Kellys Coaches - West Wyalong

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Kellys Coaches - West Wyalong.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
3343 MO Mercedes-Benz OH1630L9BM3820814B091297 Custom Coaches 96-338 5/97RC49F
ex MO 9507.
3344 MO Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PK3000020 Custom Coaches 92-258 3/93RB53F
ex MO 2234.
3345 MO Hino RB8JHFZU32H200001110 UBC-Chiron 080147AA 6/08B34F
Delivered 2/09; ex Stock.
3349 MO Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC518404000405 Toyota - 8/07B21C
ex MO 8678.
3354 MO Isuzu FVD1000JALFVR347E7000475 I-Bus/Quality M1000 - 11/15C56F
Reg by 3/16.
3355 MO Isuzu FSR850JALFSR347E7000897 I-Bus/Quality 850 - 3/16C44F
First reg 2/6/16.
6383 MO Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSKXXX10068 Custom Coaches 09-103A -/09B57F
Delivered 3/10 ex Newcastle Hino Stock.
8847 MO Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSMXXX10148 Custom Adventurer KEL-001-ADV 9/20C57F
Reg 11/20.
Total buses in fleet = 8
Previously operated vehicles
MO 664 Denning Mono GM 6v71D646-293-77 Denning 646 7/77RC45F
Sold to Phil Dixon Tours, Cairns, QLD as 333 PDT; then to Hermit Park Bus Service, Townsville as 596 POT.
MO 0400 Nissan CM8001570 Nambucca - 12/85B35F
ex LJ & JA Gordon t/a Gordon's Coaches, Lockhart MO 0400; ex Dick Warhurst t/a Lockhart Transport Services, Lockhart MO 0400 1/7/93.
Sold to MJ Forsyth t/a The Happy Coach, Byron Bay as ZJY 597 8/6/04, later renumbered TV 4073.
MO 5553 Austin FJK (UF)320927 PMC 1333 10/2/70B53F
MO 5631 Bedford SB3 - Perkins 6.354 (UF) CCMC 65-167 19/8/65B51F
ex C41F; ex Clipper Tours (Deane), Turramurra TV 494 15/3/71; Chassis new to Col Sinclair, Sydney but not used.
Sold to LW & AA Roulston, Goolgowi as MO 5631 2/76; Traded to RM Campbell (dealer), Bankstown 9/76 & Resold to RA & PJ Daniel t/a Gerringong Bus Co Pty Ltd, Gerringong as MO 5631 7/77; then to AE Burrows Investments Pty Ltd t/a Walcha Bus Service, Walcha as MO 5631 4/81.
MO 7344 Bedford YRT3 - GMEJ487172 Custom Coaches 75-486 15/4/76RC49F
Sold to Mullens (dlr), Melbourne, VIC by 29/4/94; then to Davis, Campbelltown, TAS as DF 8846 -/94; then to R White, Campbelltown as DF 8846 & dereg by 2007.
MO 7381 Commer - GM8332 CCMC 70-189 22/8/70RC45F
ex Clipper Tours (Deane), Turramurra TV 557 - Chassis a Commer chassis and gearbox with 6 cylinder GM diesel, constructed in January 1970.
Sold by 21/10/93.
MO 7947 Bedford Freighter
ex MO 664 -/77; ex Watts, Wollongong.
MO 8678 Toyota Coaster Toyota -/87B22C
TV 531 Denning Mono - GM 6v71D59-71 Denning 299 17/3/71RC45F
ex Foley's Bus Service, Kogarah TV 076.
TV 1437 RFW - GM 6v71 (RE)GMB42048 Custom Coaches 72-488 8/12/72RC49F
ex MO 3239; ex RJ Meale & Co, Temora MO 3239 9/78; ex Fred Doolan, Temora MO 3239 5/77.
Sold to Tasmania by 21/12/98; then for a motorhome near Shepparton, VIC as PVQ.891 by 2014.
ISA 012 Denning Denair GM 8v71DA854-537-81 Denning 854 7/81RC46FT
Sold to Phil Dixon Tours, Cairns, QLD as 200 POZ; then to Down Under Tours, Cairns as 200 POZ; then to York Peninsula Coaches (Allen), Wallaroo, SA as VKW 212.
3346 MO Isuzu FSR550JALFSR32HN3000212 MBS B399 4/93B35F
ex MO 3429; ex WD Finch, West Wyalong MO 3429; ex Pure Pleasure Tours, Townsville, QLD; ex Magnetic Tours, Magnetic Island 466 BXD.
Replaced 6/16 & Sold.
3347 MO Mercedes-Benz LO912/429BM688123PB004508 Superior B576 1/95B33F
ex MO 0647; ex WD Finch, West Wyalong MO 0647.
Dereg 31/5/12 for sale.
3348 MO Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/4R8400548 Denning Majestic F073 2/86RC57F
ex MO 5851; ex WD Finch, West Wyalong MO 5851; ex Once in a Lifetime Tours, Perth, WA (9) TC 602; ex Roberts VIP Tours, Queens Park (30) TC 602.
Registration cancelled by 31/5/13 & Sold for a motorhome.
4995 MO Mercedes-Benz 814DWDB6703132N049043 Alan B. Denning Vario 82146 6/3/97C27F
ex MO 9450; ex WD Finch, West Wyalong MO 9450; ex Tournet Pty Ltd, Sydney TV 1234; ex TV 615.
Dereg/sold by 2/21.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 15

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