Northland Coach & Travel - Grafton

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Northland Coach & Travel - Grafton.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
TV 020 Volvo B12RYV3R2A3122A010555 NCBC Protege 279 3/02C48FT
Reg 22/6/16 ex Australian Army, Amberley, QLD 02 0033 via Manheim Auctions, Eagle Farm 17/2/16.
TV 6019 Volvo B12RYV3R2A315WA006585 NCBC 197 12/98C52F
Reg 23/6/16; ex Australian Army, Amberley, QLD D03 349 via Manheim Auctions, Moorebank 17/2/16; ex C48FT (-/14).
TV 8924 Scania K124IB 13.5mYS4K6X20001834676 Autobus 188 6/99C54FT
ex NX49EB 3/3/17; ex Transborder Express Pty Ltd, Mitchell, ACT (12) MO 7 22/5/08; ex (SA) WLD 578 21/5/02; ex AV01LF; ex AV01LM.
TV 8933 Volvo B12RYV3R8L2249A129907 NCBC Protege 499 6/09C50FT
ex Australian Defense Force via Manheim Auctions by 10/20.
TV 9588 Volvo B12BYV3R8G1164A015524 Coach Concepts 011 5/05C54FT
Reg 2/3/20 ex Adams Coachlines, Malaga, WA (C18) 1GOP843 via BCI (dealer); ex Port Stephens Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Newcastle Coaches, Anna Bay (41) TV 4547 -/18; ex Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield (55) TV 4547 2/10; ex (SA) XFA 999.
7624 MO MCA - Cat 3208t6F9300K01PB004219 MCA Marathon B225 -/92B61F
ex Stuarts Coaches Pty Ltd, Worrigee 7624 MO late-2018; ex 2361 MO 2/16; ex MO 2148.
Total buses in fleet = 6
Previously operated vehicles
MO 5119 Austral DC122B281 Austral Tourmaster B281 4/84C49F
ex Coachtrans Australia (Sita Queensland Pty Ltd), Coomera, QLD 245 CTA c2002; ex Coachtrans Australia Pty Ltd, Coomera 245 CTA; ex Maryborough Hervey Bay Coaches 258 BRA; ex 384 OYX
Sold for a motorhome by 26/5/04 (noted being converted at Trans North Bus & Coach, Innisfail, QLD) -/06.
MO 5802 Volvo B58-6110881 Custom Coaches 79/72 21/10/80B50FR
ex Forest Coachlines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills m/o 8492; ex m/o 5991 8/03.
Sold to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys as (5) MO 5802 -/03, renumbered m/o 8695; Resold to Tyndale Christian School, Blacktown by 4/13.
MO 5803 Volvo B58-568130 Custom Coaches 78/492 15/5/79B49FR
ex Forest Coachlines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills m/o 8493; ex m/o 4456 3/03.
Sold to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys as (6) MO 5803 -/03, renumbered m/o 8697; Withdrawn for parts by 1/10 & Sold to Yarramundi as a parts donor for an AEC Swift motorhome 14/3/11; then to Winston Khong (enthusiast), Sydney for preservation 4/8/12.
MO 6019 Volvo B58-56B58569114 Custom Coaches 78-279 11/78B49FR
ex Forest Coachlines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills m/o 5992 -/03.
Sold to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys as (4) MO 6019 -/03, renumbered m/o 8694; Sold for non-PSV in Bonds Rd, Riverwood as BB92BD 17/4/09, then noted registered BP89BA 12/11.
MO 6349 Denning Landseer GM 6v92ttaDL1079-763-85 Denning 1079 3/85C46FT
ex McCafferty Greyhound Pty Ltd, Toowoomba, QLD (363) TC 4430 (WA); ex (QLD) 363 DCP; ex Krahe, Horsham, VIC CCL 688.
Sold to Roadcoach (Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd), Moss Vale as MO 6349; then to an Unknown Operator as TV 5873; Onsold by 14/2/10.
MO 6350 MCA - CAT 3208t7-86-41 Austral 1265 7/86C53F
ex Mee's Bus Lines Pty Ltd, West Heidelberg, VIC (52) 2787 AO; ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (89) DRT 465; ex Florance's Snowy River Bus Lines, Orbost, VIC DRT 465; ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle, NSW m/o 4641
Sold to B Sainty, Launceston, TAS as FJ 8684 by 5/9/06.
MO 6557 Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter0532 Toyota - -/94B13C
ex TV 020 by 9/08.
Sold for non-PSV.
MO 9027 Denning Denair 6v92ttaDA984-668-83 Denning 984 9/83RC45FT
ex Blunt's Coaches, Casino (7) MO 9027; ex TV 020; ex RNV 742; ex State Rail Authority (C3.8044) MO 9760 via Hymans of Blacktown (auctioneers) 27/11/90
Sold to a Darwin operator in 2005.
MO 9027 Denning Landseer 6v92ttaDL1321-1005-88 Denning 1321 12/88C57F
ex Greyhound (367) 367 GKQ (C46FT); ex (WA) TC 4881; ex 670 GKQ; ex 309 FSR; ex GPA (309) UPH 737; ex Pioneer Express
Advertised for sale through Omnibus Sales & Service 17/4/08 & Sold by 14/5/09.
TV 020 Scania K113TRB 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01825844 Austral Denning Majestic CM01460 1/96C59FTL
Reg 2/4/13 ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (111) 4311 AO; ex NLO 939.
Sold to A Gillan t/a Horizon Coach Charter, Canberra, ACT as MO 4 8/16.
TV 020 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40143 Hino - -/93C19C
Operated a service from Grafton to Coffs Harbour airport.
ex Kmet Transport Services Pty Ltd t/a Roadcoach, Moss Vale TV 2797 by 4/06.
Sold for a motorhome in QLD.
TV 020 Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00711 Mitsubishi - 10/04C24C
ex TV 3536; ex Tournet Pty Ltd, Sydney TV 3536 by 9/08.
Sold 2/13.
TV 020 Denning Denair 6v92ttaDA899-583-86 Denning 899 -/86RC53F
ex Blunt's Coaches (Byview Pty Ltd) TV 020; ex RC45FT; ex ?
TV 020 Denning D-Deck I Denning B0033 6/89HC52/12DT
Last with Premier Motor Service as MO 1351; ex Lindsay, Coffs Harbour MO 1351 -/96
Sold to Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast, QLD as 392 JEH.
TV 1393 Denning Landseer6F9LSBF30LA001066 Denning 1380 3/90C46FT
ex Perrett's Coach Service Pty Ltd, Werris Creek (14) TV 1393 by 9/08; ex Fearnes Investments Pty Ltd, Wagga Wagga TV 1393 8/01.
Sold for a motorhome reg LANSER by 2/11.
TV 2506 MCA - Cummins L10118790 MCA B026 3/88C48FT
ex Blunt's Coaches (Byview Pty Ltd), Casino TV 2506; ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle m/o 7812 via Scania (dlr); ex Sunstate Day Tours, Milton, QLD (7) 477 ADD by mid-1994.
Sold to Hillcrest Christian College, Reedy Creek, QLD as 493 GZV by 9/4/03.
TV 2962 Austral MD18008 Austral 1642 3/91C47FT
ex Coral Coaches, Mossman, QLD (50) 250 GBT; ex Once in a Lifetime Tours, Queens Park, WA (11) TC 2512; ex Roberts Coaches, Queens Park (34) TC 2512.
Sold to Bennett Farming Pty Ltd t/a AD Tours, Griffith as TV 2962, renumbered TV 727.
TV 3972 Denning Landseer Hi-Deck 6v92ttaDL1142-826-86 Denning 1142 4/86C46FT
ex Greyhound (304) 304 AEF
Sold by 08/07
TV 4245 Denning Landseer 6v92tta6F9LSBF30KA001024
Denning 1341 6/89C48FT
ex Hopkinsons Transport Pty Ltd, Smithfield TV 329 -/06; ex Western Road Liners Pty Ltd t/a Trans City Express, Parkes (28) NV44DE by 8/92.
Sold to Buslink, Alice Springs, NT as m/o 3169 by 24/6/08; For sale at Pickles Auctions 2/14 & Sold to NorthEast Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC by 5/14; Reg 9827 AO 21/6/14.
TV 4427 Denning Landseer 6v92ttaDL1169-853-86 Denning 1169 10/86C53F
ex McCafferty Greyhound Pty Ltd, Toowoomba, QLD (357) TC 4430 (C46FT); ex McCafferty's Coaches, Toowoomba (357) 357 CJJ; ex (350) 350 CDK; ex Great Lakes Coaches (Bulahdelah Bus Co Pty Ltd), Heatherbrae m/o 8015 by late-1993; ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (95) m/o 249 (NT) via auction 25/9/90.
Advertised for sale through Omnibus Sales & Service 17/4/08 & Sold by 19/6/09.
TV 4429 Denning Landseer Hi-Deck 6v92ttaHDDL1214-898-87 Denning 1214 8/87C48FT
ex TV 4428; ex McCafferty Greyhound Pty Ltd, Toowoomba, QLD (205) 205 CKD; ex Greyhound Pioneer Australia Ltd, Brisbane (205) 205 CKD; ex Westliner, Perth, WA (32) TC 2129; ex Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC (132) NT m/o 359.
Sold to Australian Luxury Coach Travel (S McDonald), Bass Hill as TV 4429 7/08.
TV 5785 Volvo B12RYV3R2FL18RA000801 MCA FCB308 6/94C53F
ex Australian Defence Forces, Canberra, ACT ADFA 29 via auction by 8/09.
Sold to Farnham Roadlines, Mawson Lakes, SA as SB94DP by 3/9/10; then to Kanga Coachlines Pty Ltd, Mawson Lakes as SB94DP 1/4/19; then to Moorambilla Voices, NSW 5/19 (church/charity group).
TV 5786 Mercedes-Benz O404-3 13.5mWEB61823821087863 Autobus 194 8/99C48DT
ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (222) m/o 2488 (NT) 7/12; ex m/o COBB38 (NT); ex Cobb & Co Coaches Pty Ltd, Tullamarine m/o COBB38 (NT) 3/01; ex Australian Scenic Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Scenic Tours, Cardiff, NSW (92) TV 2655.
Sold to Malu Tours Pty Ltd, Mosman as TV 5786 3/1/13; then to Ben Harris, Marrickville as TV 5786 7/16; then to the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, Bankstown by 3/18.
TV 5787 Volvo B12RYV3R2A3141A009566 NCBC 262 4/01C48FT
ex NV85GI by 11/12; ex Australian Defence Force by 10/09.
Sold to G Turton t/a Macquarie Educational Tours, Warners Bay as TV 5787 3/16.
TV 5788 MAN 24.420WMA4740452W026722 NCBC 138 6/96C53F
Reg by 2/14 ex Omnibus Sales (dealer), Glendenning; ex Veolia Transport WA Pty Ltd, Bunbury, WA TC 6494 by 7/13; ex Dove Coaches, Wynnum, QLD 077 HNJ; ex Mackay Transit Coaches, Paget (23) 077 HNJ; ex MTC 23; ex 121 DKL.
Sold to M Ryan t/a Express Coach Lines, Loganholme, QLD as 930 VBG 8/14.
TV 8318 Volvo B12RYV3R2ES11TA001999 Autobus 052 2/96C48FT
Reg 16/10/15 ex South West Coach Lines, Bunbury, WA TC 6001; ex Transperth, Perth (202) TP 202; ex Westrail, Perth 'Spirit of Lake Grace' (VM17) 8QB 965.
Sold to Club 55 Travel (Chris Hadland), Perth, WA 1/21 & reg CVL 4347 2/21.
TV 8705 Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3WEB63420121000040 Mills-Tui Majestic PCDOD0266 17/5/05C50FT
Reg 28/1/16; ex Australian Defence Force, Watsonia ACT D05 276 via Manheim Auctions, Altona North VIC 14/10/15.
Sold to Coaches R Us Pty Ltd t/a Trotters Coaches, Ballarat, VIC as (4) 9330 AO (reg 28/1/17).
TV 8926 Scania K124EB 14.5mYS4K6X20001831960 APG M051010 9/98C56FTB
Reg 27/7/18 ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (310) 0768 AO; ex Hoyson Nominees Pty Ltd, Wangaratta (63) 0768 AO; ex (80); ex WEL 785.
Sold to Snowliner Coaches Pty Ltd, Cooma as TV 8926 by 9/19.
TV 9189 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R857608 Mills-Tui Dash PBDBS0385 8/06C25F
Reg 3/17 ex LC Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC (357) 2157 AO; ex (SA) XKK 328.
Sold early-2020.
NV13AL MAN 22.3426AB3870099BX00148 Nambucca 159 3/92C46FT
ex Blunt's Coaches, Casino; ex Keating, Gunnedah TV 1593.
Sold to Major Operator & Driving Training Services, Yatala, QLD as 154 KLH.
NV77CN Mercedes-Benz OH16309BM382081VB120975 Mills-Tui Majestic CDA12818 7/01C49FT
Removable toilet to seat C53F - ex Shoal Bus (Raymask Pty Ltd), Bomaderry TV 1613; ex North Nowra Bus Lines (Trimden Ticulo Pty Ltd) (24) TV 1613; ex Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd TV 1613.
Sold to Buslink, Berrimah, NT as (304) mo 3163.
NX49AS Volvo B12R 13.5mYV3R2A315XA007432 Autobus 200 11/99C54FT
ex Premier Motor Service (153) NX49AS 10/04; ex NV77EJ -/04
Sold to Mackay Transit, QLD as (34) MTC 34 by 5/07.
u/r Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RHspSBJTRL211K3000332 Centurion 435-998 9/90DP47D
ex Ventura Bus Lines Pty Ltd, South Oakleigh, VIC (23) 2666 AO -/12; ex (336); ex EFT 212; ex Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon (36) EFT 212.
For sale on Gumtree 8/14 & assumed sold.
1034 MO MAN 16.2406AB3960042BX00113 Custom Coaches 89-342 6/4/90B53FR
ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie (163) 1034 MO 31/8/11; ex m/o 8189.
Sold by 11/16.
1562 MO Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61PEAU000285 UBC-Chiron CS120 110282AB 1/11B57F
Sold to BNA Buses Pty Ltd, Woolgoolga as 1562 MO 10/18.
5511 MO Scania F92HR-CKD1812168 Nambucca 108B 5/88RB57F
ex AB Lorenz, South Grafton 5511 MO 1/11; ex MO 1092; ex N & C Kane, Casino MO 1092 with Grafton - Casino run.
Sold for a motorhome conversion in Varsity Lakes, QLD by 10/9/11 - advertised on Ebay 4/12 with stripped out interior.
5721 MO Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX11216 Autobus - 11/02C57F
ex AB Lorenz, South Grafton 5721 MO 1/11; ex MO 6023; ex Stonestreet's Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD 439 HOC 9/04; ex (NT39) m/o 2397.
Sold to The Kings School, North Parramatta as BL36SC 7/11.
5725 MO Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01816152 NCBC 036 8/90B53F
ex AB Lorenz, South Grafton 5725 MO 1/11; ex 5720 MO; ex MO 9315; ex Sawtell Bus Service, Toormina "Twiggy" MO 0829.
Sold to Ocean View Coaches (KJ O'Toole), Allambie Heights as 5725 MO by 1/12; then to North Sydney Bus Charters Pty Ltd, North Ryde as 5725 MO 13/7/15; Rego cancelled by 26/1/19.
5727 MO Denning Landseer6F9LSBF30ND001003 Denning 1404 2/92C57F
Reg 14/7/11 ex Mee's Bus Lines Pty Ltd, West Heidelberg, VIC (27) 2767 AO (C48FT); ex ESJ 198.
Sold to A Gillan t/a Horizon Coach Charter, ACT as MO 1 3/14.
5728 MO Scania K94IBYS4K4X20001837898 Autobus 240 9/00C50FT
ex NV22AL 14/7/11; ex Transborder Express Pty Ltd, Mitchell, ACT (18) MO 51 8/07; ex (SA) WLD 583.
Sold to BNA Buses Pty Ltd, Woolgoolga as 5728 MO 10/18.
5730 MO MAN 16.2906AB4790151MX00395 Coach Design 045 5/95C53F
Reg 26/4/13 ex Greyhound Australia Pty Ltd, Eagle Farm, QLD (133) 492 CXX (C48FT); ex Campbell's Tours & Travel, Mt Isa 492 CXX.
Sold to A1 Tour & Charter, Evanston Park, SA as SB01HV 3/14.
5732 MO Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R8400802 PMC 1458 3/85B55F
Reg 10/8/12 ex Ventura Bus Lines Pty Ltd, South Oakleigh, VIC (6) 2679 AO by 8/12; ex (354); ex NXX 607; ex Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon (54) NXX 607; ex Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina NSW MO 0342; ex Brisbane Water Coaches Pty Ltd, Gosford MO 0342.
Sold 9/14.
5735 MO Volvo B10M Mk IYV31MEC17FD011252 Custom Coaches Mk 86 VR 85-424 14/7/86RB61F
Reg 4/11/14 ex CDC Group (Charterplus, Bonnyrigg) via Omnibus (dlr) c11/14 (dereg 4/14); ex Westbus Pty Ltd m/o 7612.
Sold to J Stuart, Sydney for preservation 2/17.
7838 MO Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC18ND028782 Austral Metroliner B02053 6/92B47D
Reg by 11/16 ex Transit Systems (unused) via Manheim Auctions, Eagle Farm, QLD 29/1/16; ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong (271) 271 BLE.
Sold to BNA Buses Pty Ltd, Woolgoolga as 1562 MO 10/18; then locally for non-PSV 1/21.
7839 MO Volvo B10M Mk IYV31MEC19FD011253 Custom Coaches Mk 86 VR 85-448 18/7/86RB61F
Reg 11/6/15; ex CDC Group (Charterplus, Bonnyrigg) via Omnibus (dlr) c11/14 (dereg 4/14); ex (6); ex Westbus Pty Ltd m/o 7613.
Sold to J Stuart, Sydney for preservation 2/17.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 45

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