Coachways Ltd (Coachways New Zealand) - Otahuhu

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Coachways Ltd (Coachways New Zealand) - Otahuhu.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
19HKT608 Mercedes-Benz O404WEB61823821097072 AB Denning Galaxy 2004C50DWhite/blue
ex (19) HKT608, Boss Transport Ltd (New Zealand Coach Service), Lower Hutt, Wellington; ex (06) HKT608, Voyager Tours Ltd, Mangere, Auckland; ex (527) JCL27, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (19) SCL019, Scenic Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (19) SCL019, Mount Cook Landlines Ltd (Keith Hardy, Scenic Coachlines), Auckland; ex BYY473, Hudson-Owen Bus Charters Ltd, Whangarei.
129KAZ702 Volvo B12YV3R2FL1XRA001254 Designline 1994C50FCoachways
FOR SALE on TradeMe; by 03/2021.
ex SWAS1, DMC341, Swasbrook Tours, Otahuhu, Auckland; ex (129) DMC341, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (129) DMC341, JCL09, SX7720, Tourism Holdings Ltd (Kiwi Experience), Auckland.
565CUH586 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01816073 Designline 1991C53FCoachways
ex (565) CUH586, Johnstons Coachlines Ltd, Auckland; ex (565) CUH586, JCL65, ALC921, COZMOS, Tourism Holdings Ltd (Kiwi Experience), Auckland; ex (565) PR6798, Mount Cook Group Ltd, Christchurch.
676PE6894 MAN 22.2403870113 Designline / Hess 1990B53DCoachways
ex (676) PE6894, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
677PI3064 MAN 22.2403870112 Designline / Hess 1990B53DCoachways
ex (539) PI3064, Go Bus Transport Ltd, NZ; ex (677) PI3064, Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch.
757XS4093 MAN 11.1907AB7520752AS00499 Designline 1999B39DWCoachways
ex (757) XS4093, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
758XS4094 MAN 11.1907AB7520753AS00500 Designline 1999B39DWCoachways
ex (758) XS4094, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
764GAH497 MAN 11.1907AB7520759AS00506 Designline 1999B39DWCoachways
ex GAH497, Coastal Bus and Coach Ltd (dealer), Riverhead, Auckland; ex (764) GAH497, XT7868, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
901CDN359 MAN 12.2237ABA800232AD00892 Designline 2004B45FWCoachways
ex (901) CDN359, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
906CFY855 MAN 12.2237ABA800270AD00930 Designline 2004B45FWCoachways
ex (906) CFY855, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
907CFY858 MAN 12.2237ABA800263AD00923 Designline 2004B45FWCoachways
ex (907) CFY858, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
908CHW255 MAN 12.2237ABA800244AD00904 Designline 2004B45FWCoachways
ex (908) CHW255, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
909CHW258 MAN 12.2237ABA800247AD00907 Designline 2004B45FWCoachways
ex (909) CHW258, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
1044KAP720 Mercedes-Benz O3037A8K9120995008309 NZ Motor Bodies 1979C36FCoachways
ex SWAS5; ex SWAS5, TN5782, JD1676 Swasbrook Tours, Otahuhu, Auckland; ex JD1676, ex (1044) JD1676, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
1107PI9547 MAN SL2433870118 Coachwork International 1990B53DPurple
ex (1107) PI9547, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
1110PM772 MAN SL2433870121 Coachwork International 1990B53DPurple
ex (1110) PM772, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
1113PM775 MAN SL2433870124 Coachwork International 1990B53DPurple
ex (1113) PM775, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ.
1120PS2956 MAN SL2433870131 Coachwork International 1991B53DBlue
ex (1120) PS2956, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1121PT6621 MAN SL2433870132 Coachwork International 1991B53DBlue
ex (1121) PT6621, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1122PT6849 MAN SL2433870133 Coachwork International 1991B53DBlue
ex (1122) PT6849, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1123PT6850 MAN SL2433870134 Coachwork International 1991B53DBlue
ex (1123) PT6850, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
1131PX3609 MAN SL2433870142 Coachwork International 1991B53DCoachways
ex (1139) PX3617, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ
1139PX3617 MAN SL2433870150 Coachwork International 1991B53DCoachways
ex (1139) PX3617, NZ Bus, Wellington, NZ
1530RO8401 Mercedes-Benz O30530700161006092 NZ Motor Bodies 1988B46DYBC
Restored in the livery of its original operator, Auckland Regional Authority (Yellow Bus Company), Auckland.
ex RO8401, Explorer Tours NZ Ltd, Mount Wellington, Auckland; ex (325) RO8401, Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ; ex (18) RO8401, Hanham's Buses Ltd, Albany, Auckland; ex (1530) IU8243, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
2009LET931 MAN SG2207810009 Hawke 1983AB76FRCoachways
ex LC7936, Omnibus Society NZ (Auckland), NZ; ex (2009) LC7936, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ; ex (2009) LC7936, Stagecoach Auckland, Auckland; ex (2009) LC7936, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
2027OW6753 MAN SG2428910007 Coachwork International 1990AB76FRGreen/silver
ex OW6753, Tav’s Coachlines Ltd (Taverner Buses), Te Kauwhata; ex OW6753, Coastal Bus and Coach Ltd (dealer), Riverhead, Auckland; ex (2027) OW6753, NZ Bus (Auckland), NZ.
2032OW6754 MAN SG2428910012 Coachwork International 1990AB76FRCoachways
ex (2032) OW6754, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
2034OT6349 MAN SG2428910014 Coachwork International 1989AB76FRBlue
ex (2034) OT6349, NZ Bus, Auckland, NZ.
Total buses in fleet = 28

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