Baldwin's - Bowraville

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Baldwin's - Bowraville.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
TV 4558 Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter2271 Toyota - -/10C13C
Acquired second hand.
3660 MO BCI PK6850ATLSFC030877C002026 BCI - -/07C33F
ex MO 7261.
4237 MO Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSMXXX10077 Custom SB50 -/15C57F
First reg 2/11/15.
7248 MO Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RH10090 Fuso - -/12C24C
First reg 18/12/12.
8233 MO Mercedes-Benz OH1626L9BM368100GB034425 Express -/17C43F
First reg 29/8/17.
Total buses in fleet = 5
Previously operated vehicles
MO 0100 Mercedes-Benz OH131634520261637858 Nambucca -/84RB53F
ex HJ & EA Usher, Bowraville MO 0100 -/02; ex Cook, Bowraville MO 0100; ex McKay, Bowraville MO 0100.
Sold in 2007.
TV 4177 Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter0820 Toyota - -/00B14C
ex Manly Airport Shuttle TV 4177.
Sold by 2/15.
1266 MO Hino BD186RJHDFD3HLLXXX10278 MBS Citiliner B439 4/95B43F
ex DV Arandale, Glen Innes 1266 MO c6/09; ex Redlion Bus & Coach Services, Albany, WA (M38) 9BX784; ex Sharpe, Esperance 9BX 784.
Sold to Seaisle Bus Service t/a Natureland Bus Service (S & S Walker), Bellingen as 1266 MO 10/12; Dereg 18/11/15.
1972 MO Asia CombiKN2FAG3B2TD000182 Asia - -/96B18C
ex MO 4902.
Up for auction at Manheim Auctions, Gateshead 8/8/13 reg BW25AT.
1973 MO Kia CombiKN2FAD3B11D400299 Kia - 1/01C18C
ex MO 6281; ex NA Revell & NM Bonwick, Bowraville MO 6281 early-2005.
For sale on Ebay 1/15 & Sold by 2/15.
1974 MO Isuzu FSR12LAJALFSR32LN3600325 MBS Citiliner B350 5/90B43F
ex MO 4893; ex HJ & EA Usher, Bowraville MO 4893 -/06; ex MO 9134; ex Great Lakes Coaches (Bulahdelah Bus Co Pty Ltd), Heatherbrae MO 9134; ex MO 2923; ex AIS, Port Kembla.
Sold c9/12.
1975 MO Hino BD186RJHDAD3HLLXXX10033 P&D 064 6/96B45F
ex MO 9456; ex DH & BN Martin, Bellingen MO 9456 mid-2005; ex Sawtell Coaches (R & H Williams), Corindi MO 9456; ex AP & JP King, King Bros Bus Service Pty Ltd MO 9456; ex Jessup's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bellingen MO 9456 12/00.
Sold to Seaisle Bus Service t/a Natureland Bus Service (S & S Walker), Bellingen as 1975 MO 10/12.
1976 MO Hino BC144KJHDBC144KXXX10144 Nambucca 201 7/94B32F
ex MO 2896; ex DH & BN Martin, Bellingen MO 2896 mid-2005.
Dereg/sold by 12/18 and converted to a motorhome in Cowra and reg CO38TT.
1977 MO Metrotec Delta 16.2106F2BACR00TDC01408 PMCA XL 2721 5/97B57F
ex MO 5854; ex Glen Innes Bus Service (Latenview Pty Ltd), Glen Innes MO 9515 c2005.
Sold to Seaisle Bus Service t/a Natureland Bus Service (S & S Walker), Bellingen as 1977 MO 10/12.
3661 MO MAN 10.1556AB7520462MX00734 Express 008 11/96B31F
ex MO 3428; ex Sawtell Coaches (Darlea Pty Ltd) "Man" MO 3428 -/06.
Sold to Sydney Real Estate Pty Ltd t/a Plan B Transport, Ramsgate as 3661 MO by 1/19; Dereg and/orsold by 2/20. Noted 6/21 for sale with a private owner at Lansvale reg XN88PR.
3662 MO Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40150 PMCA 160 2108 10/91B57F
ex MO 2016; ex NA Revell & NM Bonwick MO 2016 early-2005; ex TR Jones, Macksville MO 2016; ex Shane Lyons, Lightning Ridge MO 2016 via Barrie Watt (dlr) 15/1/99; ex M & J Fuller t/a Lightning Ridge Bus Service, Lightning Ridge MO 2016.
Sold to Chalker Pty Ltd t/a Penrith Bus Company, Werrington by 3/16.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 11

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