Southern Discoveries Ltd - Queenstown

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Southern Discoveries Ltd - Queenstown.

Fleet List   Disposal List

Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
1KRZ512 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001901377 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C50DRed
2KSW242 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001902636 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C50DRed
3KSW277 Scania K400EB6YS2K6X20001902666 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017C50DRed
4LTT8 Volvo B8RYV3T7U525JA190174 Coachwork Central 2019C39DRed
-GZE273 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060903030007 Mitsubishi 1994B21FWhite/cream
Based at Mt Nicholas Farm.
ex BAUZA, BQF954, Tracknet Te Anau Ltd, Te Anau; ex Japan.
-GZE274 Mitsubishi Rosa7A8CJ060904010059 Mitsubishi 1990B20FWhite/cream
Based at Mt Nicholas Farm.
ex WILMOT, CEE547, Tracknet Te Anau Ltd, Te Anau; ex Japan.
-JFD142 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE649J0PE00484 Mitsubishi 2007B19FRed
ex TOP010, ex EDA959.
-KEF343 King Long XMQ6900LA6R1DSE4GB201571 King Long 2016C36FRed
-MFN534 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB9076572P104724 Mercedes-Benz 2019B20FRed
Total buses in fleet = 9

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