Miscellaneous operators - Wellington

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Miscellaneous operators - Wellington.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
Previously operated vehicles
ALU555 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0902060013 Mitsubishi 1983C41FBlue/grey
Operator: Dean Cook, Upper Hutt.
No COF; by 11/2022.
P&T Global Education school bus.
ex ALU555, Tamati Cairns, Hutt Valley, Wellington; ex ALU555, Adventure Touring Ltd, Lincoln.
EKU176 Mitsubishi Fuso7A8CJ1D0908579264 Mitsubishi 1994B41FKap 4 Seas
Operator: Kapiti 4 Seasons Tours and Travel Club Ltd, Otaki.
Company ceased operations 09/2016.
ex (927) EKU176, Madge Coachlines Ltd (Uzabus), NZ; ex Japan.
GDT534 NDNZ Scorpion SBR180SLF7B2SBR180VLM09134 Fairfax 1998B38DWWhite
Operator: Stephen Wickens (Passrite Driving Academy), Porirua.
SOLD to Ken Frew Holdings Ltd (Bethlehem Coachlines), Tauranga.
ex (41) GDT534, Ken Frew Holdings Ltd (Bethlehem Coachlines), Tauranga; ex (1889) GDT534, XI9316, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ; ex (1889) XI9316, Stagecoach New Zealand, NZ; ex (1889) XI9316, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
HNQ278 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0PF00059 Mitsubishi 2008B19FWhite/blue
Operator: Unknown, Wellington.
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 06/2020; then SOLD re-registered NKM429; by 05/2021.
ex (2008) H2OO8, Hayward Coachlines Ltd, Glenfield, Auckland; ex EKU76, Cliff Sandrey Contracting, Greymouth.
HYW383 Scania K124EB6YS2K6X20001848665 NCBC 2004C50DWhite
Operator: Al O'Connor, Wellington.
SOLD to 2Fathers Driver Training Ltd (Rambler Coachlines), Lower Hutt; by 05/2023..
Operated for The Out and About Project.
ex (02) HYW383, Voyager Tours Ltd, Mangere, Auckland; ex (254), (307) HYW383, Manabus - InMotion Group, NZ; ex (307), (512) HYW383, JCL12, Nakedbus, NZ; ex (512) JCL12, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (34) SCL34, GLOBUS, CKS682, Scenic Coachlines Ltd, Auckland.
MO1290 Hino BX34124930 CWI 1986B51DLearning Cxn
Operator: The Learning Connexion Ltd, Lower Hutt.
ex (96) MO1290, Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt; ex (96) MO1290, Stagecoach Auckland, Auckland; ex MO1290, Taverner Buses, Te Kauwhata; ex (31) MO1290, Howick and Eastern Buses Ltd, East Tamaki.
UH7219 MAN 11.1907AB7520503AS00383 Designline 1996B39DIbiza Party
Operator: Ibiza Party Bus Ltd, Wellington.
ex (643) UH7219, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
XD7441 MAN 10.1607AB7520686AS00443 Designline 1998B39DWRed
Operator: Freelance Transport (Wellington) Ltd, Lower Hutt.
SOLD to AG Brougham Buses Ltd, Pukekohe.
ex XD7441, Advance Strathmore Coachlines 2019, Ohoka, Christchurch; ex (334) XD7441, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
XY8784 MAN 11.1907AB7520381AS00354 Designline 1996B39DPurple
Operator: The Learning Connexion Ltd, Lower Hutt.
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 09/2020; then no COF; by 04/2021.
ex (612) XY8784, Boss Transport Ltd (New Zealand Coach Service), Lower Hutt; ex (612) XY8784, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ; ex (612) XY8784, UB496, Stagecoach New Zealand, NZ.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 9

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