 MAN 14.240WMAA66ZZ37C009097 MCV Evolution 2008B29DWTorlesse
ex (212) HNK407, Bus Travel NZ Ltd, Manukau; ex UK.
36HES127 MAN 12.2237ABA800202AD00862 Designline 2004B37DWTorlesse
ex (215) HES127, Bus Travel NZ Ltd, Manukau; ex Japan.
37JEU159 MAN 12.2237ABA800203AD00863 Designline 2004B37DWTorlesse
ex (216) JEU159, Bus Travel NZ Ltd, Manukau; ex Japan.
38CUS784 Hino Rainbow7A884110905040792 Hino 1995B22FTorlesse
ex Japan.
48ENK549 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0808020057 Mitsubishi 1997B52FTorlesse
ex Japan.
51DKT274 Volvo B12YV3R2FL18PA000617 Designline 1993C50FTorlesse
ex (123) DKT274, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (123) DKT274, JCL03, SD4052, Tourism Holdings Ltd (Kiwi Experience), Auckland.
52EHB897 Volvo B12YV3R2FL12SA001528 Coachwork Auckland 1993C50FTorlesse
ex (1213) EHB897, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (1213) EHB897, JCL13, TP9501, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland.
66EPU302 Volkswagen TransporterWV1ZZZ70Z2H077708 Volkswagen 2002B9FTorlesse
ex GOGAIL, APZ438.
68ACF935 Volkswagen TransporterWV1ZZZ70Z1H124112 Volkswagen 2001B9FTorlesse
83FZD211 Zonda YCK6895LYJD7CFD0BW001111 Zonda 2011C45DTorlesse
84FZD212 Zonda YCK6895LYJD7CFD2BW001112 Zonda 2011C45DTorlesse
85CYP397 Toyota Coaster7A8H60D0905100611 Toyota 1998B22FTorlesse
ex Japan.
86FZT846 MAN TGL 10.210WMAN15ZZ57Y183895 Coachwork Central 2011B48FTorlesse
87FWS347 MAN TGL 10.210WMAN15ZZ57Y183931 Coachwork Central 2011B48FTorlesse
89GGZ708 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ1BY267852 Coachwork Central 2012B50FTorlesse
90GGZ709 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ6BY267863 Coachwork Central 2012B50FTorlesse
91GKD297 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ9BY267842 Coachwork Central 2012B50FTorlesse
92GKS875 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ2BY267858 Coachwork Central 2012B50FTorlesse
92GTE727 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ6CY273812 Coachwork Central 2012B50FTorlesse
93GTE738 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ9CY273822 Coachwork Central 2012B50FTorlesse
94GYN84 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ1CY273815 Coachwork Central 2013B50FTorlesse
95GYN85 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ4CY273808 Coachwork Central 2013B50FTorlesse
96FYR47 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00091 Phoenix 2011B40FTorlesse
98FZH185 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00094 Phoenix 2011B40FTorlesse
99FYR48 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00093 Phoenix 2011B40FTorlesse
100JZS680 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ00095 Phoenix 2011B40FTorlesse
ex FZH200.
101JRN179 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN13ZZ68Y202721 Coachwork Central 2008B50FTorlesse
102JYY900 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN03ZZ88Y202822 Coachwork Central 2008B50FTorlesse
103KKQ563 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FL0KJ25013 Phoenix 2017B52FTorlesse
104KKQ580 Mitsubishi Fuso FighterJLFFK65FM0KJ25087 Phoenix 2017B52FTorlesse
105FLT681 MAN 11.1907AB7520710AS00453 Designline 1998B39DWTorlesse
ex (711) FLT681, XI9043, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
106CDN360 MAN 12.2237ABA800233AD00893 Designline 2004B45FWTorlesse
ex (902) CDN360, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
107CER435 MAN 12.2237ABA800261AD00921 Designline 2004B45FWTorlesse
ex (903) CER435, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
108CFA182 MAN 12.2237ABA800262AD00922 Designline 2004B45FWTorlesse
ex (904) CFA182, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
109CHW259 MAN 12.2237ABA800246AD00906 Designline 2004B45FWTorlesse
ex (910) CHW259, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
110FGM420 Toyota HiaceJTFPT22P400005480 Toyota 2010B?FTorlesse
-MKU615 Isuzu FRD500JALFRR90MC7000345 Designline 2013C32FWhite
ex JET6, GWD784, Shotover Jet Ltd, Queenstown.
-MRJ425 Isuzu FRD500JALFRR90MD7000507 Designline 2013C32FWhite
ex JET7, HEJ449, Shotover Jet Ltd, Queenstown.
-MSC562 Isuzu FRD500JALFRR90MD7000502 Designline 2013C32FWhite
ex (1) DARTI, HEJ448, Dart River Adventures Ltd, Queenstown.
-MSC563 Isuzu FRD500JALFRR90MD7000503 Designline 2013C32FTorlesse
ex (2) MSC563, HEJ447, Dart River Adventures Ltd, Queenstown.
?AUW497 MAN 12.2237ABA800049AD00709 Designline 2002B39DWWhite
ex AUW497, Coastal Bus and Coach Ltd (dealer), Riverhead, Auckland; ex (1356) AUW497, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
?AWZ511 MAN 12.2237ABA800052AD00712 Designline 2002B39DWWhite
ex AWZ511, Coastal Bus and Coach Ltd (dealer), Riverhead, Auckland; ex (1359) AWZ511, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
?HFT467 Mercedes-Benz AtegoWDB9702682L761065 Designline 2014C41FTorlesse
ex HFT467, Global Adventure Travel Co Ltd, Queenstown; ex HFT467, Alps Travel Ltd, Ilam, Christchurch; ex HFT467, Fitzpatrick Coachlines, Christchurch.
?NDE335 Iveco DailyZCFC170F20D640574 GBV NZ 2020B27FTorlesse
ex NDE335, unknown operator.
?NJG437 Iveco EurocargoZCFA51JM402707306 Coachwork Central 2021B48FTorlesse
?NQW247 Iveco EurocargoZCFA51JM902706152 Coachwork Central 2021B48FTorlesse
?NSA845 Iveco EurocargoZCFA51JM202706154 Coachwork Central 2021B48FTorlesse
Total buses in fleet = 74

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