Ngāi Tahu Tourism Ltd - Queenstown

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Ngāi Tahu Tourism Ltd - Queenstown.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
Dart River Adventures Ltd; Shotover Jet Ltd; Guided Walks New Zealand Ltd
DART10 Isuzu FSS550JALFSS90JE7000056 Designline 2015C32FDart RiverDart River
ex JHP767.
DART12 Isuzu FSS550JALFSS90JE7000055 Designline 2015C32FDart RiverDart River
ex JHP766.
DART7 Ford TransitWF0HXXTTGHHA15610 Ford 2017B17FDart RiverDart River
ex KZL279.
DART8 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P200007738 Toyota 2010B11FDart RiverDart River
ex FKZ585; ex Japan.
EDN232 Ford TransitWF0EXXTTFE5C04936 Ford 2007B12FGuided WalksGuided Walks
ex DSY409.
FYD695 Ford TransitWF0DXXTTFDAG15466 Ford 2011B10FGuided WalksGuided Walks
GWA315 Ford TransitWF0DXXTTFDCT26136 Ford 2013B12FGuided WalksGuided Walks
GYR401 Toyota Hiace7AT0H60FX13002356 Toyota 2005B10FGuided WalksGuided Walks
ex Japan.
JET3 Toyota HiaceJTFSS22P200010013 Toyota 2006B12FShotover JetShotover Jet
ex DGN960.
MDP117 Ford TransitWF0HXXTTGHJG08254 Ford 2019B17FShotover JetShotover Jet
MDP121 Ford TransitWF0HXXTTGHJG07264 Ford 2019B17FShotover JetShotover Jet
MMB191 MAN TGM 15.290WMAN36ZZ4KY391114 BT Coach Builders 2019B44FDart RiverDart River
Operated by SBL Group Ltd, NZ (160).
STBLES Hino Liesse7A8842K0906002940 Hino 1999B22FDart StablesDart River
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 06/2022.
Dart Stables Adventures.
ex (7) DART7; ex DFF244; ex Japan.
Total buses in fleet = 13

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