ARA Heritage Buses Inc - Auckland

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by ARA Heritage Buses Inc - Auckland.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
210ST7109 MAN 11.1907AB7520100AX00248 Designline 1994B39DFullers
Intended to become (503) restored in the livery of its original operator, Stagecoach Auckland, Auckland.
ex (210) ST7109, Fullers Group Ltd (Waiheke Bus Company), Waiheke Island - Souter Holdings Ltd; ex (503) ST7109, Stagecoach Auckland, Auckland.
511EZ2608 Daimler Freeline D650H25477 Saunders Roe 1956B44DCream/green
ex EZ2608, Wayne Henry, Riverhead, Auckland; ex (511) JD1676, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
1662RD5280 MAN SL20078000860086 Coachwork International 1985B45DWhite
Owned by James Peter, Auckland.
Preserved vehicle, currently undergoing restoration to the livery of its original operator, Auckland Regional Authority (Yellow Bus Company), Auckland.
ex RD5280, Sounds Connection Ltd, Picton; ex (7) RD5280, ABC Tours Ltd, Stratford; ex RD5280, Ken Frew Holdings Ltd (Bethlehem Coachlines), Tauranga; ex (1662) RD5280, Stagecoach Auckland, Auckland; ex (1662) HIREM, MA6603, Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland.
Total buses in fleet = 3

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