Greenline Motors Ltd - Morrinsville

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Greenline Motors Ltd - Morrinsville.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
1XT2001 NDNZ RBS7B2RBS600W0P09164 Coachwork Auckland 1999B52FGreenline
6EAC859 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P100001445 Toyota 2007B12FWhite
ex (40) EAC859, AJ & BL Turley (Turley Motors), Te Aroha.
7CAJ839 Toyota HiaceJT721LHH706119310 Toyota 2004B?FWhite
Rental van.
8FDN585 Toyota Hiace7A8H60F0909005564 Toyota 2008B12FWhite
ex Japan.
9BGL105 Nissan Diesel CP2107A8KT2K0903002748 Kiwi Bus Builders 2003C53FGreenline
ex (9) BGL105, AJ & BL Turley (Turley Motors), Te Aroha.
10CSL421 Nissan Diesel CP2107A8DH400905002743 Kiwi Bus Builders 2005C53FGreenline
ex (20) CSL421, AJ & BL Turley (Turley Motors), Te Aroha.
12JKS679 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK30181 Mitsubishi 2015B24FGreenline
ex (M111) JKS679, Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames.
13GKT694 Toyota HiaceJTFST22P900013925 Toyota 2012B11FWhite
Rental van
14JJY866 Higer KLQ6778LKLS1CS88FA683116 Higer 2015C27FGreenline
15ECN861 Hino Blue Ribbon7A8841R0907040013 Hino 1995B25FGreenline
ex Japan.
17FGG612 Isuzu JCR5003428279 NZMB Ranger 1984C41FGreenline
ex LM6721; ex LM6721, Bennetts Passenger Service, Tuatapere, Southland.
18MHP227 MAN 12.2237ABA800269AD00929 Designline 2004B45FWGreenline
ex (905) CFY844, NZ Bus (Wellington), NZ.
19MQA434 MAN TGL 12.250WMAN14ZZ8KY390011 Kiwi Bus Builders 2020B48FGreenline
21HSJ339 Higer KLQ6856LKLR1DSB5EA652761 Higer 2014C35FGreenline
22UT5007 Hino FDJHDFD3HLKXXX10185 Kiwi Bus Builders 1996B46FGreenline
ex (3) UT5007, Kevin Smith (Reporoa Valley Transport), Reporoa.
23JEC888 BCI FBC6104 Cruiser6KT1BB116FX000770 BCI 2015C41FGreenline
24WP7746 Hino FDJHDFD3HLKXXX10241 Kiwi Bus Builders 1997B46FGreenline
ex (4) WP7746, Kevin Smith (Reporoa Valley Transport), Reporoa.
25MQN237 MAN TGL 12.250WMAN14ZZ8KY390171 Kiwi Bus Builders 2020B48FGreenline
27GSK973 Mitsubishi RosaJLABE64DJ0RH10031 Mitsubishi 2013B24FGreenline
ex GSK973, Ad Hoc Rental Ltd, Mangere; ex GSK973, Alps Travel Company Ltd (Alps Travel), Ilam, Christchurch.
28UE9393 Hino FDJHDFD3HLKXXX10145 Kiwi Bus Builders 1996B46FGreenline
ex (1) UE9393, Kevin Smith (Reporoa Valley Transport), Reporoa.
29HHD854 MAN TGL 7.150WMAN03ZZ38Y204557 Coachwork Central 2008B33FGreenline
30KPF745 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZ3HY351664 Kiwi Bus Builders 2017B46FGreenline
31LBA547 Nissan Civilian7AT0DH07X17041051 Nissan 2011B21FGreenline
ex Japan.
33JYJ722 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE64DJ0RG10045 Mitsubishi 2011B22FGreenline
ex JYJ722, Perry Buses Ltd, Kinohaku.
34AAF261 Nissan Diesel CB21NJNB0CB31N00000730 Designline 2001B53FGreenline
35PDJ285 MAN 18.2907ABA940162AD01710 Designline 2022B54DGreenline
Body ex (35) KYW654, BSP601, Greenline Motors Ltd, Morrinsville.
Re-chassis by GBV NZ.
36JCN749 MAN 12.220WMAA76ZZZ1H001445 Designline 2001C41FGreenline
ex AJR603.
38XH7021 Hino FDJHDFD3HLKXXX10274 Kiwi Bus Builders 1998B46FGreenline
ex (5) XH7021, Kevin Smith (Reporoa Valley Transport), Reporoa.
39KLH154 BCI FBC6104 Cruiser6KT1BB111GX001018 BCI 2017C41FGreenline
40HSQ389 Isuzu FSD650JALFSR347D7000370 Designline 2014C41FGreenline
ex (M02) HSQ389, Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames; ex HSQ389, Allan Turley & Ian Murphy (Turley Murphy Buses), Te Aroha.
41LWJ699 MAN TGL 12.220WMAN15ZZXJY372324 Kiwi Bus Builders 2019B46FGreenline
42EDA782 Nissan RM2107A8DH480907010176 Nissan 1995B37FGreenline
ex Japan.
43HPU566 MAN TGM 15.250WMAN16ZZ3EY310548 Designline 2014B53FGreenline
44IVIVI MAN TGM 15.250WMAN16ZZ8DY295723 Designline 2014B53FGreenline
46MER307 Volvo B12BYV3R8G1207A117611 Coach Design 2007C53DGreenline
ex DSH111.
47GREEN9 Volvo B12BYV3R8M9258A126115 Coach Design 2008C53DGreenline
ex EQZ348.
48KZL405 Volvo B8RYV3T7U523HA185131 Coach Design 2017C41FGreenline
49KFY166 MAN TGM 15.250WMAN16ZZ8FY327623 GBV NZ 2018B53FGreenline
50EHQ659 Hino Rainbow7A884110908040021 Hino 1995C40FGreenline
ex Japan.
51EJL605 Nissan Civilian7A8DH070908000852 Nissan 1999B21FGreenline
ex Japan.
52MCR344 Volvo B11RYV3T2S921KA193796 Coach Design 2019C53DGreenline
53MKG778 Foton BJ6946LVCB3KDD1KG002423 Foton 2019C33FGreenline
45BKDY568 Volvo B11RYV3T2S920GA179508 Coach Design 2016C53DGreenline
Total buses in fleet = 43

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