Kingsford Smith Transport - Banksmeadow

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Kingsford Smith Transport - Banksmeadow.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
2TV 5670 Mitsubishi Rosa0563 Mitsubishi - -/04C24C
8TV 9158 Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter6805 Toyota - -/07B11C
Acquired by 11/18.
10BS99XG Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BB00093 Mitsubishi - 4/01C24C
ex Yifei & Lu Pty Ltd, Kingsgrove BS99XG by 11/18; Noted 1/15 previously for sale with Watts Bus & Coach Works, QLD as 961 JPE in 2009.
12TV 8681 Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BC00166 Mitsubishi - -/02C24C
Reg 27/1/16 ex SeaLink, Regency Park, SA (30) WSM 465; ex SkyLink, Adelaide WSM 465.
17BA64MZ Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter7455 Toyota - -/09B11C
Acquired by 11/18.
18TV 1480 Higer Munro H7170LKLS1CS83DA584863 Higer 12NDR0033 5/13C28C
Reg 14/10/20 ex V Bus Coaches, Altona, VIC 9692 AO via Manheim Auctions, Dandenong 10/20.
24CB02YQ Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BE00003 Mitsubishi - 7/06C24C
ex JC Yi, Belfield CB02YQ by -/21 via Pickles Auctions, Milperra; ex TV 5037 1/7/13; First reg 2/7/07.
26TV 691A Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB35743821086551 Custom Coaches 550 97-224 3/98B45DW
Reg 21/3/22 ex Kanga Coaches Pty Ltd, Mawson Lakes, SA XS27DG 4/9/21; ex Transdev Melbourne Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC (706) 1763 AO by 10/20; ex Ventura Bus Lines Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy (706) 1763 AO 4/8/13; ex National Bus Company (National Express), North Fitzroy (706) 1763 AO 3/9/04; ex OQC 874.
28TV 487A Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB35743821089173 Volgren CR221L VG1014 6/98B44DW
Reg 5/2/22 ex m/o 287 (expired 31/8/21); ex Transdev NSW South Pty Ltd, Taren Point m/o 287 16/8/19 (stored at Camellia for sale from 25/5/19); ex (132) by 30/8/14; ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 287 26/11/01; ex m/o 7822; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd, Mascot (15).
34TV 5192 MAN 12.190 HOCL6AB7520208MX00431 PMCA Apollo 2611 3/95C34FT
ex Murrays Australia Ltd, Alexandria (811) TV 5194 by 4/14; ex (ACT) MO 74; ex (SA) VRO 251.
38TV 1486 King Long 6900AULA6R1DSC79B202814 King Long 6900AU KLAB09-043 -/09C35F
Reg 13/10/21 ex unknown owner; Originally a stock unit.
39TV 664A BCI JXK68305337 BCI Proma - -/10C33F
Reg 3/9/22 purchased from Pickles Auctions, Townsville, QLD.
45TV 3108 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108001190 Toyota - -/94B21C
ex G Connelly, Homebush TV 3108 by 11/18.
48TV 1482 BCI JXK6930AT HybridLGG5SKCM88H006039 BCI - 15/12/08C43FL
Reg 10/2/21 ex Crown Coaches Pty Ltd, Nunawading, VIC (26) 4126 AO via GraysOnline 12/20.
Compliance plate stamped 2/09 and BCI JXK6960BRZ1.
50TV 9439 Mitsubishi Rosa0154 Mitsubishi - -/02C24C
ex TV 8684 10/5/17; ex TV 4251 2/2/16; ex KS 2250.
60TV 060A Dennis Javelin 4x2SFD0513590G001525 MCA Classic II FCC427 11/96C46FT
Reg 29/1/20 ex North Sydney Bus Charter Pty Ltd t/a Bankstown Coaches, Enfield u/r 20/12/19; ex TV 2133 (rego cancelled by 13/5/18); ex YADA Coaches (Russell Egan), Ingleburn TV 2133 3/12; ex Raymond Orwin, Ingleburn TV 2133; ex 3F Pty Ltd, Gulgong TV 2133 -/01.
62TV 9833 BCI PK6127A5235 BCI - -/08C53F
Reg by 27/6/18; ex LTD Rentals, Ashmore, QLD 245 WUC by 14/6/18.
63TV 034A MAN 15.220WMAA66ZZZ2H002482 Custom Coaches CB30 02-80 12/02B42DW
Reg 17/10/19; ex Transdev Melbourne Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC (519) 0185AO via Mannheim auctions, Altona North, VIC by 10/19; ex Ventura Bus Lines, North Fitzroy, VIC (519) 0185AO 4/8/13.
65TV 061A MAN 15.220WMAA66ZZ45C005377 Custom Coaches CB30 04-137A 6/05B41DW
Reg 12/2/20; ex Transdev Melbourne Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC (538) 5834AO via Mannheim auctions, Altona North, VIC by 2/20; ex Ventura Bus Lines, North Fitzroy, VIC (538) 5834 4/8/13.
UTS Dexus Shuttle.
70TV 035A MAN 15.220WMAA66ZZZ2H002518 Custom Coaches CB30 02-75 11/02B42DW
Reg 11/11/19; ex Transdev Melbourne Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC (525) 0180AO via Mannheim auctions, Altona North, VIC by 11/19; ex Ventura Bus Lines, North Fitzroy, VIC (525) 0180AO 4/8/13.
71TV 9193 Higer Roadboss - Cummins ISBLKLR1KSJ5CB602848 Higer -/12C57F
Reg 19/4/17; ex Nationwide Leasing / Betchtel Queensland 302 VZF (via Pickles Actions, Milperra).
74TV 036A Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR007DP00301 King Long "6126AU" KLAB07-002 2/08C50FT
Reg 21/1/20 ex Fortesque Bus Service, Karratha, WA CVL 1285 via private owner, VIC; ex TC 6850; ex MH 9210 ; ex C57F.
75TV 1299 Higer Roadboss - Cummins ISBLKLR1KSJ1CB579472 Higer 115J40071 2/12C57F
Reg 9/4/19 ex Greyhound Australia Pty Ltd, Eagle Farm, QLD (1008) 1EUQ834 (WA) via Pickles Auctions, Pennington, SA 3/18; ex (QLD) 952 VUS; ex Stonestreets Coaches (Bechtel), Gladstone (BecH023) 252 SHP.
78TV 488A Iveco Metro6F2BARB00EDX00487 Volgren Optimus VG4317 3/17B44DW
Reg 27/10/21 ex Iveco demo (VIC) 1HD2YP.
UTS Dexus Shuttle.
81TV 1303 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC17MD027069 Austral Metroliner B02011 12/91B47D
Reg 29/5/19 ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra 5561 MO by 5/19; Reg 24/1/13; ex Brisbane Transport, Bowen Hills, QLD (229) 229 MEW via auction (withdrawn 10/12).
84TV 633A Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC14ND029931 Austral Metroliner B02071 10/92B47D
Reg 2/2/22 ex TV 8841; Reg 19/5/16 ex Thompson Bus Services, Joyner, QLD 290 TTR (911) 3/1/16; ex (52) 052 GJT; ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (289) 289 BNK via auction (withdrawn 9/13).
86TV 485A Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC15ND029470 Austral Metroliner B02068 10/92B47D
Reg 16/2/22 ex TV 8471 (dereg by 28/8/21); Reg 15/10/15 ex Thompson Bus Services, Joyner, QLD 286 TET; ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (286) 286 BNK via auction (withdrawn 9/13).
87TV 8464 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC11MD026127 Austral Metroliner B02004 11/91B47D
Reg 15/10/15 ex Thompson Bus Services, Joyner, QLD 224 SRI; ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (222) 222 RHV via auction 10/12; ex 222 BIQ 12/10.
8803787J Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41453 PMCSA 6922 4/90SB71F
Reg 4/3/20; ex Department of Education and Childrens Services (DECS), SA (1387) UQP 387 c11/19 (withdrawn by 8/17). Historic vehicle plates.
92BV68QV Toyota Hi-Ace CommuterJT743LHJ401014443 Toyota - 4/03B11C
ex TV 7048 19/11/13; ex 1189 AC by 18/3/12; ex Melbourne operation by 11/11; ex TV 4450.
TV 666A BCI PK6127ALSFC130817C001614 BCI - -/07C53F
Reg 14/9/22 ex WA mining contract; ex Dayes Coach Lines, Bankstown TV 4164 by 26/7/10.
XO23GD Higer RyderLKLR1DSA2AA548293 Higer 10QBG0019 12/10C33F
Reg 28/3/22 ex Hawkins Investment Co Pty Ltd t/a Steves Ballina Byron Transport, Lennox Head TV 9343 via Pickles Auctions 3/22; Reg 8/12/17.
Total buses in fleet = 32

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