Holiday Coast Tours - Port Macquarie

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Holiday Coast Tours - Port Macquarie.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
TV 6676 Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001836462 Volgren C222TX VG1276 5/00C50DT
ex Paradise Tours Pty Ltd, Arncliffe TV 6372 via Slatterys Auctions Australia, Hexham 20/2/13; ex TV 6155; ex m/o 2758 (NT); ex AAT Kings Coach Company Pty Ltd, Botany (28A) m/o.2758 (NT) by 11/09; ex TV 009 (NSW); ex WKN 455 (SA).
TV 8220 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01824687 Austral Denning Majestic CM01200 8/95C48FT
ex MPO Pty Ltd t/a Executive Coach Travel, Oakleigh (307) 5114 AO by 5/19; ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (109) 4268 AO by 4/12; ex NHM 368.
Total buses in fleet = 2
Previously operated vehicles
TV 046 Volvo B12RYV3R2A3111A010142 Autobus 276 7/01C54FT
ex Orana Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Langley's Coaches, Dubbo TV 046 approx 3/11; ex MO 6211 by 4/09; ex Forster Bus Service Pty Ltd MO 6211 -/07, ex APT 101 -/05; ex Australian Panoramic Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Australian Panoramic Tours, Mascot (101) APT 101 2/05; ex Forster Bus Service Pty Ltd, Forster (1) MO 5113 by 4/01; Displayed at 2001 Bus & Coach Show.
Sold to Port Stephens Coaches Pty Ltd, Anna Bay as TV 046 1/17.
TV 428 MCA - Cummins L104-88-110 MCA B036 6/88C48FT
Owned by a predecessor to the current operator, known as Anderson's Holiday Coast Tours.
ex Newcombe Coach Lines, Gloucester TV 428; ex MO 1184 -/89.
Sold to French's Coaches, Dalby, QLD as 158 HQW.
TV 2556 Mercedes-Benz O303-3WDB3003156049939 Denning F0184 12/88C48FT
ex Eagle Tours Pty Ltd, Canley Vale TV 2556; ex Quince's Sceniccruisers, Oakleigh, VIC (3) DPY 515.
Sold to Voyager Coaches Pty Ltd, Brookvale by 6/09.
TV 3113 Mercedes-Benz O303-3WDB30031561041844 Denning Majestic F059 18/6/85C48FT
ex ACT Mini Bus Rentals, Hume, ACT YCL 09U -/05; TV 2156 -/04; ex Alpine Pacific Coaches, Hume TV 2156 -/04; ex Canberra Coach Pty Ltd, Canberra, ACT TV 2156; ex Archmor Investment Pty Ltd, Manly Vale TV 422; ex AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd, Spotswood, VIC (4) m/o.695 (NT); ex CUX 927; ex Australian Pacific Coaches Pty Ltd, Hampton, VIC (37) CUX 927; ex UHE 458.
Sold to Tango Pty Ltd, Alexandria as TV 3113 c3/11.
TV 3114 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40038 Hino -/88C19C
ex ZIB 801; ex ?
Sold; Noted for sale on Gumtree as a partially converted motorhome at Taree 4/14.
TV 4485 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01825632 PMCA 2662 9/96C46FT
ex Allen Collins t/a Collins Bus Service, Port Macquarie (4) TV 4485 -/18; ex Priors Bus Service Pty Ltd, Batemans Bay TV 4485 1/4/14; ex 5199 MO by 2/12; ex MO 9195.
Renumbered or sold by 6/19.
TV 4535 Volvo B12RYV3R2FL1XRA0001187 PMCA Apollo 2453 8/94C48FT
ex TV 428; ex Funtasia Tours, Nerang, QLD FUN 4U; ex Forster Bus Service Pty Ltd TV 053 -/03; ex Clipper Tours, Waterloo (40) TV 053 -/01; ex (53); ex TV 868.
Sold c12/14.
TV 4854 MAN 22.3606AB3870158MX00328 Coach Design 035 10/94C48FT
ex Sun Palms Tours, Port Douglas, QLD 661 IBW -/09; ex Cloverdale Australia Pty Ltd t/a Deluxe Coaches, South Oakleigh, VIC 3995 AO; ex Peter Roberts t/a Coast to Coast Tours, South Oakleigh 3995 AO 9/02; ex Wayne Gillard t/a Deluxe Coaches, South Oakleigh 3995 AO 1/02; ex Clipper Tours Australia Pty Ltd, Alexandria TV 1310 9/01; ex SC Tours Pty Ltd t/a Australian Panoramic Coaches, Alexandria TV 1310 -/01; First reg 11/94.
Sold to Mark Dowsett t/a Concorde Coach Charter, Ipswich, QLD as 482 SJH 6/12, rereg 818 SVJ, 660 TQV, then 087 TJB; then to D Healy t/a Avid Travel, Werrington County as TV 8153 (reg 18/3/15); Withdrawn with rego expiring 17/3/16.
TV 5074 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01825272 PMCA Apollo 2558 10/95C48FT
Reg 5/9/08 ex Trans Otway, Geelong, VIC TV51VA; ex Ace Tourist Services, Hobart, TAS (47) DM 2774 1/05.
Sold to M Wakefield t/a Coast & Country Tours, Mt Hutton as TV 5074 1/15; then to D Price t/a Pacific Tours, Lake Macquarie as TV 5074 by 4/17.
TV 7502 Volvo B12RYV3R2A3141A010183 Coach Design 260 10/01C48DT
Reg 6/3/15 ex Port Stephens Coaches Pty Ltd, Anna Bay (unused); ex Johnston's Coachlines, Auckland, NZ (1239) GQW 191 (delivered 30/7/14); ex JCL 39 12/12/12; ex AHZ 512 1/9/03; First reg 12/11/01.
Sold to PR & EA Pincini Pty Ltd t/a Platinum Journeys, Pambula as TV 7501 by 2/20 & dereg due to COVID-19. Sold c1/21.
VCM 203 Mercedes-Benz O303-330031561029808 Ansair MB1369 3/83C48FT
ex Surf City Coaches Pty Ltd, Southport, QLD (9) 055 CCN; ex Australiner, Melbourne, VIC EWC 818; ex AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd, Botany, NSW (29) TV 007; ex Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd, Hampton, VIC (34) ULS 420.
Sold to Singh, Londonderry as VCM 203 via Ken Chauvier (dlr) by 10/02, rereg TV 3677; then to East Coast Resources, McGraths Hill as TV 3677; then to Red Lion Bus & Coach, Albany, WA as TC 5517 via Ken Chauvier (dlr) by 27/4/04; then to Geraldton Coachlines, Geraldton, WA as TC 5517 6/07.
XUZ 133 Austral DC122HR122PB420 Austral Tourmaster 1287 1/87C46FT
ex Emerald Coaches, QLD 903 BAG; ex Rothery's Coaches, Rockhampton 903 BAG; ex Firefly Coaches Pty Ltd, Maidstone, VIC (35) DAH 335.
Sold to Nambucca Valley Coaches as XUZ 133, then AB Lorenz, South Grafton (not used), then Hoppers Adventure Tours, Hoppers Crossing, VIC as YFL 246 late-2011.
YRX 136 Bova Futura FHS12-380XL9AB21CG0L004588 Bova FHS12-380 12/90C46FT
ex Surfers Paradise Coaches, Southport, QLD 412 DUU; ex Greyhound Australia (795)VUS 235; ex 784 CPW ex (NT) m/o 682; ex Bus Australia, Adelaide, SA (795) (NT) m/o 682; ex (95).
No of withdrawn buses listed = 13

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