Skybus NZ Ltd - Mangere (Kinetic Group) - MAN ND323F/Bustech VST

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Skybus NZ Ltd - Mangere (Kinetic Group).

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
124KTP24 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ3G7003407 Bustech VST 16-030 2017B41FWSkybus white
125KSZ317 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ3G7003410 Bustech VST 16-031 2017B41FWSkybus white
126KUJ828 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ7G7003412 Bustech VST 16-032 2017B41FWSkybus white
127KTN966 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ9G7003413 Bustech VST 16-033 2017B41FWSkybus white
128KUA403 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ0G7003414 Bustech VST 16-034 2017B41FWSkybus white
129KSZ318 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ2G7003415 Bustech VST 16-029 2017B41FWSkybus white
130MHP13 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZXKF008182 Bustech VST 19-018 2019B41FWSkybus white
131MHP14 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ5KF008185 Bustech VST 19-019 2019B41FWSkybus white
132MHP9 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ0KF008188 Bustech VST 19-020 2019B41FWSkybus white
133MJP78 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ2KF008225 Bustech VST 19-021 2019B41FWSkybus white
134MKA390 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ8KF008228 Bustech VST 19-022 2019B41FWSkybus white
135MKA391 MAN ND323FWMAA95ZZ8KF008231 Bustech VST 19-023 2019B41FWSkybus white
Total buses in fleet = 12

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