Hall's Bus Company Pty Ltd - Numulgi

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Hall's Bus Company Pty Ltd - Numulgi.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
5208 MO Mercedes-Benz OH17259BM3821862B321072 Express 275 6/03C57F
ex B57F; ex J & B Bus Services Pty Ltd, Lismore 5208 MO -/10; ex MO 6064.
5443 MO Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00185 Fuso - -/08C24C
ex B30C; ex MO 8024.
5793 MO Fuso Rosa0345 Fuso - -/11C24C
Reg 20/9/22.
8463 MO BCI FBC6127BRZ16KT2CC117EX000721 BCI Classmaster - 15/12/14C57F
ex PM & HG Rayner, Lismore 8463 MO 1/8/20; First reg 1/9/17.
Total buses in fleet = 4
Previously operated vehicles
MO 1183 MAN 10.136WMA4910195G008717 Nambucca 74 11/84B33F
ex Vincent Holstein, Chillingham MO 1183; ex Macquarie Towns Coachlines, Windsor m/o 7543 via Auction 14/3/88.
Sold to Jim's Tours (James Merritt) as TV 1169 -/00.
MO 4425 Isuzu LT1-11PJALYB12N3G2507742 P&D 102 8/98B57F
First reg 28/8/98.
Sold to Wide Bay Transit Pty Ltd, Maryborough, QLD as (72) 437 KFG by 27/8/07, rereg XQ55EQ; then to Shire Bus Service Pty Ltd, Heathcote, NSW as TV 172B (reg 22/2/24).
MO 5377 Csepel 613.03TRC661303T0106001 Express 014 6/97B35F
ex AP & PJ King, King Bros Bus Service Yamba Pty Ltd (6) MO 4145 -/00; ex Kempsey depot (although accredited to Bellbrook).
Advertised for sale 5/08 and sold to Seabourne Coaches, Sorell, TAS as A13FD (reg 3/10/08); then for a motorhome by 5/11.
5442 MO Mercedes-Benz OH16219BM3820691B275967 Custom Coaches "SB40 Educator" 02-51 8/02B61F
ex MO 6459; ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra MO 6459 (traded to Dick White 6/07) by 4/08; ex BUS 903.
Sold to Tasmanian Redline Coaches, TAS as (52) B 75 UU 10/9/10.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 4

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